25 Kids Reading Nooks That Are Cool and Stylish

kids reading nooks

Design by Marian Louise Designs

A kid-friendly version of the home library, kids' reading nooks are designated areas in a bedroom, playroom, or elsewhere in the house that are outfitted with book storage, comfy seating, and proper lighting to offer children a relaxing spot to curl up with a good book. Check out these inspirational ideas—from built-in niches to secret getaways tucked under the stairs to bedroom corners styled with reading chairs and custom shelving—that give your kids a cool, stylish place to cozy up and cultivate a lifelong love of reading.

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    kids reading nooks

    Design by Sonya Lee Architect / Photo by Mark Wickens

    This adorable modern reading nook designed by Sonya Lee Architect is a self-contained cube carved out of a floor-to-ceiling bookcase where little bookworms can read to their heart's content.

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    Accent Wall

    kids reading nooks

    Design by Curated Nest Interiors

    This reading nook from Curated Nest Interiors has a wallpaper accent wall, cozy built-in banquette with under-seat storage, a wall sconce reading light, and a cheerful palette of red, white, and blue.

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    kids reading nooks

    Design by AHG Interiors / Photo by Nick Glimenakis 

    In an 1880's farmhouse in the Catskills, AHG Interiors designed this storybook house-shaped reading nook with an asymmetrical roof, reclaimed wood paneling, a suspended cloud pendant light, and plenty of cozy pillows and throws in neutral tones. A rattan giraffe bookshelf is standing by holding reading material. It's the perfect spot for a rainy afternoon or anytime a kid just needs to curl up and get lost in a good book.

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    Window Nook

    kids reading nook

    Design by Cortney McClure / Photo by Kacey Gilpin Photography

    This window seat reading nook designed by Cortney McClure has a cozy upholstered seat, a large window to provide natural light, and soft throw pillows, a furry reading companion, and a blanket that make it inviting and comfortable for long reading sessions.

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    Secret Hideaway

    kids reading nooks

    Design by Maestri Studio / Photo by Jenifer McNeil Baker

    This under-stair reading nook designed by Maestri Studio is the kind of secret hideaway that any kid would love, with its pint-sized door, stealth location, and echoes of Harry Potter.

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    Colorful Cubby

    kids reading nook

    Design by Studio Peake

    This book nook from Studio Peake features a cubby-hole style bookshelf built into the bed surround. A built-in reading light sconce provides task lighting for reading after dark, and plenty of extra throw pillows create a comfy place to read in the daytime.

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    Double Niche

    kids reading nook

    Design by Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    These cute twin nooks carved out of the staircase leading to a downstairs playroom from Emily Henderson Design provide the perfect place for kids to hide out with a book.

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    Corner Canopy

    kids reading nooks

    Design by Mel Bean Interiors / Photo by Laurey Glenn

    This canopied reading corner designed by Mel Bean Interiors is as simple as a knotted bed canopy suspended from the ceiling, outfitted with plenty of throw pillows in the room's shades of purple and white.

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    Bean Bags

    kids reading nooks

    Design by Marian Louise Designs

    In this cheerful reading nook from Marian Louise Designs, the window seat itself holds a row of books, while a pair of cozy bean bag chairs on the floor below provides a comfy place for kids to read. A window provides natural light, and a pair of decorative double wall sconces mounted on opposite sides of the nook provide more while also making the nook more cozy.

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    Room for Two

    kids reading nooks

    Design by Liberty Interiors / Photo by Nikole Ramsay 

    There's room for two in the cozy, overstuffed armchair that anchors this earthy, modern twins' room reading nook from Australian interior designer Nicole Rosenberg of Liberty Interiors.

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    kids reading nooks

    Design by Studio Peake

    Studio Peake maximized every last inch of space in the corner of this child's bedroom, creating a book niche in the corner that provides storage and houses a small table lamp with a printed shade that provides extra lighting for reading sessions before bed.

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    Star Corner

    kids reading nooks

    Design by Sissy + Marley Interior Design / Photo by Marco Rica Studio

    This reading nook from Sissy + Marley Interior Design has a calming palette of taupe and white, with fun oversized star wallpaper, a comfy upholstered rocking chair, display book shelving, and a toy trophy head that helps define the space.

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    Dark Florals

    kids reading nook

    Design by The Residency Bureau / Photo by Miranda-Estes

    This extra deep reading nook designed by The Residency Bureau is big enough for the whole family, and a comfortable space to cozy up with a great book for kids of all ages. The taupe walls and seating upholstery is contrasted with a dark floral wallpaper accent wall that follows the A-line ceiling. A jumble of throw pillows in various shapes and sizes covered in complementary vintage rose, olive, and off-white tones create a soft place to land and linger.

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    Vintage Colonial

    kids reading nooks

    Design by Becca Interiors

    The reading corner in this Hudson River, New York Colonial home designed by Becca Interiors has vintage wallpaper, a cozy rust-colored velvet armchair, a floor lamp to provide extra reading light, and a freestanding bookcase packed with reading material.

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    kids reading nook

    Design by The Residency Bureau / Photo by Miranda Estes 

    This cozy reading nook from The Residency Bureau has comfy seating, plenty of throw pillows, a wall-mounted task reading light, and a colorful pompom garland to create a happy place for reading.

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    kids reading nooks

    Design by Sissy + Marley Interior Design / Photo by Marco Rica Studio

    This kid's room reading nook by Sissy + Marley Interior Design looks like an illustrated children's book come to life, with its crisp black-and-white palette, framed illustrations, adorable mini swan reading chair, and shelves displaying colorful books.

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    Kid-Friendly Corner

    kids reading nook ideas

    Design by Erin Williamson Design

    A pint-sized rocking chair and a low-slung bookcase creates a kid-friendly reading corner in this family room designed by Erin Williamson Design.

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    Rounded Corner

    kids reading nook

    Design by Kate Marker Interiors

    In this reading corner from Kate Marker Interiors, a comfy round swivel chair under the window and a built-in bookshelf provide a dedicated place for kids to read and relax.

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    Rainbow Room

    kids reading nooks

    A Beautiful Mess

    Blogger Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess created a kids bedroom reading nook with a vintage-style upholstered rocking chair, a Moroccan leather pouf, and floating shelves on the wallpapered wall that double as display space for favorite books. A rainbow throw pillow on the reading chair helps make the space fun and inviting.

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    Pink and Blue

    kids reading nook

    Design by JLA Designs

    A wall-mounted shelf filled with books on the accessible lower shelves and a comfy armchair and ottoman in shades of pink and blue make this reading corner from JLA Designs a comfortable spot for adults to read to babies, and for kids to read by themselves in comfort for many years to come.

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    kids reading nooks

    Design by Sissy + Marley Interior Design / Photo by Marco Rica Studio

    In this minimalist black-and-white nursery from Sissy + Marley Interior Design, books provide color accents in a reading nook by the window that is simply outfitted with a black wire chair, clean white open display shelving, and some throw pillows and layered rugs to add coziness.

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    Sunny and Bright

    kids reading corner

    A Beautiful Mess

    Blogger Sarah Rhodes from A Beautiful Mess added an upholstered yellow armchair and a brightly colored rug under the slanted ceiling in this kids bedroom to create a dedicated reading nook that's cheerful and inviting.

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    kids reading nooks

    Design by Mid City Interiors

    Mid City Interiors created a dedicated spot to read in this colorful kids bedroom by placing a teepee stacked with books on a soft rug adjacent to the tented house frame bed.

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    Window Seat

    kids reading nook

    Design and photo by Yael Weiss Interiors / Sketch Forty Two

    Yael Weiss Interiors carved out a kids reading nook in this airy Chelsea, NYC apartment by building a windowseat next to the corner bed equipped with low-slung built-in shelving lined with a rainbow of books.

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    Attic Getaway

    kids reading nook

    Design by Jersey Ice Cream Co.

    This charming, supersized attic reading nook from interior designers Tara Mangini and Percy Bright of Jersey Ice Cream Co. has built-in banquette seating and plenty of soft throw pillows to make it a cozy and inviting book-filled getaway for kids of all ages.