The 7 Best Retractable Screen Doors of 2020

Allow in some much needed fresh air

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Our Top Picks
"Great for doors up to 36 inches, this model fits into a slim casing on the side of the doorway when its not in use."
"With a retractable screen in the top panel, you can quickly switch between a storm door and a screen as weather changes."
"When not in use, the retractable screen neatly slides into its cassette."
"A pleated screen gives the door greater visibility while also filtering bright sunlight to keep your home cooler during the day."
"Thee independent screen doors meet in the middle, so you can choose to have one or both open at a time to keep pests out of your home."
"This pick offers the additional height you need with the same E-Z Glide track system as other Larson doors."
"This instant screen door provides the protection of a screen, but can be easily set up seasonally or for special events."

Retractable screen doors are an easy addition to your home and make it possible to enjoy fresh air without the worry of flying insects or pests inviting themselves into your home. When not in use, the screen slides into the compact frame installed on your home’s exterior, safely stored out of sight and out of the elements. 

Most retractable screen doors can be installed by handy homeowners, though you might want to hire a professional if you’re not comfortable with a DIY project that involves drilling. Typically, exterior doors have a width of 32 to 38 inches and a height of 80 inches, so most models of retractable screens are sized accordingly. Some retractable screen doors for French doors, patio sliding doors, or extra tall doors are available as well in case you need special sizing. 

We researched the best options on the market to find you the perfect retractable screen door for your home.

Best Overall: Andersen LuminAire Retractable Screen Door

This retractable screen door installs easily, functions smoothly, and fits doors of various widths, making it a popular pick. The Andersen LuminAire is a great option for adding a screen to your exterior door anywhere you want the ability to enjoy fresh air, an unobstructed view, and no bugs—thanks to the SlideAway insect screen. Unlike conventional screen doors that are always visible, take up space on your deck or porch when open, and may bang shut, this version offers convenience and neatly rolls up inside its slim storage cassette when not in use.

The LuminAire retractable screen door is 80 inches tall and fits door widths between 32 and 36 inches but can be easily modified for doors less than 32 inches as well. This model is only appropriate for inswing doors—doors that swing out won't be able to accommodate the housing.

Best for Storm Doors: Andersen 3000 Series Full View Retractable Screen Storm Door

Some storm doors are made to let the fresh air in and keep everything else out with a built-in retractable screen. The Anderson 3000 Series is a full-view storm door with a retractable screen that requires no additional installation and is ready in an instant. If you’re also shopping for a storm door, it’s smart to purchase an all-in-one unit like this model.

With just one hand, you can pull down a screen that replaces the top pane of glass—which seamlessly slides into the bottom of the door for safe storage. The benefit of this type of retractable screen door is its versatility and the fact that you won’t need to do any drilling or separate installation to add a screen to your existing storm door. The Anderson 3000 series storm door is available with a number of different finishes and hardware options to make sure this door looks right at home once installed.

Best for Sliding Doors: Larson Brisa Retractable Screen Door for Sliding Doors

If you’re shopping for an easy-to-install retractable screen door for sliding doors, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this Brisa model designed to fit door walls. It measures 78-inches tall and can be sized to fit openings between 32 and 36 inches with simple modifications to Larson’s Quick-Snap track system. 

When not in use, the retractable screen neatly slides into its cassette—giving you a clear, full view of the world outside your sliding glass doors with no screen to interrupt the scene. At the same time, the mesh screen does feature a visible stripe to ensure that you spot the screen when it’s in use.

Best for High-Traffic: Larson Inspire White Aluminum Frame Retractable Screen Door

If you’re looking for a retractable screen door for high-traffic areas, shop for a version that stands out as being open or closed. When you or your guests are frequently going in and out of the screen door, it can be easy to forget the screen is in place and accidentally walk into it, knocking it out of the tracks. The Larson Inspire features a pleated screen for greater visibility. While other retractable screens often use striping to provide a visual cue, it isn’t always obvious or eye-catching. However, the pleats give this screen a dimensional appearance that is hard to miss.

Whether you’re looking for a retractable screen door for your patio, front door, or other entry point, you’ll appreciate the form and function of the Larson Inspire. The mesh of this pleated retractable screen also tends to filter bright sunlight, which can be an added bonus if you’re trying to get fresh air while also keeping the hot sun from infiltrating your house.

Best for French Doors: MMI Door White Aluminum Inswing Retractable Double Screen Door

French doors are designed to give you an enhanced connection to the outside world, but if you’re trying to keep bugs out and pets in, that can be hard to do. A retractable screen door for French doors, like this model from MMI is a great option. This model allows you to enjoy fresh air and quick outdoor access without worrying about incoming insects. 

Two retractable screen doors meet in the middle to provide full-width coverage for your French doors. One of the best things about this design is that you can choose to have one or both of the doors open at a time, since each one moves independently. And despite the fact that it might look intimidating to install a retractable screen door for French doors, users report that installation is relatively simple and quick. The end result is two retractable screens that are out of sight in a moment or ready to stand guard against pests.

Best for Tall Doors: Larson Brisa Tall Retractable Screen Door

If your door measures more than 80 inches in height, you’ll need a retractable screen specifically built for tall doors. This model from Brisa is designed with taller entryways in mind and offers the additional height you need with the same E-Z Glide track system as other Larson retractable screen doors. 

This retractable screen is housed in a slim cassette that preserves curb appeal when the screen door is not in use. The Brisa retractable screen door has a subtle high and low striping that serves as a visual cue for you, your kids, and your pets that a screen is in place, so you won't run into it when you're walking in or outside

Best Budget: Snavely Forest Instant Screen Door

For a similar function and form to a retractable screen door, but at a fraction of a price, consider an instant screen door, like this easy-to-install version. Constructed of a fine fiberglass-poly mesh, this option features a weighted bottom and can be installed to the door frame using the included Velcro strips or tension rod. With such simple installation, you’ll have this budget screen installed in no time at all. 

Reviewers that were frustrated by flimsy screens on budget retractable screen doors or were exasperated by opening and closing the door for pets find this version to be a good solution. It offers easy in-and-out access while serving as a deterrent to flies and other pests seeking to get in your house. It’s also easy to take down seasonally or for special events.

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