The 8 Best Reusable Produce Bags of 2021

Make your grocery trip greener with these eco-friendly bags

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Our Top Picks
"The set includes nine bags of varying sizes, each made of an ultra-fine mesh that'll keep everything secure."
"This set of 12 contains bags in three different sizes to make sorting your produce easier at the grocery store."
"These drawstring bags are machine washable, making it easy to clean up after a squished strawberry or a muddy beet."
"Made from 100 percent organic cotton, these machine-washable picks are best for someone who cares about using natural products."
"Each of these bags are large enough to fit a head of lettuce, and you can easily wash and store the greens directly in the bag."
"Each of these nine mesh bags is made from recycled plastic bottles, so you're reduce plastic waste in two ways by using them."
"BPA-, lead-, and mercury-free, these cotton bags are sturdy, breathable, and 100 percent natural."
"These bags have a clearly labeled tare weight, which makes it easy to the cashier to quickly account for the weight of you bags."

Best Overall: Earthwise Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

Reusable produce bags should make the task of shopping for fresh fruits and veggies easy and hassle-free. These mesh produce bags from Earthwise make it easy to reduce your use of plastic produce bags without having cluttered chaos in your shopping cart. The set includes nine bags that measure 11 x 13.5 inches. While some other sets of reusable produce bags have varying sizes, each Earthwise bag is large enough to hold plenty of produce—up to eight large apples, according to one user. 

These reusable produce bags are made of an ultra-fine mesh won’t slow down or complicate the check-out process. While some other reusable produce bags obscure barcodes or make the PLU of produce hard to read, reviewers generally agree that it’s super simple for cashiers to ring up the produce inside the bags without having to remove them. The only common complaint is that there is only a basic drawstring closure and no toggle to keep the bag securely closed—generally doesn’t seem to be a problem with lighter produce, but may need to tie the drawstring closed if you’re loading the bag up with heavier produce, like squash or potatoes.

Best Budget: Lucky treyvon Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

Even a basic set of reusable produce bags can easily haul your fruits and veggies without the waste of disposable plastic bags. This set of 12 reusable produce bags costs less than a large latte from Starbucks and comes in three different sizes to accommodate smaller items, like kiwis, or large veggies, like celery stalks or heads of broccoli.  

The bags don’t include tare weight info on the tag, though most reviewers say that the bags are light enough that they don’t mind the few cents that these bags might contribute to the cost of produce. One drawback commonly mentioned is that the mesh isn’t very transparent, and most clerks have to open the bag at checkout to ring up the items.

Best Washable: Crate and Barrel Mesh Produce Bags

Mesh Produce Bags

Reusable produce bags might be subjected to the occasional squished strawberry, so you can plan on needing to periodically wash your produce bags. While some bags should be handwashed only, the ultimate timesaver is to buy a set of machine-washable produce bags. 

These simple, mesh polyester produce bags from Crate and Barrel offer a durable design and the ability to throw the set in the washer whenever it needs a quick clean. Just be sure that you air dry the bags to prevent shrinking. Each bag in this set of five measures 12 x 14 inches and has a color-coded tag you can match to your produce picks. Users find these reusable produce bags to be practical and strong. The drawstring works well to keep your fruits and veggies secured inside the bag, although some people wish it had a toggle closure so you didn't have to knot the bag to secure. 

Best Organic: All Cotton and Linen Cotton Produce Bags

If you’re shopping for organic produce bags, look no further than these reusable cotton bags made from 100 percent GOTS certified cotton. Some reusable bags care made from polyester, so if going all-natural and organic is important to you, these picks are worth it.

These natural produce bags are an open weave, making it easy to see what is inside. However, they might not be as easy to scan during the check-out process when compared to some of the other, fine mesh produce bags on the market. Even still, the advantage of these natural produce bags is the fact that they’re organic, biodegradable, and an eco-friendly way to shop for your fresh foods. These produce bags are machine washable, but may shrink if laundered in hot water or put in the dryer. 

Best for Lettuce: flip & tumble Reusable Produce Bags

The Flip & Tumble Reusable Produce Bags are a best reusable produce bags for lettuce since each bag is large enough to fit a head of lettuce or bunch of kale—and you can easily wash your greens directly in the mesh material. 

Keep in mind that this set of five bags are all the same dimensions—12 x 14 inches. This is plenty large enough to fit seven apples, a whole head of broccoli, or, of course, a lot of lettuce! If you’re a salad enthusiast looking for produce bags that make shopping for and washing your greens a cinch, then you've found your match.

Best Recycled: Earthwise Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

Make your shopping habits even more green by opting for recycled reusable produce bags. This set of nine mesh bags is made from PET, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. The advantage to PET is that it is durable and long-lasting, and each bag made from this material puts existing plastic to good use instead of manufacturing even more plastic. 

The Earthwise recycled, reusable produce bags come in three different sizes—8 inches high, 12 inches high, and 17 inches high (all bags are 12 inches wide). Earthwise uses a color-coded tag to make it easy to determine which size bag you’re reaching for at a glance. These bags are machine washable, but you should air dry them to keep them from shrinking.

Best Cotton: purifyou Reusable Cotton Produce Bags

If you’re specifically looking for cotton produce bags, check out this sturdy, variety set of nine bags. The Purifyou Reusable Cotton Produce Bags include small, medium, and large options, all made from unbleached cotton material. The largest bag can hold up to 11 pounds of produce, and the seams of each bag are reinforced with double stitching to ensure a long life of service. 

Made from a natural material, these bags are free of BPA, lead, and mercury. They are also machine washable but since they’re made of cotton, they shouldn’t be washed in hot water and will require air drying. The tare weight is included on the tag for each bag, though reviewers find them to be difficult to read. And while the cotton material is heavier than mesh and may cost a few cents more when buying your produce per pound, many people overlook the difference in order to shop with a produce bag that isn’t made from plastic materials.

Best for Fast Checkout: Ecowaare Reusable Mesh Produce Bags, Set of 15

To make sure that you pay for only your produce, look for reusable produce bags with tare weight printed on the bag. This makes it easier for the cashier to account for the weight of the produce bag and charge you only for the weight of the goods inside. Many produce bags have tare weights printed in ounces, but often stores charge for produce by the pound, so it makes sense to look for produce bags with tare weights labeled by pound. 

The Ecowaare reusable mesh produce bags are a popular option, and each of the three sizes of bags includes a label clearly marked with the tare weight in ounce, grams, and pounds. The bags also feature mesh that is transparent enough to allow the cashier to scan the produce inside without having to remove it from the bag.

On the downside, these bags aren’t biodegradable once you do have to throw them away. Additionally, reviewers have complained that leafy vegetables wilt quickly inside—so it’s probably best to transfer your greens to another storage solution once you get them home.

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