Best 6 Reusable Swim Diapers

Gone are the days when you had to take your baby or toddler to the pool and watch their rear end grow to gargantuan proportions as their disposable diaper absorbed pool water. Of course, there are now disposable swim diapers that don't swell up, but if you swim often with your little one, the cost adds up.

Many pools are now requiring a specific kind of swim diaper, and some even say it must be a reusable type. These re-usable swim diapers have fitted leg elastics and waterproof layers that...MORE can help keep messes where they belong. No swim diaper will keep the p out of the ool, if you know what I mean. But these re-usable swimmers will ensure that you're not the parent scooping your child out of the pool in shame as diaper contents float by.

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    Charlie Banana Swim Diaper
    Charlie Banana

    Your little one will love the adorable patterns on these re-usable swim pants. You'll love that they can pull double duty as potty training pants. The outer layer is waterproof, and the inside is soft cotton against baby's skin. These diapers are available in sizes small through extra large to fit just about any baby or toddler. About $12 each.

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    iPlay Swim Diaper

    This re-usable swim diaper is also available in some cute patterns, but there's a basic white version for less than $10 that provides a budget-friendly option. These diapers are also sized small through extra large. I like the snaps on the side for easy diaper changes.

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    The Honest Company Swim Diapers

    The Honest Company Swim Diaper
    The Honest Company

    These simple pull-up swim pants are free of phthalates and PVC, and they resist fading, so the cute patterns last for a long time. The leg elastics are covered with a soft polyester so they don't chafe, and there's a tie at the waist for the right fit every time. Sizes small through extra large. About $14 each.

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    Kushies Swim Diaper

    The nylon outer shell of Kushies swim diapers keeps as much water out as possible, while the cotton-terry inside helps keep messes where they belong. The tie on the front helps you get a good fit on your baby each time, plus that makes it easier to change a diaper when necessary. About $12 each.

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    Sun Smarties Swim Diapers

    Sun Smarties Swim Diaper
    Sun Smarties

    These clever swim diapers are just like a small bathing suit bottom that fits snug to hold in messes. Sun Smarties can be worn alone or under another swimsuit. They come in sizes for 6 months to 5T, and in a few different colors, plus basic white. They cost about $10 each.

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    Imse Vimse Swim Diapers

    Imse Vimse Swim Diaper
    Imse Vimse

    These swim diapers are a little more expensive than others, but they're trim and they dry fast once baby is out of the water. Plus, they come in several adorable designs! Some even have girly ruffles on them. They're sized for newborns through school-age kids, so there's an Imse Vimse swim diaper for just about every kid. About $18 each.