The 8 Best Roach Traps to Buy in 2018

Stop an infestation in its tracks

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Battling a cockroach infestation is annoying at best and unnerving at worst. These pests seem to find their way into anything and everything and can multiply at alarming rates.

To combat a roach invasion, you’ll need roach traps that work for your situation. Bait stations, foggers, contact killers, glue boards, poison gel, tablets and more are all available to kill and eradicate cockroaches from your home. Many forms of roach traps contain toxins that are harmful to children or pets, so you’ll need to take precautions to keep them out of reach. Other methods of roach control are non-toxic and less of a hazard, including electric plug-in devices designed to repel pests.

The best way to beat a cockroach convention in your home is a cockroach trap that will kill adult roaches and eradicate the nest. Our top pick for the best roach trap uses both food and water to lure in roaches, who then carry the poison back to the nest.

With diligence and persistence, these best roach traps to buy can help your home become pest-free — and keep it that way!



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    Best Overall: Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Roach Bait

    The best way to end a cockroach infestation is not just by killing individual cockroaches, but by eliminating the nest. The best overall product to accomplish this is Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Roach Bait.

    These bait traps are our top pick overall, thanks to their dual approach to attracting roaches. Inside each trap is liquid bait that contains food and water, increasing the likelihood that you’ll have regular visitors to the bait trap. Many other bait stations only use a food source to attract cockroaches, but these pests are also attracted to liquid. The package warns to keep these out of the reach of children or pets, but there is no significant odor that comes from the bait stations. You will need to replace the bait stations once the liquid is gone — typically after about a month of use, depending on how quickly the bait is depleted.

    Users positively report on the speed and efficiency of these bait stations, and many noticed a big reduction in the population of roaches within 24 hours. They do cost more than food-only bait stations, but users agree that the small increase in price is worth the effectiveness. Whether it was large or small cockroaches, the Hot Shot Liquid Roach Bait seemed to attract them both and eliminate the nest — making it our overall pick for best cockroach killer.

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    Best Sticky Trap: Black Flag Roach Motel

    If you’re looking for the best sticky trap to contain and kill cockroaches, the Black Flag Roach Motel is a popular choice and can handle both large and small roaches.

    Perhaps the biggest benefit of this sticky trap over other glue boards is the fact that you don’t have to see the roaches that have been caught. You may have to peek inside to know when the trap is full, but you won’t have an unsightly board laying around with dead cockroaches stuck to the surface.

    The Black Flag Roach Motel lasts up to 4 months, depending on how quickly roaches and other pests “check in.” Once you’ve reached maximum occupancy, it’s easy to just throw the trap away and replace it with a new one. These traps are pesticide-free and are child and pet-safe. They’re best for dealing with the occasional cockroach intruder, rather than a serious infestation — since they only kill individual insects, instead of the entire nest.

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    Best Gel: Advion Syngenta Cockroach Bait Tubes

    Our top pick for a gel to kill cockroaches is the Advion Syngenta Cockroach Bait Tubes.

    These syringe-like tubes are filled with a gel that is designed to treat many different species of roaches, and users find that it seems to be irresistible to these pests. Many people report that roaches begin appearing the minute they apply the gel in their home and that the number of dead roaches is considerable after just a few hours.

    The gel has to be squeezed onto floors, walls, cabinet hinges or other places where the roaches are commonly seen. It’s considered a ‘crack-and-crevice’ treatment, meaning you’ll want to place it in paths commonly used by the pests. Once the roaches have consumed all the gel, treat again to continue killing the population. Cockroaches will take the bait back to the nest, spreading the poison there as well.

    This method of cockroach treatment will result in a lot of dead bugs to be cleaned up, but it is highly effective. The gel is a more expensive and time-consuming process, but for a serious infestation, it is a top choice thanks to its effectiveness and ability to treat many species of roaches.

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    Best Tablets: Harris Famous Roach Tablets

    Tablets are a non-messy way to set out cockroach bait in hard-to-reach places. Our top pick for the best cockroach-killing tablets are Harris Famous Roach Tablets.

    These tablets are a combination of boric acid and a lure, and they’re odorless and non-staining. Many homeowners have found them to be a great solution for killing cockroaches in areas such as under sinks, behind refrigerators and stoves, or on top of kitchen cabinets. The tablets are easy to put down, and don’t require the application effort involved with a gel or spray.

    You will want to keep these in places where children or pets won’t ingest them, but that is true of just about all pest control products. For an effective cockroach-killing product that comes in a convenient tablet, pick up a package of Harris Famous Roach Tablets.

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    Best Spray: Bengal Gold Roach Spray

    If you want a spray that will drive out cockroaches from their hiding places and discourage them from entering your home, the Bengal Gold Roach Spray is a worthwhile option.

    This roach killer spray is expensive in comparison to other varieties of sprays, but the effects last up to four months. Many users also expressed that it worked on cockroach populations that seemed indifferent to other sprays.

    The Bengal Gold formula is a dry spray and is designed to be used to treat and kill cockroach infestations by flushing them out and killing them. It is not a contact spray — meaning you don’t spray it on cockroaches to immediately kill them. Instead, this spray drives them out from their hiding spots, poisons them so they eventually die, and also prevents them from reaching reproduction stage. Many people use it to spray areas where roaches live or are likely to enter, such as under sinks, around toilets, along baseboards, and around entryways.

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    Best Fogger: Hot Shot Aerosol Indoor Fogger

    Hot Shot 2 oz. Aerosol Indoor Fogger
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    If you’re looking to fumigate your home yourself, the best fogger is the Hot Shot Aerosol Indoor Fogger.

    Each canister will treat up to 2,000 cubic feet of unobstructed space, and the mist it produces is non-staining and won’t leave a messy residue. The Hot Shot Aerosol Fogger is a broad-spectrum product, meaning it will kill many different types of insects in addition to cockroaches. The mist kills roaches and other bugs on contact, but it also treats the space and provides up to two months of additional pest control.

    The fumes from the fogger are toxic, however — so you’ll have to leave during treatment and stay out for at least two hours. Any pets must be removed as well. After treatment is over, the manufacturer advises you to ventilate the space for another two hours. This process is more involved than some other methods of cockroach control but is a good step to consider if the infestation seems to be lingering or you have other insects you’d like to eradicate at the same time.

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    Best Electric Plug-In: Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

    To repel cockroaches ultrasonically, the Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repellent is a popular choice.

    This electric plug-in device uses ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves to repel pests, including cockroaches, from an area. While the Neatmaster Ultrasonic won’t kill roaches, many users note that they saw a reduction or elimination of the presence of cockroaches and other insects when using this electric plug-in unit.

    The Neatmaster Ultrasonic is non-toxic and poses no chemical risk to children or pets. The lowest level of power produces no audible tones, though the second and third levels of power may be heard by people and pets. This device is a good secondary line of treatment for controlling cockroaches, and may also be beneficial as a proactive step to keep cockroaches from entering the premises. This particular model of electric plug-in pest repellent has thousands of positive use cases, and it is an affordable unit.

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    Best Budget: Catchmaster Peanut Butter Scented Glue Board

    For an inexpensive means of catching and killing cockroaches, the simple glue boards from Catchmaster are a top choice.

    These peanut butter scented glue boards come in a large pack and can be used in any area of the house — including areas with low height clearance. They are non-toxic, since they contain no poison or bait. To enhance effectiveness, some people do place peanut butter or other food on the glue trap to encourage cockroaches to venture onto the trap. Once trapped by the glue, the cockroaches will eventually die or can be easily disposed of.

    Users comment that even larger cockroaches are held tight by the glue when caught. Once the trap is full, you can also flip the box over and use the sticky part on the top of the box’s inside — further increasing the cost-effectiveness of these cockroach traps. Other users have cut the boards into multiples rather than folding them into a box shape. Unlike our top pick for a best sticky roach trap, you will clearly see the roaches and other insects stuck to the top of the board. Some people may not like to see the dead or dying roaches so plainly. However, for an economical way to catch and kill roaches, Catchmaster Peanut Butter Scented Glue Boards are ​a best bet.