The 8 Best Robot Toys to Buy in 2018

For toddlerhood and beyond

Toy robots in office
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When it comes to toys with cool cred, it’s hard to beat robots. With their eerie ability to perform tasks and respond in human-like ways, there’s just something about them that’s fascinating, no matter your age.

While most of us grownups only dreamt of the ones we saw in movies, lucky kids today can play with their very own robots, as there are a ton of toy ones on the market now. Some are all about fun, but many of them will teach them important STEM skills too. From the littlest toddlers to older teens and everyone in between, there are great robot toys on the market designed for them all. Here are eight of our favorites.

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    Thinkgizmos Remote Control Robot Fires Discs, Dances, Talks - Super Fun RC Robot

    This remote-control robot does it all. From talking to shooting disks to busting a move, he is a robot of many talents. Once you load him up with the brightly colored disks (12 are included), you use the remote to get him into position, then it’s ready, aim, fire. (Parents, take cover!) He can even be programmed ahead of time to move and fire on his own for a surprise attack.

    A touch of the “dance“ button and he’ll show you his moves. He can also walk forward, backward, left and right, and will greet you when you turn him on, “Greetings, Master, I await your command.” All that power takes six AA batteries, which aren’t included, so you may want to stock up as kids will want to start using this one pronto. Recommended for ages five and up, this robot is all about fun.

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    LEGO Creator Robo Explorer 31062 Robot Toy

    Little builders can create their own robots with this inexpensive Lego robot kit. It has everything they need to build a robot-explorer, a robot dog and a robot bird. While the robots won’t talk, dance or move electronically, they feature movable tracks and body parts for lots of kid-powered, imaginative fun. Two batteries (included) power cool features on the robots like light-up eyes and a light-up jetpack.

    The set is recommended for kids ages 7 to 12, and there are more than 200 pieces in all. Kids can follow the directions for the suggested creations or dream up wild, new robotic characters of their own. For the price, it’s a great gift for young roboticists.

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    Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach 'N Tag Movi

    The toddler set will be mesmerized by Movi, an awesome little robot from Fisher-Price who will play games with them, teach them skills and so much more. From Red Light, Green Light to “Movi Says,” the games are on when Movi is on (Don’t worry parents, you can turn Movi off too). The games are active (tag, anyone?), so they get kids moving and grooving as they play and get exercise along the way.

    Movi talks, moves and has 60 different facial expressions, making him feel quite real to kids. Movi will also teach kids shapes, letters, animal sounds and more, all while they’re having a blast. Movi runs on four C batteries, which are included, so the games can begin right out of the box.

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    Ozobot Bit Maker Starter Pack, White

    Ozobot Bit Maker Starter Pack, White
    Courtesy of Target

    This itty bitty robot packs a big, powerful punch when it comes to capabilities. It’s just one cubic inch in size, but its powers are pretty major. Kids are in control as they use special markers to draw codes paper or the screen of tablet device. The Ozobot then follows the directions as dictated by the codes. Kids will be fascinated by their newfound power and get a taste of what coding is all about.

    This starter pack comes with the Ozobot, a charging cable, four markers, skins and stickers and more than 20 suggested games and activities. When they’re ready to take their coding skills to the next level, there’s also an Ozobot website and apps for them to explore. One lithium battery is required, but it’s included, so Ozobot is ready to go out of the box. Recommended for ages eight and up, it’s a great toy that’s both fun and educational.

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    For anyone who’s ever dreamed of having their own little robot “friend” like the ones in the movies, Cosmo may be the answer. Promoted as a “supercomputer and loyal sidekick” all in one, this is one smart and fun robot. Not only can it express hundreds of emotions, fist bump you and sneeze, but it also knows its owner’s name, face and quirks. Cosmo can also play games, lift the Power Cubes that are included, explore his environment and oh so much more. The more you play, the more new games and activities are updated for constantly evolving fun.

    Kids get coding practice too, as they do basic block coding to get Cosmo to perform a variety of actions. All they need is a compatible iOS or Android device and the free Cozmo app. Recommended for ages eight and up, Cozmo runs on lithium batteries (included) and comes with a charger to keep powered up.

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    SmartGurlz with Maria Doll - App Controlled STEM Toy

    Unlike most shoot-em-up, fighting robots, this one is prim and pretty, but also quite powerful. Part of the award-winning line of SmartGurlz toys, Maria is a doll with a robotic “Siggy” scooter that can be programmed by little coders. They use the SugarCoded app on a smartphone or tablet to send her on missions and other adventures including dances, obstacle courses, fashion shows and more. The app also lets them solve missions, win points and see how their friends are doing as well. Girl power, indeed.

    Designed for kids ages five and up, it’s a great way to introduce STEM and coding skills in a fun and engaging way. It runs on one nine-volt battery (not included), but you can also purchase a rechargeable battery (sold separately).

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    Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

    Star Wars fans will flip for this kit that lets them build their own droid. It includes everything they need to bring it to life, including the electric blocks and parts, a nine-volt battery and an app that guides them. Recommended for kids ages eight and up, and it’s designed to be simple enough for them to construct without the help of parents, so they feel a sense of accomplishment. If they want to get extra creative, they can put the directions aside and build a bot straight from their imagination.

    Once it’s finished, they can teach their droid new skills and send it on missions and challenges. The droid runs in drive mode (kids control it via the app), self-nav mode (the smart bot has a “mind” of its own), and even, force mode, where kids can guide it with the simple wave of a hand. Kids and adults alike will be blown away by the things this droid can do.

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    ZOOB BuilderZ ZOOB Bot

    This kit offers a beginning course in robotics as it contains everything kids need to build their own cool bot. It comes with 49 pieces, two wheels, a pull-back two-wheel motor, four tires and cool, light up eyes. Instructions to build four ZOOB-Bots are included, as is the required battery. Kids can go by the book, or come with up with creations of their own as their imagination is the best guide. The pieces simply snap together, and they work with other ZOOB kits for expanded building.

    Recommended for ages six up and an affordable price, it’s a great way to get kids interested in robotics and start building those STEM skills