The 5 Best Rollaway Beds of 2021

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Best Rollaway Beds

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Rollaway beds are a convenient option for overnight guests, since they give you an extra bed in an instant. Typically resting on a folding frame, these beds feature a foam or innerspring mattress that sandwiches in half for secure storage. 

Available in cot, twin, or twin XL sizes, rollaway beds are best for a single sleeper. However, you can find Murphy-style rollaway beds in a bigger queen mattress size if you’re seeking a larger option for your guests (or something more roomy for long-term use). 

Here, the best rollaway beds available now.

Our Top Picks
Available in three sizes with a memory foam mattress, this option is both compact and comfortable.
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Basic and budget-friendly, this twin-size rollaway bed is a great option to keep on hand for occasional guests.
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A comfy twin mattress sits atop the sturdy, steel grid of this rollaway bed frame that folds into a 14-inch profile for storage.
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The slim memory foam mattress folds up to less than 10 inches, giving you more options for storing this bed when not in use.
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Save space without sacrificing comfort or stability by picking this sturdy cot-sized rollaway bed with memory foam mattress.
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A spring mattress sits atop a lightweight frame for a sturdy yet portable rollaway bed.
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Best Overall: Rest Haven Suspension Rollaway Bed with Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Rest Haven Suspension Rollaway Bed with Gel Memory Foam Mattress

For a soft night of sleep on short notice, check out this rollaway bed from Rest Haven. Available in twin, twin XL, or cot sizes, this bed features a plush 4-inch memory foam mattress infused with gel for better temperature regulation. It has a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds for the Twin XL version.

When folded, a Velcro strap keeps the bed securely stowed. The four dual locking wheels make it easy to move the bed into a closet, storage area, or simply out of the way until the next time company arrives. 

Best Budget: Alwyn Home Amani Folding Bed

Alwyn Home Amani Folding Bed

This rollaway bed on a budget doesn’t sacrifice comfort or convenience. Instead, the features of the Alwyn Home Amani Folding Bed make this bed an affordable option for occasional use. Like other comparable rollaway beds, the Amani includes a 4-inch foam mattress. It rests on top of a wooden slat and steel bed frame, which folds up into a compact 14-inch profile for storage. 

Best suited for occasional use, this budget rollaway bed may not be the most comfortable choice for long-term usage, but it certainly fits the needs of short-term guests. 

Best Twin: Milliard Premium Folding Rollaway Bed

Milliard Premium Folding Rollaway Bed

Twin rollaway beds are the most popular size, for their slim profile and ability to accommodate a single sleeper. The Milliard Premium Folding Bed is a popular pick in this category for its sturdy, comfortable, and practical features. This twin-size rollaway bed measures 75 inches long and 38 inches wide but folds to a slim 14-inch profile when stored. The pivoting caster wheels make it easy to wheel this twin rollaway bed to any room for guest use, or into a closet for storage. 

The Milliard Premium has a foam mattress, featuring base foam for support and memory foam for comfort. The steel grid support structure is sturdy and supportive, especially when compared to some "trampoline" style rollaway bed bases. 

Best Space-Saver: Simmons Beautysleep Folding Guest Bed with Memory Foam Mattress, Twin

Simmons Beautysleep Folding Guest Bed with Memory Foam Mattress, Twin

Rollaway beds are designed for occasional use, so finding a slim version that takes up less storage space is often a high priority. The Simmons Beautysleep Folding Guest Bed is one of the most compact rollaway beds on the market; the single-size bed folds to 5.5 inches, while the twin-size bed folds to 7 inches. In either case, you’ll notice a sizable difference as you squeeze this folded bed into a closet or corner of your guest room

While it may feature a slim profile, this space-saving rollaway bed still offers plenty of comfort. The dense foam mattress features a layer of support foam, topped with cushy memory foam. Perimeter springs keep the sleeping surface taut, avoiding saggy spots that might pop up in other rollaway beds. The single rollaway bed has a 250 pound weight capacity, while the twin bumps the capacity up to 300 pounds. 

Best Cot Size: Linon Luxor Rollaway Cot-Sized Bed with Memory Foam Mattress

Linon Luxor Rollaway Cot-Sized Bed with Memory Foam Mattress

Cot rollaway beds are ideal for smaller sleepers, including children or petite adults. If you plan on using the bed for such a purpose, save space and budget by opting for a cot-size rollaway bed like this version from Linon Luxor. When folded like a clamshell, this bed is 14 inches deep and 31.5 inches wide so it can easily be rolled into a storage area or tucked to the side of the room. 

When set up, this rollaway bed measures 79 inches long and 31.5 inches wide—offering plenty of length for most sleepers, while saving space with a slimmer width. The bed sits 15.75 inches above the floor, which is about average for a rollaway bed. Unlike many other versions, the Linon Luxor Rollaway Cot relies on durable wooden slats and a steel frame for support under the 4-inch thick memory foam mattress. Despite its small footprint, this cot-size rollaway bed has a substantial 275 pound weight limit.

Best with Innerspring Mattress: Sealy Metalcrest Rollaway Folding Bed

Sealy Metalcrest Rollaway Folding Bed

While many rollaway beds today feature foam mattresses, an innerspring mattress provides a more traditional mattress feel. The Sealy Metalcrest is a twin-size rollaway bed that features a 4-inch thick coil spring mattress. The bed’s compact frame is an interlinking network of steel springs, which folds in half for easy storage. 

This rollaway bed with spring mattress is lightweight and ideal for visiting grandchildren, weekend sleepovers, or the occasional guest. It measures 74 inches long and 39 inches wide and four wheels make it easy to maneuver.

What to Look for in a Rollaway Bed


Most rollaway beds have metal frames. Look for a frame that’s sturdy and simple to operate. If you’re purchasing your bed in a physical store, open and close it a few times to ensure it does so smoothly.


The weight of a rollaway bed can vary greatly—some are little more than 20 pounds, while others are 75 pounds or more. If portability is a concern, opt for a lighter bed. If you’ll be storing it in close proximity to where it’ll be used, you may be able to justify a more substantial bed.


Most rollaway beds come with either a memory foam, innerspring, or air mattress. Memory foam or innerspring options are more comfortable, while an air mattress may be more convenient for storage.

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