Top 10 Roll Recipes for Thanksgiving

You have the turkey out and thawing. You bought all the vegetables. Dessert is taken care of. What is missing? The rolls.

Rolls can make or break a Thanksgiving dinner. They are easier to make than breads and because you don't have to serve the rolls pre-sliced, they are also easier to serve your guests. Just fill a basket or two full of homemade rolls and you are ready.

These rolls were selected just for Thanksgiving because they are not complicated to make, they taste delicious, and they...MORE look beautiful. You can double these batches or even triple them. If you have any roll leftovers, you can use them to make leftover turkey sandwiches or you can freeze them for eating later on. And if you are really sick of the turkey, you can slice the rolls in half, top them with sauce and cheese and bake them into little pizza breads.

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    Buttery Pan Rolls. Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

    A favorite dinner roll, this recipe for buttery pan rolls makes a dozen rolls that can be served with butter or stuffed with turkey or ham.

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    Raisin Rolls. Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

    Instead of raisin bread, serve these easy to grab raisin rolls with your Thanksgiving ham dinner. The sweetness of the raisins compliments the salty ham perfectly.

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    French Rolls - Petits Pains. Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

    Looking for a chewy roll to serve at Thanksgiving dinner? These dozen delicious rolls are perfect for passing around the family table.

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    Honey Buttermilk Dinner Rolls
    Honey Buttermilk Dinner Rolls. Diana Rattray

    Made with dry buttermilk, these delicious rolls always taste great with ham and turkey. This recipe can also be doubled to make a larger batch of rolls.

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    Yeast Rolls | Cloverleaf Rolls
    Perfect Cloverleaf Rolls. Diana Rattray

    Want to serve something fancy for Thanksgiving? These rolls look stunning but are very easy to prepare. This recipe makes about 40 rolls - perfect for a large family gathering!

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    Refrigerator Potato Rolls
    Refrigerator Potato Rolls. Diana Rattray

    These rolls are great for Thanksgiving because you can prepare the dough up to a week ahead of time and then bake them as needed. The recipe makes a total of 3 dozen rolls - a dozen or two for Thanksgiving dinner and the rest for leftover turkey sandwiches.

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    Yeast Hard Rolls. Photo © Elizabeth Yetter

    A constant favorite, these hard rolls are chewy. The rolls are great for sandwich making and are great for serving beside your Thanksgiving turkey or ham.