The 6 Best Room Dividers of 2022 for Every Budget

We recommend the Ore International 3-Panel Room Divider

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The 8 Best Room Dividers of 2022

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room divider breaks up a large space, creates pockets of privacy, and adds dimension to your decor. 

We researched the top room dividers available online, evaluating sturdiness, portability, style, and value. Our best overall pick, the Ore International 3-Panel Room Divider, is sturdy, versatile, and available in three finishes. 

Here are the best room dividers.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Ore International 3-Panel Room Divider

Ore International Room Divider

Courtesy of Home Depot

Our best overall pick is the Ore International 3-Panel Room Divider, a straightforward, functional piece that will work well with both modern and traditional decor. This versatile divider is just under 6 feet tall and comes in three neutral colors, allowing you to perfectly match your space. It features three panels connected by brass hinges that fold in both directions, and the entire unit is 70 inches long. The frame is made from lightweight wood, making it easy to move around your space.

Best Budget: Bayou Breeze Cecilia Rattan Folding Room Divider

Cecilia Room Divider

Courtesy of Wayfair

Room dividers are surprisingly pricey, but you can still find quality options under $70. This stylish option from Wayfair is customizable, with four colors and five sizes to choose from. The most affordable option is the three-panel size, but you can go as high as eight panels depending on your needs. Standing tall at 68.5 inches, this divider is made of trendy rattan with wood legs, giving it a boho vibe that can easily fit into modern and even farmhouse spaces as well.

Best Bohemian: Urban Outfitters Amber Carved Wood Room Divider Screen

Amber Carved Wood Room Divider Screen

 Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

The Amber Carved Wood Room Divider Screen would make a stunning addition to a bohemian-style loft or an eclectic living room. This wooden divider is truly a piece of art thanks to an ornate carved design that's sure to make it a centerpiece in your home. 

This carved mango wood divider is 6 feet tall, 60 inches long, and outfitted with three panels. Its hinges only fold one way, and because it has small cutouts all over the panels, it’s best used for decoration rather than privacy, as it’s somewhat see-through.

Best Modern: West Elm Ida Screen

Ida Screen

Courtesy of West Elm

This sleek three-panel room divider screams mid-century modern design. With a solid mango wood frame, rounded corners, and cane finishing, the Ida Screen from West Elm would be right at home in any mid-century modern room.

This piece measures 67.75 x 60.4 inches and is comprised of three panels that are fronted with rattan cane panels. The white lacquer finish gives it a more contemporary look that feels fresh and modern, making this a more versatile piece than other mid-century inspired pieces.

Best Bookcase: IKEA KALLAX Shelf Unit

Kallax Shelf Unit
Courtesy of IKEA.

Want to add storage space to your home while dividing up a room? One trendy way to segment large areas is by using a bookcase as a room divider, and the KALLAX Shelf Unit is perfect for this purpose. This oversized cube storage unit stands almost 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide, and it has 16 square cubbies where you can stow books, plants, and other knickknacks.

Because this bookcase room divider is so large, it requires two people to assemble and needs to be anchored to the wall for safety. What’s especially cool about the KALLAX Shelf Unit is that IKEA offers a variety of inserts you can use in the cubes, including drawers, doors, shelves, and even cat beds. You can mix and match inserts to fit your needs, creating storage area while dividing your space into distinct sections.

Best Floor-to-Ceiling: Bay Isle Home Lapierre Room Divider

Noelle Room Divider

Courtesy of Wayfair

Most room dividers are freestanding with multiple hinged panels to keep them upright, but you can get a totally different look with the Bay Isle Home Lapierre Room Divider. This unique product has a floor-to-ceiling design and is held in place by two vertical tension rods. The unit is made from woven bamboo with cotton trim around the edges, and the panel measures 68 inches tall and 38 inches wide with support rods that extend up to 120 inches. 

It's a great option for creating privacy without restricting air flow, plus it's surprisingly easy to install. You can also move the panel itself up or down, customizing the look of your space even further.

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend the Esright Bamboo Room Divider (view at Amazon) for its durable, stylish construction and relatively low price. If you're looking for something similar that's more affordable, we recommend the Cecilia Rattan Folding Room Divider (view at Wayfair), which comes in four different colors and panel configurations.

What to Look For in a Room Divider


The first order of business is to identify the right size divider for your space. Most modern room dividers measure just under six feet tall, but lengths vary depending on the number of panels and their individual widths. If you're looking for something that's more decorative, a smaller three-panel divider is probably all you need. If you're trying to designate different areas in your home or you need a divider for privacy, there are options that go up to eight panels wide.


If you live in a studio apartment, a room divider can change the entire flow of your space, giving you distinct areas instead of one open room. There are also storage room dividers, including ones with built-in shelves and others that double as bookcases, that offer even more functionality for tiny spaces. If you're just looking for something decorative, you have more flexibility to choose a divider for its aesthetics. Many options today are upholstered in colorful fabrics, or finished in trendy materials like rattan.


Room dividers aren't cheap, and you should expect to spend at least $50 on a free-standing one—although most are closer to $100. Prices go higher based on the construction and size, with six-paneled options (unsurprisingly) costing more than three-paneled models. If you really can't spend more than $25, consider buying a tension rod and curtain instead, to create a similar yet airier effect.

  • How can I make my room divider more stable?

    The first thing you can do to stabilize a multi-panel room divider is to make sure that it’s unfolded in such a way that its weight is distributed evenly across the panels. Rolling dividers can be locked into place. If your room divider is held together by hinges, check to see that they haven’t come loose from opening and closing the divider, and tighten as necessary. And to take things a step further you can add stabilizing brackets to the room divider base, or secure one side of the room divider itself to a wall stud with a hinge.

  • Do room dividers fall easily?

    Room dividers are made in a number of different materials, such as cardboard, rattan, bamboo, wood, and upholstered fabric. It’s easier to knock over a room divider with fewer panels made from a lightweight material. And placing your room divider in a high traffic area increases its chances of getting bumped and possibly knocked over by kids, animals, or party guests.

  • What are the different room divider types?

    There are several types of room dividers that vary in style, effect, and price. A room divider can be anything that helps chop up a space that isn’t a solid wall. There are freestanding accordion-style folding screens with multiple panels. Solid hanging or freestanding screens that consist of a single panel of wood slats or acoustic felt. A bookcase without a back is a common way to divide space while letting light flow through. A room divider may be a temporary wall, a sliding panel, floor-to-ceiling industrial metal and glass partitions that divide space without blocking views or light. Or something as simple as a curtain made from fabric, retro-style beads, string, or a wall of plants perched on a tall freestanding holder.  

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