The 8 Best Room Dividers of 2021

Section off rooms in style

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Our Top Picks
"Made from sturdy spruce and available in a handful of natural finishes, this divider is simple, stylish, and affordable."
"This affordable divider comes in both four- and eight-panel models—both which are decorated with a Japanese blooming branch motif."
"It's a straightforward, functional piece that's available in two different heights and nine neutral colors."
"Unlike other IKEA products, this plastic and pine unit requires no assembly."
"If you have farmhouse, country, or rustic decor, this slightly distressed room divider will be right at home."
"This ornately carved divider would make a stunning addition to any bohemian-style loft or eclectic living room."
"This oversized cube storage unit has 25 cubbies where you can stow books, plants, and other knickknacks."
"Most room dividers are freestanding, but you can get a totally different look with this floor-to-ceiling piece which is held in place with tension rods."

Best Overall: Oriental Furniture 3-Panel Room Divider

Oriental Furniture 3-Panel Room Divider

For a high-quality, classic room separator at a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with the Oriental Furniture 3-Panel Room Divider. The wooden room divider is just under 6 feet tall, and it stretches out to a length of 47.25 inches. If that't not large enough for your needs, note that Home Depot offers the same model with extra panels so you can block off a bigger area.

This divider is made from spruce wood and it comes in a variety of natural finishes including black, white, and several wood-inspired tones. The bottom half of the panels has a beadboard-inspired look, while the top features horizontal slats that allow for airflow while visually separating the space. The panels are held together by brass hinges that fold in either direction and the classic design will mesh well with a variety of decor styles from traditional to country to coastal.

Pro tip: When shopping for room dividers, make sure you check the materials. This particular divider is made from wood, but others may have paper-based panels that are translucent, delicate, more prone to damage.

Best Budget: Legacy Decor 4-Panel Blossom Screen Room Divider

If you’re looking for a temporary solution or simply don’t want to spend too much money, the highly rated Legacy Decor Blossom Screen Room Divider might be a good option for your needs. This affordable divider comes in both four- and eight-panel models—both which are decorated with a Japanese-inspired blooming branch motif. 

These room dividers are 71 inches tall, and the four-panel option is 70 inches wide. They’re made from black wooden frames which are outfitted with delicate paper panels—so you’ll want to be careful unpacking and installing them. The panels are attached by double-action black hinges, and it’s important to note that the floral pattern is only printed on one side of the divider.

Reviewers say these room dividers are beautiful, especially for the price and many note the unit is sturdy and blocks the perfect amount of light, making it an ideal option for a bedroom. You can tie these pieces into your home using other Asian style accents, such as floor pillows or Eastern wall art.

Best Traditional: World Menagerie Trevor Shoji 6-Panel Room Divider

Trevor Shoji

For those with traditional interiors, the World Menagerie Trevor Shoji 6-Panel Room Divider is a straightforward, functional piece. The versatile divider is available in two heights—58 or 70 inches—as well as nine neutral colors, allowing you to perfectly match your space. 

The Trevor Room Divider features six panels connected by brass hinges that fold in both directions, and the unit is 102 inches long. The frame is made from wood, and the opaque panels are made from fiber-reinforced shoji rice paper which means they're extremely lightweight but will need to be handled with extreme care. Reviewers love the traditional room divider, saying it's ideal for segmenting a large room or hiding unsightly parts of your home, like a cat litter box or laundry area.

Best Modern: IKEA RISÖR Room Divider


The RISÖR Room Divider features the simple, clean lines characteristic of modern style, and its geometric pattern is sure to bring interest to any room. The divider is 6 feet tall and 85 inches wide, and it’s made up of three panels which are connected by hinges. 

The frame of the RISÖR Divider is made from solid pine with a black finish, and the panels are made from opaque polypropylene (a type of plastic). Reviewers say the divider is lightweight and sturdy, and unlike many products from IKEA, the unit requires no assembly. 

If you want to add a pop of visual interest to this otherwise simple room divider, try draping a textured throw blanket over one panel or hanging a lightweight plant off the top.

Best Rustic: Laurel Foundry Bowersville 3-Panel Room Divider


If you have farmhouse, country, or rustic decor, the Laurel Foundry Bowersville Room Divider should mesh nicely with your existing furnishings. The wooden piece has a slightly distressed finish that would make a lovely accent in your living room or bedroom, and its three-panel design is 70 inches tall and 50 inches wide, so it provides ample coverage. 

The divider is made from pine and it features a louver design with alternating gray and white slats which add visual interest. The panels are connected with black hinges and reviewers note that the unit is both sturdy and lightweight. Since it weighs only 13 pounds, you can easily move it from room to room or fold it up and tuck it away if you don't want it out 24/7.

Best Bohemian: Urban Outfitters Amber Carved Wood Room Divider Screen

Amber Carved Wood Room Divider Screen

The Amber Carved Wood Room Divider Screen would make a stunning addition to a bohemian-style loft or an eclectic living room. This wooden divider is truly a piece of art thanks to an ornate carved design that's sure to make it a centerpiece in your home. 

This carved mango wood divider is 6 feet tall, 60 inches long, and outfitted with three panels. Its hinges only fold one way, and because it has small cutouts all over the panels, it’s best used for decoration, rather than privacy, as it’s somewhat see-through. Reviewers say the piece is simply stunning in person, though several note the color is closer to beige than white.

Best Bookcase: IKEA KALLAX Shelf Unit

Kallax Shelf Unit

Want to add storage space to your home while dividing up a room? One trendy way to segment large areas is by using a bookcase as a room divider, and the KALLAX Shelf Unit is perfect for this purpose. This oversized cube storage unit stands almost 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide, and it has 25 square cubbies where you can stow books, plants, and other knickknacks.

Because this bookcase room divider is so large, it requires two people to assemble and it needs to be anchored to the wall for safety. What’s especially cool about the KALLAX Shelf Unit is that IKEA offers a variety of inserts you can use in the cubes, including drawers, doors, shelves, and even cat beds. You can mix and match inserts to fit your needs, creating storage area while dividing your space into distinct sections.

Best Floor-to-Ceiling: Beachcrest Home Noelle Room Divider

Noelle Room Divider

Most room dividers are freestanding with multiple hinged panels to keep them upright, but you can get a totally different look with the Beachcrest Home Noelle Room Divider. This unique product has a floor-to-ceiling design and it’s held in place by two vertical tension rods. The unit is made from woven bamboo with cotton trim around the edges, and the panel measures 68 inches tall and 38 inches wide with support rods that extend up to 120 inches. 

Reviewers say the Noelle Room Dividers are great for creating privacy without restricting air flow, and many note that the floor-to-ceiling model is easy to install. You can also move the panel itself up or down, customizing the look of your space even further.

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