Home Improvement: The Best Rooms to Renovate this Season

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    Consider Transforming your Attic Space into a Bedroom

    bedroom attic conversion
    An attic bedroom can add to your home's ROI. Getty Images

    Is home improvement on your mind but you're still trying to decide whether to renovate or not to renovate? This is the leading question for most homeowners looking to put their house on the market. While renovating rooms before sale is worth considering, it’s important to know what rooms are worth adding home improvement to. After all, you don’t want to spend dollars on projects that probably won’t make too much difference to your sale price. You may have an area that absolutely needs a...MORE facelift, but is it a room that will provide a good return on investment (ROI) when it’s time to sell? Read on the find which rooms are worth renovating this season.  

    An attic bedroom remodel could yield a higher ROI

    An attic bedroom is one of the best ways to add value to your home. You can recoup maximum of your investment when you turn your loft into a living space. The reason is pretty simple: by changing an attic into a bedroom, you can add extra square footage to a house without actually adding on another room. Most buyers are eager to gain more storage in a house, but adding an extra bedroom can increase your home's return on investment. Adding a closet to this attic bedroom can help classify your new attic space as a bedroom. If you're wanting to add a bathroom for bedroom access this will even increase the value of your home more.

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    Update your Kitchen to Meet Buyers' Wants this Season

    White kitchen home staging ideas
    Show off your spacious kitchen and amenities. Getty Images

    Consider a basement home improvement project  

    Like attics, basement home improvement projects are more useful to the homeowner and are more attractive to potential buyers. It can serve as an office, play room for kids or extra living room. Many home shoppers want that extra square footage so that they can keep their living and family room clutter free. So, take time to prepare it for the market. Showcase its strongest points and highlight how the next homeowners can maximize the space. But make...MORE sure not to personalize the space. The idea is to communicate to the buyers that it is an essential part of the property, and not just an unused space.

    One thing that usually any basement lacks is natural lighting, so consider investing in energy-efficient, contemporary lighting that can transform it into a warm, welcoming space. If you need to have a general contractor help you make your basement more appealing, such as adding drywall, flooring, and other materials could help your bottom line. Remember any storage space in your home that can be transformed into a inhabitable area will be a major advantage in selling your home.

    Updated your kitchen design can pay off

    It cannot be stressed enough that a remodeled kitchen is one of the best ways to attract potential buyers. Updated kitchens often have the highest return on investment than any other home improvement project. A complete renovation including, new counter-tops, cabinets, appliances can get costly, but even just adding smaller elements like backsplash, new sink, or retiled floors can greatly increase the overall value of your home. As more modern look shows well with prospective buyers make sure to upgrade for both aesthetics and functionality.

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    Your Bathroom Renovation Could Be Just What Buyers Want

    Bathroom renovations return a higher ROI. Getty Images

    Your bathroom renovation can sell the house

    As with the kitchen, your bathrooms are always a high priority for home shoppers. So, investing in a bathroom remodel is always a good idea, but you have got to do it right. Pick upgrades in neutral colors and finishes avoiding ultra-trendy designs. If possible, consider increasing the size of the bathroom as most home buyers prefer a house with big bathrooms. You can either expand the square footage during a remodel or change certain features to make...MORE it appear bigger. For instance, consider replacing an oversized, rarely used bath tub with a sleek glass shower to create more space. But the key here is to make sure that you do not overdo it.

    If you are thinking about sinking some money into home improvement projects this season, keep these areas in mind. No matter how far along the home-selling process you are, it’s always a good time to add value to your property. Not only can these help to boost resale value when it’s time to sell, but also make your home more livable while you are still there. So which renovation projects are considering for your home?