The Scented Candle for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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A group of candles on a bed

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While home decor is always a fun subject to entertain, we all have our favorite items we just can't get enough of. From throw pillows to wall art to rugs, it's exciting to hand select items it bring into our homes that reflect who we are. One of our personal favorites, though, has to be scented candles. With so many styles, sizes, shapes, and scents to choose from, it makes sense why many of us may have a small collection throughout our homes.

When it comes to selecting a scented candle, you of course want to keep in mind the types of scenes you like, as well as how strong the scent is when it's burning. Yet trying to choose a scent that matches your mood (or can help boost it) can be overwhelming. Luckily, looking into your zodiac sign can help point you in the right direction of what scents truly mesh with your personality.

Below, we've chosen which scented candles we think are perfect for your zodiac sign. Check out yours below.

Boy Smells Kacey Musgraves Slow Burn Scented Candle

Slow Burn Candle

Boy Smells


As a fire sign that is all about taking the lead, it only makes sense that any scented candle you buy would need to be as bold and adventurous as you. The Slow Burn candle by Boy Smells combines scents of smoked papyrus and amber, elemi, and tonka bean, among others. It’s described as “commanding, but not in a hurry”—a perfect fit for you, Aries. Plus, that deep red hue and the name alone are already giving some serious fire sign energy that is hard to ignore.

Anthropologie Grecian Bust Candle

Grecian bust candle



This candle combines some of a Taurus sign’s favorite things—classic elegance, down-to-earth traits, and practical use. This Grecian Bust candle looks like a decadent statue you can place anywhere in your home. With the scent of eucalyptus and thyme, your home will be filled with a woodsy, calming aroma that will truly ease you into relaxation from the comfort of your home.

AlphatoxGummies Luxury Bubble Cube Candle Sandalwood Rose

Bubble candle against a pink backdrop



The bubble candle has been taking over TikTok as an adorable addition to any home, and it’s clear to see why. Your personality is often approachable and enthusiastic, but you also love to keep people guessing. The shape and style of the candle alone may draw you in, but purchasing one from this Etsy seller allows you to choose from a wide variety of scents to suit your mood—though we would recommend Sandalwood Rose for you, as it combines an earthy scent with something more on the floral side.

Shannon Cumberland Four Seasons Dried Flower Candle

Dried flower candle

Uncommon Goods


Let’s be honest—you have a soft spot for candles. You love adding a warm, comforting touch to your home, and if it happens to also be beautiful? Even better. The Four Seasons Dried Flower candle in Apricot Rose is captivating with its gorgeous display of flowers and leaves that almost look too pretty to burn. Once you light it, you’re greeted with the lovely fragrance of juicy apricot and mirabelle plum that evokes images of a summer evening—perfect for those with June and July birthdays.

Capri Blue Anthropologie Sandstone Glass Jar Candle

Capri blue candles



When it comes to any home decor you bring into your home, it needs to be a little luxurious and eye-catching. The Volcano Sandstone Glass Jar candle from Anthropologie ticks off all the right boxes. Artistic glass jars in a deep red hue evoke a classy, elegant feel for your particular fire sign, while the scent of tropical fruits paired with exotic mountain greens creates a delightful yet grounded atmosphere.

World Market White Glass Line Art Florals Scented Candle

Scented candles with floral patterns

World Market


You are always on board with something simple and sleek, so it only makes sense you opt for scented candles that don’t make too much of a fuss. These White Glass Floral Line Art candles from World Market are minimalistic enough to fit into any aesthetic, while the wood wick adds a bit of flair. The Lavender Tonka scent is perfect for emulating a relaxing, peaceful feel—something that can help your busy mind unwind after a long day.

Rifle Paper Co. Jardin de Paris Candle

Jardin de Paris candle

Rifle Paper Co.


Blooming French gardens and an ode to Parisian style? Sounds right up your alley, Libra. This gorgeous floral candle from Rifle Paper Co. contains peony, white tea, gardenia, and sandalwood notes, perfect for boosting your mood. As a bonus? The painted glass container is perfect to put out for display.

Jimm Burris & Jeanne Brandt Amethyst & Aquamarine Geode Candle

Geode candle

Uncommon Goods


For someone as mysterious and captivating as you are, it only makes sense you would be drawn to a candle that shares those qualities. The Geode Sparkling candle in Amethyst from Uncommon Goods looks like a sparkling stone at first glance, but a closer look reveals a skillful blend of wax meant to look like a sparkling crystal. The Amethyst blend has notes of violet, and bergamot is ideal for relieving tension and stress, as well as providing a sense of calm.

Anthropologie Nostalgia Candle Road Trip

Nostalgia candle in Road Trip scent



When choosing a candle, you don’t lean into just any scent—you either want something that sparks a memory or helps you picture an experience you haven’t had yet. Cue the Nostalgia Road Trip candle from Anthropologie, which is described as “inspired by cross-country trips, this airy blend of jasmine, crisp apple, and violet tea conjures images of scenic views, charming diners, and the wide-open road.”

Brooklyn Candle Studio Woodsmoke Minimalist Candle

Woodsmoke scented candle

Brooklyn Candle Studio


You are all for earthy and rich scents, which give a sense of serenity with a little bit of an edge. The Woodsmoke candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio has a simple, minimalist appearance (ideal for any practical Capricorn) and includes notes of cedar lead, incense, and leather—giving a smoky, steady appeal.

Gulya Hartwick and Sasha Gorskaya Literature Candle - War & Peace

War & Peace literature candle

Uncommon Goods


You like anything you buy for your home to make a statement—even better if it’s a conversation starter. The War and Peace Candle from Uncommon Goods combines a unique scent with your love of literature—though the candle does come in a variety of books to fit your tastes. With notes of raspberry, saffron, vanilla, and leather, this candle, in particular, is perfect to light while you’re cracking open your favorite book and unwinding from the day.

Anthropologie Day's Last Light Glass Boxed Sea Salt Eucalyptus Candle

Sea salt and eucalyptus candle



As a water sign, you are drawn to scents that remind you of the ocean breeze blowing across your face. The Day’s Light Sea Salt Eucalyptus candle from Anthropologie is the perfect addition for you, with hints of both sea salt and eucalyptus that promote a fresh, uplifting vibe to your space. The simple green glass jar can fit in almost any decor scheme without causing too much fuss—just light the wick and sink into relaxation.

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