The 6 Best Shower Kits of 2019

Renovate your bathroom on a budget with these top picks

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Renovating a bathroom can be a big task to take on. Besides being costly and a tax on your family, deciding on what materials to use can be daunting. When it comes to your shower and tub you have two options to choose from — a prefabricated versus a tiled shower. A prefabricated unit or a shower kit that is sold in one piece or a few and can usually be installed by an experienced DIYer in the family. These units typically are more budget friendly then installing a tiled shower which usually requires a carpenter and plumber with trained skills. But you are limited by design and space constraints. If you've decided to go the prefabricated route we've found the best shower kits out there that will update your bathroom into that spa-like oasis you've been dreaming of. From a basic shower stall to a walk in tub these are the best shower kits to buy. Check out these seven best shower kits you can purchase today.

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    Best Overall Shower Kit: Durastall Shower Kit

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    A great shower kit should be relatively simple to install (assuming you already have the necessary plumbing), provide a good showering experience, and add a sense of unique style to the bathroom. A popular option for shower-only bathrooms is a freestanding shower. If your bathroom is small or awkwardly spaced, a standalone shower is a simple kit that will provide several options for placement and installation. Standable kits come in many different shapes and styles, but one of the best is the Durastall Shower Stall. Coming in a 32" x 32" profile, this shower is small enough to fit in any corner of your bathroom with the right plumbing connections.

    The shower stall comes with a slip-resistant floor and drain assembly, celcon shower valve/head assembly, and built-in safety rails. Everything is mold and mildew resistant to keep things clean and healthy as you bathe. Its solid build quality also means you can place the stall away from any supporting walls if your bathroom space is large enough for a freestanding design style. 

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    Best Walk-In Tub Kit: Sterling Accord Kit

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    Shower-only bathrooms are becoming more and more popular for people who rarely fill the tub for a good soak. A great doorless design makes it easy to simply slip into the shower whenever you want. There is less cleaning as well. The Sterling Accord kit is a complete replacement package you can drop into the same space of a typical tub. Best of all, this kit comes with the siding as well so you can save some money and effort on side tiling.

    This kit features a solid, four-piece design molded from Sterling’s Vikrell material. The material is chemical resistant and more durable than most types of drywall and/or tile common in other shower setups. Each piece snaps together so you can skip the need for caulk during installation and the typical touchups other showers need periodically. Once together, the unit provides a large shower space, dedicated shelving units, and a non-slip seat for extended use. 

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    Best Curved Shower Kit: Ove Decors Kit

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    Curved shower kits are ideal for a smaller bathroom where fitting something standard might be tricky. Instead of a rectangular profile, these shower kits reduce the amount of space they take up. Curved frosted or clear glass also adds a unique, modern look to the bathroom’s décor and can be easy to maintain. The Ove Decors shower is a great option for this look due to its easy assembly and maintenance qualities.

    The shower kit comes with a standard curved base and reversible sliding door made of clear glass. The glass is 6mm thick, tempered, and easy to wipe down for the occasional cleanup. The base is made of a durable acrylic material and encloses the glass frame for an easy, no hassle installation.

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    Best Frameless Shower Kit: Vigo Neo-Angle Kit

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    If you have ever wanted to feel like you are showering in an outdoor area with nothing between you and your surroundings, a frameless shower kit is the way to go. Frameless kits use a minimal amount of supports for the shower’s sides so you will have nothing but glass separating you and the bathroom. The Vigo Neo-Angle shower kit comes with three panels of clear glass and not much else.

    Held together by brushed nickel fasteners, the shower’s panels create a space-saving profile for a corner shower. The base measures 42" x42" with plenty of room to stretch out during your daily shower. The central panel swings open using solid cast brass/stainless steel hinges and magnetic latches to keep the door watertight while in use. Everything is pre-drilled so assembly should be painless. 

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    Best Shower Kit with Built-In Storage: Pure Clean Portable Kit

    Shower storage space is always at a premium. It can be difficult to find the right storage accessories if you have to hold any number of shampoos, conditioners, soaps, moisturizers, etc. For people surrounded with shower clutter, a kit with built-in shelves is a blessing. The American Standard Ovation shower kit is one such option that maximizes storage space with easy-to-assemble base/sides so you will have everything you need for a great experience.

    The Ovation kit is a 5-piece design that fastens together with satin nickel hardware and anodized aluminum guide rails. If you have an older home a kit with multiple pieces might be easier to bring inside than one that is one unit. The base and sides are made of an impact resistant acrylic that resists scratching and staining, and come reinforced with fiberglass for extra durability. The floor is textured to provide additional traction. Best of all, six separate shelves offer plenty of storage for all of your showering accessories. This kit has a 33.5x48x75.25in profile. 

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    Best Wall: Swanstone TI-5-010 Veritek Five Panel Tub Wall Kit

    Sometimes all you need for a new bathroom experience is a new wall around your bathtub — that is when a wall kit makes the most sense. This one comes in seven pieces and has shelves for soap, two corner panels, and two side panels, so you'll get plenty of storage.

    The nice thing about a wall kit (and shower kits) is that since it is one piece there is no grout to clean so your walls look crystal clean, no matter how often you tidy up, and this material will resist mold and mildew.