Get Sweet Dreams with the Best Silk Pillowcases of 2023

Our favorite is Brooklinen's Silk Pillowcase

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Best Silk Pillowcases

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A top-quality silk pillowcase feels super smooth, is comfortable to sleep on, and can help prevent bedhead and sleep lines. But these aren't the only factors that make this luxe option stand out from the pack. "Naturally, silk is hypoallergenic, meaning it's less prone to dust, mold, or other allergens," says Alex Brown Glover, a Chicago-based celebrity hairstylist. 

After hours of research, our editors settled on the following silk pillowcases, considering each option's price point, material, and ease of care. Our best overall pick, Brooklinen's Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, is made with 100% pure Mulberry silk, has an envelope closure, and can even be machine-washed.

Read on for the leading silk pillowcases on the market.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


What We Like
  • Machine washable

  • Multiple colors and designs

What We Don't Like
  • Not sold in duo

  • Sells out quickly

Thanks to its ultra-smooth feel and functional design, the Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is our number-one choice in this roundup. It comes in several colorways, with limited-edition shades released frequently. The envelope closure means that your pillow won't slip out of the case during a rough night's sleep and also keeps the material from twisting. While you’ll only get one pillowcase per purchase, the affordable price point and overall quality of Brooklinen products make up for this slight inconvenience–especially considering the brand’s frequent sales.

Brooklinen’s 365-day return policy also means that you can use and wash this pillowcase a few times before deciding it’s for you. If you determine it isn't the right fit, simply reach out to the company, and they will facilitate a return. However, with two size options, machine washability, and an Oeko-Tex®️ Certification, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better silk pillowcase on the market.

Material: 100% pure Mulberry silk | Size: Standard, king | Certifications: Oeko-Tex®️ certified | Return Policy: 365-day return window

Best Dupe

Italic Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Italic Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


What We Like
  • Zipper closure

  • Comes in a duo

What We Don't Like
  • Wrinkles easily

  • Limited color selection

Italic offers products manufactured by some of the leading textile factories on the market, without the markups you typically see with luxury brands. Some of their bedding offerings include the Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, which comes in at a fraction of the price of some other options. All three color options come in duos, so you get the biggest bang for your buck when you order from their site.

The 22 momme 100% Mulberry silk features a zipper closure, making it more secure than its competitors. It is also machine washable, Oeko-Tex®️ Certified, and comes in two sizes to fit every pillow user's needs.

Material: 100% Mulberry silk | Size: Standard, king | Certifications: Oeko-Tex®️ Certified | Return Policy: Unused and unwashed, 30 days from purchase date

Best Satin

Kitsch Satin Pillowcase

Kitsch Satin Pillowcase


What We Like
  • Affordable

  • Zipper closure

What We Don't Like
  • Not organic

The Satin Pillowcase from Kitsch is the perfect choice for those looking to spend less without sacrificing on the benefits of a silk-like material. The brand utilizes satin polyester to mimic the texture of silk, and the pillowcases are sold individually as well as in sets of two and four. You can choose from standard and king sizing.

Material: Satin polyester | Size:  Standard, king | Certifications: None | Return Policy: 90 days from delivery

Best for Hair

Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase

Slip Silk Pillowcase


What We Like
  • Zipper option available

  • Limited edition collaborations

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

  • Not sold in a set

One of the more well-known options comes from Slip. Celebrities, hair stylists, makeup artists, and beauty enthusiasts all recommend this brand for its outstanding benefits for hair and skin. Their selection is diverse, with pillowcases featuring a zipper closure, open style, countless colors and designs, and two available sizes. These do not come in sets, and the price point can make purchasing two off-putting to some. Nonetheless, the 22 momme 100% Mulberry silk found in Slip's products is a cut above the rest.

Material: Mulberry silk | Size: Queen/standard and king | Certifications: None | Return Policy: Depends on merchant

Best Patterned

Hill House Home Sisi Silk Pillowcase

Hill House Home Sisi Silk Pillowcase

Hill House Home

What We Like
  • Classic colors and patterns

  • Zipper closure

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

  • Only sold individually

Nothing says luxury like the Hill House Home Sisi Silk Pillowcases. Featuring patterns and shades to mimic the perfect coastal cottage aesthetic, the 22-momme 100% Mulberry silk material is buttery soft and pleasing to the eye. These cases hold no material certifications and are only available in singles, but will withstand the test of time when washed with detergents meant for delicate fabrics.

Material: 100% Mulberry silk | Size: Standard, king | Certifications: None | Return Policy: Unused and unwashed, 15 days from delivery date

Best Splurge

Sunday Citizen Washable Silk Pillowcase

Sunday Citizen Washable Silk Pillowcase Set

Sunday Citizen

What We Like
  • Comes in a duo

  • Machine washable

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

  • Limited color options

The silk options from Sunday Citizen are pricey, but for good reason. The brand offers a silk pillowcase duo in either a standard or king size, allowing flexibility in who can make a purchase. You can choose from two color options—Pearl White or Latte, a more understated, off-white hue.

Compared to other options, the price of these pillowcases is relatively high. However, as Sunday Citizen is a luxury brand, you can expect the highest quality and attention to detail when it comes to features like raw material sourcing and fabric stitching. And if you want to indulge even further in silky comfort, the brand also offers silk pajamas, scrunchies, and more.

Material: 100% silk | Size: Standard, king | Certifications: None | Return Policy: Used or unused, 90 days from delivery date

Best Organic

Avocado Silk Pillowcase

Avocado Green Mattress Organic Silk Pillowcase

Avocado Green

What We Like
  • Organic

  • Envelope closure

  • Available in several sizes and colors

What We Don't Like
  • Sold individually

  • Cannot be exposed to direct sunlight

If it's an organic option you're after, you can't go wrong with Avocado's Silk Pillowcase. Made with 100% pure Mulberry silk, this pillowcase holds an Oeko-Tex®️ Certification, meaning that it's free from over 100 potentially harmful substances and dyes. Avocado is the first mattress company to be certified Climate Neutral, and has since achieved carbon-negative status, meaning that it offsets more carbon emissions than it generates.

The Avocado Silk Pillowcase comes in three different sizes and six colors, allowing for ultimate customization to your needs. We also love the envelope closure, which will keep your pillow safe and secure all night long. Just note that the brand recommends not having the cases in direct sunlight, so bedrooms that have a lot of windows or open concepts might want to pay attention to the colors they choose or the positioning of their beds.

Material: 100% Mulberry silk | Size: Standard, queen, and king | Certifications: Oeko-Tex®️ certified, Climate Neutral certified | Return Policy: Used or unused, 100 days from purchase date

Best Color Selection

Fishers Finery 25 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

25 Momme Silk Pillowcase

Fishers Finery

What We Like
  • Envelope closure

  • Affordable

What We Don't Like
  • Can't be machine washed

The expertly crafted selections from Fishers Finery should be the first stop for anyone seeking colorful pillowcases. The 25 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcase comes in three sizes and more than 10 colors, ranging from a rich navy blue to more versatile hues. With a much-appreciated envelope closure, your pillow won't slip and slide through the night—and the coveted Oeko-Tex®️ Certification means that the material is free from potentially harmful dyes and substances.

Material: 100% Mulberry silk | Size: Standard, queen, and king | Certifications: Oeko-Tex®️ certified | Return Policy: Unused and unwashed, 30 days from delivery date

Final Verdict

The Silk Pillowcase from Brooklinen is our best overall pick. The ease of care, ultra-smooth 100% silk fabric, and chic colorways make it worth its price point. The return policy is incredibly generous if you decide it isn't the right fit for your needs, unlike selections from other brands. We also love the Fishers Finery 100% Silk Pillowcase, an affordable, high-quality option that comes in a variety of versatile colors.

What to Look for in a Silk Pillowcase

Price Point

Silk pillowcases come in a wide range of prices, depending on quality and durability. If want a higher quality case, such as one made out of 100% mulberry silk, you will get the luxurious feel you want, but at a higher price. If you are looking for something more budget-friendly, you can opt for a satin pillowcase, which can still provide similar benefits at a lower cost.


As previously mentioned, there are varying types of silk that can make up a pillowcase. Silk is often separated into various categories (known as grades) to determine its quality. The higher quality silk, the higher the grade—Grade 6a silk is considered the finest and highest quality. If the silk pillowcase you're looking at doesn't have mention of grades or levels, it is likely lower quality silk—which will likely be cheaper in price, but not have all the same benefits as one with higher quality.


Most silk pillowcases are insistent on following specific instructions to ensure they last as long as possible and in great condition. While some insist on handwashing and hanging up to dry, others are more flexible in allowing you to wash in a washing machine on a delicate cycle and lay flat when drying. It's important to be aware of the level of care involved so you aren't damaging the fibers or losing out on the full benefits of your pillowcase by not looking into how to wash and care for it.

Color and Size

While silk is often associated with the color white, plenty of silk pillowcases come in a variety of colors and styles. If you've got your eye on a particular brand, it's a good idea to ensure they have the proper size and color available to match your bedsheets and work with the pillows you already own. While some brands have a large range of each, some have more limited options, so it's best to be aware of what each brand offers before making a final decision.

  • What are the benefits of a silk pillowcase?

    Silk pillowcases are aesthetically pleasing but serve a purpose for the beauty obsessed. Beauty-obsessed individuals will purchase one of these linens for their hair and skin. "It reduces friction on your hair and scalp while sleeping, which deters irritation to the scalp and keeps hair from tangling. It is also great for preventing frizz—silk pillowcases help keep the hair smooth and neat while you sleep," says Glover. Other advantages include hypoallergenic qualities, moisture-wicking, and anti-aging. Those with acne-prone skin can also benefit from this material.

  • How much do silk pillowcases cost?

    Silk pillowcases of the highest quality do not always have to be the most expensive. On the lower end, these linens can range from the mid-twenties for a single case and $200 for a duo. The prices reflect whether they are designer or have certifications, along with where and how they’re produced.

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