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Dishwashing is never a fun task, but sink caddies can make the process a whole lot more bearable. Rather than letting your sponge or scrubber sit on the counter, caddies either sit in or around your sink, providing ventilation—all the while keeping your necessities within an arm's reach.

If you're looking for a sink caddy, there are plenty of options out there, from suction-cup caddies that stick inside your sink to caddies that sit adjacent to the sink. Which type you choose depends on the amount of sink or counter space you have available and what you want it to contain. Either way, it can be helpful to choose a sink caddy with ample ventilation (or a drainage tray) so your scrubber or sponge can easily air dry.

Here are the best options to add to your dishwashing routine.

Our Top Picks
The ventilation holes allowing for quick drying and and the suction cups allow you to attach it to the side of the sink.
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A divider hidden inside the caddy provides space for two sponges as well as two dish brushes.
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This sturdy caddy clicks into place for a secure suction that will support sponges, scrubbers, soap, and more.
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This caddy's modular design accommodates all sorts of dishwashing supplies.
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It has a small railing that can be used to dry wet dish towels.
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A "soaking well" allows you to soak utensils that have caked-on food.
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It fits on the ledge between any standard double sink.
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Plenty of ventilation allows sponges and dish wands to dry quickly.
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It comes with waterproof hooks that the manufacturer says are stronger than a suction cup.
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Best Suction Cup: simplehuman Sink Caddy with Suction Cup

simplehuman Sink Caddy with Suction Cup

This elegant brushed steel sink caddy attaches to the side of the sink through four suction cups, as well as a wire ledge that rests on the top of the sink. The caddy holds a long brush and has space for two sponges or sponge-shaped scrubbers.

Best of all, this Simple Human sink caddy has ventilation holes—and lots of them—so that your sponges and brushes can dry speedily. That’s essential if you want to avoid that funky sponge odor.

This sink caddy is made using rust-proof materials and comes with a five-year warranty. If you find that the caddy’s suction cups start slipping, here's a simple solution: spread a small amount of petroleum jelly on the suction cups, then reaffix them on the sink for a powerful, long-lasting hold.

Best Countertop: OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Sinkware Caddy

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Sinkware Caddy

If you prefer a sink caddy that rests alongside the faucet or on the counter, this OXO Good Grips option is ideal. Made from stainless steel, it has a small footprint, but ingenious design. 

A divider hidden inside the caddy provides space for two sponges as well as two dish brushes. If you’d prefer, you can remove the divider. There are holes throughout for ventilation, helping you avoid soggy sponges that may create a home for bacteria. 

At the bottom of the device, there’s a small clear drip tray—this catches any water that might release from sponges and dish brushes, so it doesn’t create a fetid pool at the bottom of the caddy. When you spot that water has accumulated, you can use the handy pour spout to drain it into the sink.

Best Push Lock: iDesign + The Spruce Ariel Push Lock Sink Center

iDesign + The Spruce Ariel Sink Center

If you're looking for a caddy that's really going to stay, you might want to opt for something a step above your average suction cup option. This sink center from the Spruce Home Organization Collection requires no installation: simply attach it to the inside of your sink (or any clean, smooth surface) with the integrated push-lock suction cup. Its compact basket is sturdy enough to hold sponges, soap, and scrubbers, and drainage holes ensure quick drying.

Best Adjustable Caddy: Full Circle Stash Ceramic Sink Caddy

Full Circle Stash Ceramic Sink Caddy in White

If you have a large number of dishwashing supplies, you’ll appreciate having this caddy then since the modular design can move to fit what you use. It comes with a flat tray. On top of that sits a caddy with an insert to aid in holding a sponge and dish wands. It’s made from ceramic, and easy to clean. 

Best for Storage: Joseph Joseph 85134 Surface Sink Caddy

Joseph Joseph 85134 Surface Sink Caddy

Do you want to hold all your dishwashing materials in a single well-designed option? Look no further than this sink caddy from Joseph Joseph. It’s made from stainless steel and can hold bottles, brushes, sponges, and scrubbers, and also has a small railing that can be used to dry wet dishcloths. 

Non-slip material at the bottom of this sink caddy means it won’t slip and slide on the counter, and the base is sloped so that any water will drain into the sink. The caddy's brushed stainless steel body prevents fingerprints and other smudges from showing up, and it can can be somewhat dismantled, making it easy to clean (note: hand wash only).

Best for Drainage: Kohler Chrome Kitchen Sink Utility Rack

Kohler Sink Caddy

This versatile sink caddy extends from the front to the back of your sink and has a small container as well as a chrome-plated steel rack. The manufacturer says it expands from 14-5/8-inches to 17-5/8-inches, fitting in most standard-sized sinks. 

There are lots of options when it comes to how you use this utility rack. You can rest sponges and scrubbing brushes on the rack—they’ll have air all around them to speed up the drying process, and any moisture will drip directly into the best possible spot: the sink. This rack can also be used to dry cups, dishes, or rinsed out bottles and cans that need to go out to the recycling bin. There’s a railing on the side to hold a dishcloth. 

There’s also a “soaking well” where you can soak utensils with caked-on food. If you want to kick up the functionality a notch, you can even small drainage holes in the bottom and used it for dish wands and sponges.

Best for Double Sinks: AllTopBargains Black Saddle Style Double Sink Caddy


This budget-friendly caddy sits on the ledge of a double sink and can hold two sponges or scrubbers. It’s made from plastic, and fits on the ledge between any standard double sink, according to the manufacturer. This simple caddy is perfect for keeping the sponge off the countertop and is easy to clean.

Best for Side of the Sink: Umbra Holster Sure-Lock Sponge Caddy in Charcoal


This Umbra sink caddy, made from plastic and stainless steel, has a minimal look. It holds a sponge and brush inside the sink, within easy reach. A stainless steel bar does double duty: it prevents the items in the caddy from falling out and is also a handy way to hang a wrung-out dishcloth to fully dry. 

There’s plenty of ventilation so that sponges and dish wands can dry quickly, as well as a vented bottom, which allows water to drain directly into the sink.

Best Adhesive: KINCMAX Adhesive Sink Organizer with Sponge Holder and Dish Cloth Hanger

KINCMAX Adhesive Sink Organizer with Sponge Holder and Dis

It’s important for a sink caddy to hold what you need. But it’s nearly as essential that it stay put—a caddy that endlessly slides down from the side of the sink to rest on the bottom of the sink is just going to be a source of frustration. 

This caddy comes with waterproof hooks that the manufacturer says are stronger than a suction cup. In fact, per the manufacturer, this caddy can hold up to 15 pounds (that’s one heavy scrubbing sponge!) for several years. Plus, the stainless steel is guaranteed not to rust. 

The design is small, but this caddy holds just about everything you need to wash dishes, pots, and pans: one sponge/scrubbing sponge, a dish brush, and a dishcloth. The simple metal design makes it easy for water to drain directly into the sink.

What to Look for in a Sink Caddy


Since you'll be storing wet items in your sink caddy, look for one that allows your dishwashing tools to air dry. Some sink caddies are ventilated with holes, while others contain drainage drays that allow excess water to drain into the sink. If you buy a sink caddy that doesn't have either, keep in mind you'll want to put your sponge or scrubber in it while it's dry and frequently wash the caddy.


Think through your dishwashing tools and what you want to store. Smaller caddies are best for corralling a sponge and a rag, while larger options may have enough space for scrubbers, dish wands, and even dish soap. Of course, more storage means a larger footprint, so consider how much counter or sink real estate you're willing to use.


Your sink caddy's material can play a role in its durability and how easy it is to clean. Stainless steel is great on both fronts—plus, it may match your kitchen aesthetic—but expect it to be a bit pricier than a basic plastic option.

  • How do you make sink caddy suction cups stick better?

    If you have an in-sink caddy, you've probably experienced it sliding down the inside of the sink. Luckily, there's a simple fix for that: dry off the suction cups and add a bit of petroleum jelly before adhering it to the sink. If that doesn't work, it may be best to get a new one (or stick with a counter-style sink caddy).

  • How do you apply a caddy to a sink?

    Sink caddies with suction cups are a great way to save valuable space on your counters—and they're easy to install, too!. It's easiest if you start with an empty, clean, and dry sink. Simply choose an area of your sink, then firmly press the caddy's suction cups up against the surface.

  • How do you clean a sink caddy?

    It's a good idea to clean your sink caddy regularly to avoid mold, mildew, and hard water buildup. Luckily, cleaning and de-germing yours is easy—and all your supplies are nearby. After emptying and rinsing the sink caddy, use warm, soapy water and a clean sponge or rag to clean it. To go the extra mile, stave off bacteria (and cut through lingering smells) with a solution of equal parts tap water and white vinegar.

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