The 8 Best Skateboards of 2021

Boards for all ages to enjoy

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Our Top Picks
"This board can handle wear-and-tear, works for any skill level and allows for responsive turning and easy landings."
"With high quality parts at a good price, this board is good for beginners who are learning how to balance."
"This board is great for improving balance and speed, and for trying out stunts as you gain more experience."
Best Longboard:
Atom Drop Through at Amazon
"This longboard has an ultra-low deck for maximum stability, making it great for cruising and carving on streets and hills."
"Good for testing out tricks like pivots, mannies, ollies or flips, this bamboo board is also great for everyday commuting."
"This complete board provides a smooth, stable ride for kids just starting out and comes in a variety of styles."
Best Electric:
Boosted Mini X at Amazon
"The compact size on this electric skateboard makes it convenient to bring anywhere, and operates for up to 14 miles at top speed."
"Made of a 7-layer Canadian ply maplewood, this board can handle tricks from beginners to pros and can withstand a harsh landing."

Today, every component of a skateboard can be customized from the deck to the trucks to the bearings, wheels, and even tape. We tracked down the best boards depending on your level of skill, the ride you want, and the surroundings where you live—hills or flat? 

Here, the best skateboards for every age and skill level.

Best Overall: Minority 32-inch Maple Skateboard

Minority Maple Skateboard

Minority Skateboards is one of the most popular skate brands on the market for good reason. They’re known for creating boards with top-notch engineering, construction, and materials that can stand up to most wear-and-tear and work for any skill level. At 32-inches long and 8-inches wide, this deck is made of 7-ply hardrock maple wood that is cold-pressed for a sturdy design and can hold up to 220 pounds.

This board comes with ABEC-9 bearings made of chrome steel, and 52-millimeter, 102A-hardness, polyurethane wheels that can reach top speed with only three power paddles. Its 5-inch aluminum trucks with PU brushings give you a lightweight base for your board that allows responsive turning and easy landings. Each board comes with a customized, one-of-a-kind design using advanced printing technology so it won’t fade.

Best Budget: KROWNE ROOKIE Skateboard Complete 7.5"

Known Rookie

The brand Krown Skateboards was created because of the major price discrepancy between big-box retail boards made with low-quality materials and the professional-grade with custom details but that came with a much higher price point. Krown’s skateboards offer the best of both worlds and have been in the industry for over 20 years. Their Rookie Complete 7.5 board sources the best parts at the best price making it the ideal option for anyone new to skateboarding who doesn’t want to invest an arm and a leg. This board has a narrower, lightweight deck at 7.5-inches wide by 31.5-inches long so it has ample space for beginner riders learning how to balance on the board. It comes with 5-inch aluminum trucks for a durable grinding surface, as well as 52-millimeter 992A wheels, ABEC-7 bearings, and mounting hardware for a smoother ride and sturdier feel.

Best for Beginners: Hikole 31-Inch Complete Skateboard

Hikole Skateboard

Hikole Skateboards has been in the business for over 20 years and specializes in beginner and intermediate boards. The 31-inch long by 8-inch wide double deck comes in a classic shape that’s perfect for newbies because it helps improve balance and maneuver corners with precision and speed. It’s a board that can bear up to 220 pounds so it works for adults and kids and can grow with the rider, making it a long-term board that’s capable of lasting beyond a beginner level.

The board comes with high-quality 50-millimeter 85A wheels so it glides easily on sidewalks, playgrounds, pools, and even rough terrain. It has ABEC-7 precision bearings so it’s easy to control if you’re just starting out and learning to balance. It’s also good for testing out stunts as you get better.

Best Longboard: Atom Drop Through 41 Inch

Atom Drop Through

There are actually four styles of longboards, each is tailored to the kind of ride you’re looking for, and what the landscape is around you (hills or flat); cruising, downhill, freeride, or freestyle. Each option should be considered, but in general, most riders opt for a longboard because it’s best for cruising and carving. Atom Drop’s 41-Inch Longboard has an ultra-low deck for maximum stability so you can cruise and carve on well-paved streets and hills. It’s also easy to push making it great for long distances and commuting and can withstand up to 250 pounds. The unique perimeter provides 9.6-inches of leverage, eliminating wheel bite so every turn is easy. It’s a little pricey but that accounts for the full maple laminate deck, reverse KingPin trucks with 245-millimeter axles, and a 12-month warranty which make this buy well worth it.

Best Cruiser: Magneto Mini Cruiser

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Similar to longboards, cruiser boards are thinner, lighter, and smaller than longboards, and generally identified by the types of wheels they have. Cruisers give the skater the ability to move at higher speed with more control over curves and turns. Magneto’s Mini Cruiser is perfect for everyday commuters, kids, and adults, as well as those who want to test out tricks.

This bamboo board has a sand-grit finish and double kicktails for doing tricks like pivots, mannies, ollies, and flips. The length and width of the deck are 27.5 inches and 7.5 inches, respectively, while the wheelbase is 18.5 inches. The wheels are 60 x 51 mm and made from quality SHR PU material. Because the deck is rigid and small, this cruiser is not ideal for those entirely new to skateboarding. This board comes at a slightly higher price point than other options on our list, but it has top-notch craftsmanship and a thoughtful design.

Best for Kids: RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

Rimable Complete Skateboard

Rimable’s 22-Inch skateboard has a deck that’s 22-inches long and 6.5-inches wide so it’s great for kids over 3 feet 4 inches up to 198 pounds and ideal for ages 8-12 but reviewers say it’s great for nearly any age—one reviewer purchased for a child as young as 3 years old. This model is technically a cruiser, so it’s not a traditional skateboard, but it provides kids with a smoother, more manageable ride—especially for those that are just starting out. This board comes ready-to-go with deck, wheels, and trucks. The PU wheels run smooth with high-speed bearings and the trucks are coated in 3-inch thick aluminum for solid stability. It comes in a variety of designs suitable for boys and girls at a price that’s very reasonable. It’s the perfect option for kids just starting out, but it’s not great for tricks so intermediate levels will want something that can go for higher speeds.

Best Electric: Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

Boosted Mini X

The quality of an electric skateboard is more than just how far and how fast it can go, it really comes down to the quality of the wheels. Cheap wheels can reduce your mileage and disintegrate and are ultimately dangerous in the long-run. We like the Boosted Mini X electric skateboard for multiple reasons, including the wheels. It’s wheel’s have a flex profile that’s soft enough to handle any road imperfections, yet firm enough to provide all the grip riders need most. Additionally, its compact size makes it convenient to bring anywhere and delivers the same powerful acceleration and smooth, secure braking that you get from Boosted’s full-size model.

This lightweight board features a 29.5-inch long by 11-inch wide custom-designed Deep Dish composite deck made of poplar core and wrapped in fiberglass for a smooth, refined ride and its 1000W motor easily climbs hills as steep as 20%. For full-charge, the Mini X takes about 1-hour and 45-minutes and operates for up to 14 miles of range at top speeds of 18-20 mph. Boost Mini X is iOS and Android compatible.

Best for Tricks: Puente Complete 31-Inch Pro Skateboard

Puente Complete

When it comes to performing tricks it’s all about wheels. Generally, the smaller the wheels, the better the performance. They’re more responsive, offer faster acceleration, and, the less mass you have, the easier it is to flip and pop the board. So, if performing tricks the aim, you want wheels that are at least 52-millimeters. We like Puente’s Complete 31-Inch Pro Skateboard. It’s great for both pros and beginners and comes in a variety of colors and graphics to customize your board to your liking.

The deck is made of a 7-layer Canadian ply maplewood and can hold up to 440 pounds of weight so it can bear harsh landings easily. It also comes with super-smooth 53-millimeter anti-shock 90A PU wheels with ABEC-7 precision high-speed bearings. The length of the board is covered in grip tape for optimal stability and control.

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