The 4 Best Skateboards to Buy of 2019

Top-picks for beginners

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If you're in the market for a skateboard for your child, there are some general points to keep in mind: A complete skateboard is one that comes fully built, size doesn't matter, and as with all things you buy, you get what you pay for. Conventional wisdom says to go with a good-quality board that will last longer and is safer. Here are some good choices to check out.

There are three types of skateboards: classic, retro, and snake. Classic boards are the most common and what you generally find when you go shopping. Retro boards are longer and have larger wheels. They are great for skating long distances but inferior to classic boards for doing tricks. A snake board is not appropriate for kids since it requires intensive balance and has only one wheel.

Boards have three parts: decks, trucks, and wheels. The deck is the top part you stand on, the trucks are the metal parts that attach the wheels to the board, and the wheels, yes, you know what those are.

Last, you want your kids to be safe. They should skate only with a helmet and knee, elbow, and wrist guards. If you want to go all out, add special skateboarding shoes to the list.

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    SkateXS Complete Skateboards

    10 year old child physical development - girl on skateboard
    Ten-year-old children have developed more finely-tuned motor control and coordination. dsafanda/Getty Images

    SkateXS makes high-grade skateboards for kids ages 5 to 10. While some of the other brands listed here make smaller, kid-size boards, SkateXS does the same but with the high-quality pro-grade parts. When you buy a SkateXS complete skateboard, you get real, high-quality trucks, wheels, and bearings.

    The SkateXS deck is made from bamboo, which isn't usual; most skateboard decks are made from maple. This makes the decks lighter and gives them more pop. Bamboo is the perfect choice for younger, lighter skaters.

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    World Industries Complete Skateboards

    The World Industries logo used to be the marker of a diehard skater, but recently it's gotten into the children's skateboard market too. Because of the brand's long history and trusted reputation in the skateboard community at large, the boards are generally good quality. However, remember that the brand usually caters to hardcore skaters; some parents may not approve of some of the brand's imagery. 

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    Termite Complete Skateboards

    Termite is focused on making skateboards for children and beginners, along with pads and other gear for kids. Termite's graphics feature family-friendly cartoon bugs. They also sell "value packs," which include a complete skateboard, pads, and helmet.

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    Positiv Complete Skateboards

    The Positiv Skateboard team's mission is to make high-quality skateboards available to skaters of all levels, especially those who are looking for a great value on their first skateboard. Positiv skateboards are designed and manufactured by Skate One, a company with decades of experience in building top quality skateboards.