The 8 Best Sleds to Buy in 2018

Take your snow day to the next level

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Sledding is an essential wintertime activity in snowy regions! All you need is a fresh coat of snow, a hill, and a great sled for an afternoon full of fun and laughter. It’s the perfect activity for kids and adults alike.

If you’re in the market for a new sled, there are a lot of great options to choose from. Snow sleds come in a variety of different materials, such as wood and plastic, as well as in different shapes and sizes. Some sleds are built for speed, while others are designed to accommodate multiple people. However, they’re all engineered for maximum fun! Here are the best sleds on the market today. 


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    Best Wooden: 48" Flexible Flyer Sled

    Chances are you had an old-fashioned wooden sled when you were a kid, and you can get the same style today with the Flexible Flyer Sled! While more expensive than plastic models, these wooden snow sleds are high-quality, durable and sure to provide hours of fun for your whole family.

    This 48” Flexible Flyer Sled has a wooden seat and metal runners, and you can control your path with the flexible steering bar as you zip down hills. This sled is recommended for children 5 and up, but it’s durable enough to accommodate adults, as well! The sled doesn’t come with a rope for pulling, but there are pre-drilled holes where you can easily attach your own handle.

    Reviewers love the nostalgia of the Flexible Flyer Sled, writing that it’s high quality and could even be passed on to future generations. This particular model is only big enough for one adult or two smaller children, so you may want to look into a size up if you plan to be sledding in tandem.

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    Best Plastic: Lucky Bums 25" Diameter Plastic Saucer Sled

    If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly plastic sled, the Lucky Bums Plastic Saucer Sled is a highly-rated option that comes in a variety of fun colors. The 25” saucers are the perfect size for children, but reviewers note that these sleds only perform well in certain types of snow.

    The Lucky Bums sled is a simple saucer design with two built-in handles, and it comes in six fun colors that are sure to please your kids. The durable design is only meant for one person at a time, and some reviewers note that the saucer is a bit small for large adults. Because the sled is made from lightweight plastic, it’s easy to carry back up the hill after a great run.

    While most reviewers love this sled’s affordable price and performance, a few people note that it doesn’t work particularly well in light, powdery snow. The Lucky Bums Sled does best on more crusty snow, so keep that in mind depending on where you live.

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    Best Tube: A-DUDU Snow Tube

    Snow tubes are another popular option for sledding, and the A-DUDU Snow Tube is a great option for both children and adults. This 47” tube is designed to withstand cold weather, and it can be inflated quickly and easily with a hairdryer.

    The A-DUDU Snow Tube is made of PVC material, and it has an ultra-thick bottom to increase its durability on the slopes. The tube is 47” across with a 12” inner circle, and it can carry up to 500 pounds, making it suitable for children and adults. It features a large valve, allowing you to use a hairdryer to blow it up in less than a minute, and it’s easy to deflate, as well.

    Reviewers like that this snow tube is made from a thick, durable material and that it comes with a carrying case. Many say it’s bigger than anticipated, making it comfortable for sledders of all ages. Plus, you can’t beat the reasonable price!

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    Best for Toddlers: Paricon Toddler Boggan Sleds

    First time playing in the snow with your little one? Then you need the Paricon Toddler Boggan Sled, a child-sized snow sled that lets you tow toddlers around in the winter. This top-rated toddler sled is incredibly affordable, and reviewers have tons of positive things to say about the product.

    The Paricon Toddler Boggan Sled is designed for children ages 18 months to 4 years. It features a high back and safety strap to keep little ones in place as they ride around, and there’s an attached rope that lets you tow riders through the snow. You can also use this sled to send older children down small hills with little risk of tipping over.

    Reviewers say this is a great first sled for toddlers, as it keeps them securely strapped in and doesn’t tip over. Some users note that they swapped in a longer rope to make pulling easier, but overall, it’s a wallet-friendly investment for families with young children.

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    Best for Kids: Zipfy Two Tone Series and Freestyle Luge Snow Sled

    Children of all ages will absolutely love the Zipfy Two Tone Series and Freestyle Luge Snow Sled. This unique product doesn’t look like other sleds, but users say it works so much better and provides endless fun on snowy hills.

    The Zipfy Two Tone Series Sled can be used by riders ages 6 and up, and it can safely carry up to 250 pounds. It’s easy to steer and stop, making it safer than saucer-type sleds, and it’s lightweight, which makes carrying it back up the hill less of a chore. The Zipfy sled comes in a variety of colors, so you can get unique styles for the whole family.

    Reviewers say this cool product is “much better than ordinary sleds,” as it doesn’t tip over and is light enough to carry up hills. The Zipfy sled is incredibly durable, lasting for years, and users say it’s great for children of all ages. However, it’s worth noting that this sled isn’t designed for speed, so if you’re looking for an exhilarating ride, this might not be the best option for you.

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    Best for Adults: Emsco ESP Series Snow Cruiser Two-Rider Toboggan Sled

    Courtesy of Home Depot

    Why should kids get to have all the fun? If you want to hit the slopes for some sledding, you should check out the Emsco ESP Series Snow Cruiser Two-Rider Toboggan Sled. This oversized sled is great for accommodating adults or multiple riders, and it comes at an unbeatable price.

    The Emsco ESP Series Snow Cruiser is 48.5” long, making it a comfortable sled for adults. The plastic sled has molded tracking rails on the bottom for a straight, safe ride, as well as built-in hand grips. There’s a handle that allows you to carry the lightweight sled back up hills, but you can also choose to attach a rope ​to the sled’s pre-drilled holes.

    Reviewers note that this sled is a lot of fun for kids and adults, but it’s not the easiest to control since it doesn’t have a steering mechanism. Overall, the Emsco ESP Series Snow Cruiser Two-Rider Toboggan Sled is a big, sturdy sled that will allow adults to get in on the fun on snow sledding.

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    Best for Speed: Yukon Charlies Hammerhead Pro XLD Sled

    If you have the need for speed, the best sled for you is the Yukon Charlies Hammerhead Pro XLD Sled. This snow sled isn’t cheap, but it delivers big in terms of fast, exhilarating rides.

    The Yukon Charlies Hammerhead Pro XLD Sled has a lightweight aluminum frame and polycarbonate front skis that are designed to fly over snow. There’s a stainless steel steering bar with rubber handle grips, as well as a carry strap so you can easily transport it.

    Reviewers describe this sled as “the best thing ever,” thanks to its easy steering and lighting-fast speed. The Yukon Charlies Hammerhead Pro XLD Sled performs great on all types of snow, and several people note that it absorbs bumps more than traditional sleds, making for a smoother ride. Bottom line? If you’re willing to spend a little more on a high-quality sled, this one is the way to go.

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    Best Toboggan: Flexible Flyer 6' Wooden Toboggan

    Courtesy of Target

    Toboggan sleds are designed to carry several people at once, and if you want a long, sturdy toboggan for your family, you should look into the Flexible Flyer 6' Wooden Toboggan. This wooden sled is a whopping 6 feet long, making it ideal for multiple riders.

    This beautiful sled has a simple, elegant design. The wooden frame is curled up in the front so the sled can push through snow, and there are several crosswise slats to keep riders in place. The toboggan sled has a yellow pull rope, but note that the sled weighs over 10 pounds, so it’s one of the harder products to pull back up the hill.

    Reviewers note how beautifully constructed this sled is and that it’s incredibly sturdy. The wooden Flexible Flyer Toboggan is sure to be a hit with the whole family, and its durable nature ensures it will last for many years to come.