The 8 Best Slimes of 2021

A low-cost favorite for kids and adults alike

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A 3-pound container of moldable, stretchy, sticky slime.
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Makes a great gift for kids who love hands-on activities.
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Has a texture unlike any other and can be significantly less messy.
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This kit allows you to make two batches of slime that glows brightly after dark.
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Lets your kids make stretchy, gooey slime filled with glitter.
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Each set comes with eight different types of slime and putty.
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A therapeutic, glittery slime that’s great for kids and adults.
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Add fun styrofoam beads to your slime for a new, cool texture.
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If you're not interested in DIYing your slime at home with your child, a kit of pre-made slime can provide an afternoon of fun without too much measuring on your part. From premixed kits that are ready for stretching and squishing to more science-themed kits that inspire experimenting, these toys are perfect for kids who love the ooey-gooeyness of slime.

Here, the best slimes on the market today:

Best Overall: Cra-Z-Art Nickelodeon Tri-Color Slime Bucket Large


When it comes to slime, Nickelodeon is an expert. The Nickelodeon Tri-Color Slime Bucket is a 3-pound container of moldable, stretchy, sticky slime that will take you straight back to the 90's. Each bucket comes with three bright colors of slime in a well-designed three-part container to keep them from mixing. The easy-seal top keeps the slime from drying out, while a carrying handle allows for on-the-go fun. This slime is recommended for children over 6 years old—and for under $10 it's a great investment that will offer hours of fun.

This bucket gets high marks for consistency and color, and parents say their kids love that it’s just moldable enough to create fun designs. Though it won’t stain clothing, it will get into carpets and furniture, so make sure to keep play contained to safe areas. Also, some customers noted that this slime is wetter than other brands they've tried. All things considered, if you want a low-cost slime fix, you can’t go wrong with the Nickelodeon Tri-Color Slime Bucket.

Best Kit: Cra-Z-Art Nickelodeon Super Scented Glitter Slime Studio


Nickelodeon makes another appearance on our list with their Ultimate Slime Laboratory. Kids will love using this slime studio to create their own concoctions, and parents will love the affordable price. This kit comes complete with the slime maker, glue, stirring sticks, paint, glitter packs, and the "activator" that turns the glue into slime. The included instructions make this kit easy to use, although several parents said that kiddos might need some help when using the slime maker. Some customers also mentioned that while this slime maker works just fine, the plastic feels a bit cheap. But given the reasonable price point and how much kids love using this, the quality of the plastic is a small price to pay. This also makes a great gift for kids who love hands-on activities and don't mind getting their hands dirty (or slimy).

Best Fluffy: Meland Fluffy Slime

Fluffy slime has a texture unlike any other and can be significantly less messy, so your carpets and furniture will thank us. The Meland Fluffy Slime is a 6-ounce container of slime that comes with four colors which can be mixed together or kept separate. Similar to pizza dough in texture, Meland Slime is incredibly stretchy and more malleable than other slimes, so your kids can create fun sculptures and designs. It features a subtle, clean smell and doesn’t drip or slip out of the hands.

Reviewers say that playing with Meland Fluffy Slime is incredibly satisfying, with many saying it’s similar to a stress ball. Parents love that it’s fairly mess-free, while kids appreciate that it can be used to create fun mini sculptures.

Best Glow in the Dark: Elmer's Glow-in-The-Dark Slime Kit

Elmer's Glow-in-The-Dark Slime Kit allows your kids to make glow-in-the-dark slime so the fun doesn't stop when the sun goes down. This slime kit comes with a 5-ounce bottle of blue glow-in-the-dark glue, a 5-ounce bottle of natural glow-in-the-dark glue, and two bottles of “magical liquid” that turn the glue into slime. The slime itself is non-toxic and washable, and it takes just a few steps to make. If you have multiple children, this set will make two batches of slime, which is enough for a fun play session.

One of the biggest pros of the Elmer's Glow-in-The-Dark Slime Kit is that it actually glows. Many competitor brands don’t glow brightly, but reviewers say this slime set really emits a bright glow. Customers also love how easy it is to make and appreciate the simple cleanup.

Best with Glitter: Pinwheel Crafts Glitter Slime

Pinwheel Crafts Glitter Slime is a DIY kit that lets your kids make stretchy, gooey slime filled with glitter. Each kit comes with three bottles of glitter glue, slime containers, stirring sticks, and packets of slime activator to create your very own slime. It’s recommended for kids aged 8 months and up and is a great way to get your child interested in science (and away from the TV). The glitter slime is made by mixing the glue with the activator, and won’t dry out as long it's stored properly.

Parents love that Pinwheel Crafts Glitter Slime is a DIY kit that provides an added layer to slime play. Some reviews note that it requires a little extra kneading to avoid uber-stickiness, but once it’s ready it has a great consistency.

Best Multipack: National Geographic Mega Slime Kit & Putty Lab

National Geographic Mega Slime & Putty Lab is a next level slime set and includes everything your child needs to become a true slimespert. Each set comes with eight different types of slime and putty, including magnetic, bouncing, color-changing, and glow-in-the-dark putty, and fluffy, DIY, liquid, and snotty slime. The kit also comes with a 16-page guide, so your future scientist can learn even more about the chemistry behind the slime. Each type of slime comes with its own container so it won’t dry out after use.

One of the best things about the National Geographic Mega Slime & Putty Lab is that it provides so many types of slime that your kids will never tire of it. Reviewers say the various slimes and putties are unique and interesting and provide hours of fun. Because of the chemicals in some of the putties, this lab is recommended for kids over 8 with supervision.

Best for Adults: Arfun Magnetic Therapy Slime

Who says kids have to have all the fun? Arfun Magnetic Slime is a therapeutic, glittery slime that’s great for kids and adults. Each set comes with two containers of slime with a putty-like consistency, so it’s great for stress relief and fidgeting. This slime is also magnetic, which adds another element of fun. It’s recommended for children 4 years and older and contains a little over 5 ounces of product.

Reviewers of all ages love the Arfun slime, saying it’s highly therapeutic and helps both children and adults focus. Because the consistency is a little more pliable, it’s not as liquid or sticky as other slimes. Whether for a kid or a kid at heart, Arfun is a great stress-reducing slime that will occupy you for hours.

Best Sensory: Compound Kinds Yo Bucket Mix & Mash Pink Slime Bucket with Fun Styro Bead Elements

Compound Kinds Yo Bucket Mix & Mash Pink Slime Bucket

This bucket of slime comes with the option to add in as many colorful styrofoam balls as you would like to add a fun texture to your slime. Your child can mix and match pink, blue, purple, or multicolored balls into blue or teal slime to make things more personalized.

The big bucket means that this slime will last you a while when used little by little, so you don't have to worry about this being a toy that only lasts one afternoon. Each bucket comes with 2 pounds of slime.

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