The 9 Best Slippers to Buy in 2017

Keep your feet cozy around the house with the best slippers available now

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Slipping your feet into a cozy pair of house shoes is one of life’s best luxuries. While personal preference dictates the perfect pair of slippers for each person there are a couple of gold standards. It’s safe to say that the majority of us want something soft and comfortable that won’t leave our toes feeling too hot or too cold.

There are tons of different types of slippers available from shearling ones that keep your feet toasty warm to ones that have thick rubber soles and can be worn...MORE outside. If you’re not sure where to start looking, we have you covered. Here are seven of the best-selling and highest rated slipper sets available now.

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    This product has many of the key components people look for in a good pair of slippers — most importantly, comfort. It has molded arch support that helps with the fit and alignment of the foot. It’s also designed to keep your feet the right temperature no matter what environment you’re in, and it will absorb moisture to help keep them dry, too. Rubber soles on the bottom make these slippers great to use inside or outdoors. One reviewer said they’ve gone on the front porch in the snow and the...MORE shoes provided the right amount of traction.

    The majority of customers would recommend these, with some saying they won’t buy any other brand in the future. Many have praised the shoes for saving their feet. One customer with plantar fasciitis said the shoes cured their aching feet. While most say the fit and comfort level is great with these, some have warned that they have gotten holes in the toe area.

    In terms of care, consumers have said they’ve had success with running these slippers through the washing machine and letting them air dry overnight. Made for both men and women, these slippers come in an assortment of colors including gray, red, and black.

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    If you’re looking for major warmth in a slipper, a shearling pair is the obvious choice. This suede women’s pair is lined with real fur and also features an updated cork infused rubber outsole that provides durability and allows you to wear them both inside and outside. They’re so warm you can wear them without socks in the cold and still have cozy feet. But they’re not so hot that they’ll make your feet sweat. 

    Customers have raved about the comfort, with some describing them as pillows for your...MORE feet. They do run small, especially since there’s thick lining, so you might want to go up a size (or even two). Some customers have warned that there’s not a lot of arch support, but the overall consensus is that they’re very comfortable, especially for lounging around the house. In addition to this pair for women, they have a similar pair for men. Both the women's and men's slippers are available in a range of colors.

    To clean, the company recommends using a special UGG branded cleaner and conditioner that you can purchase at shoe stores or online.

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    These stylish and comfortable slippers are made from suede and are lined with faux fur for a cozy feel. The footbed is made from cushioning memory foam. And you’ll have your choice of five different colors to choose from: rootbeer, tan, black, charcoal grey, and navy. The benefit of moccasins is that they feel a bit more like shoes for those who prefer to always have something on their feet.

    Customers have been mostly satisfied with the overall quality of these shoes. One said they’re a great...MORE investment especially for people who live in cold places and have hardwood floors, meaning they’re warm and cozy—without making your feet sweat. Others have warned that they’re really narrow, so you might want to avoid if you have a wide foot. There have also been customers that have found problems with stitching and durability of the material after extended use. But the majority of users were pleased with the product.

    This pair is sized for men, and there is a similar pair available for women. although there is a similar pair for women, which comes in 11 different colors.

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    With a higher prices comes even more quality, so if you are willing to spend a little more, consider a pair like this one from UGG Australia. On the outside you’ll find water-resistant suede and a rubber outsole which makes it okay to wear this slipper both inside and out. The interior has a cozy lining that’s made to keep your feet warm without overheating. And to fit everyone’s fashion sense, this slipper is available in 15 different colors.

    Customers have praised the slippers for their comfort...MORE and style. Some have also raved about how well-made and durable they are. Note that the sizes run small, so you might want to order one size bigger than your normal shoe size. Others have also warned that they require some “breaking in.” But if you’re looking for a high quality product, this is a good option. While this particular pair is sized for women, you can find a similar pair for men, which is available in 21 color combinations.

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    Shopping for little feet? This is a great pair of slippers for kids. Besides the bright colors and designs—it comes in “Leaping Lizard,” “Fat Cat Pink,” and “Buff Popcorn,” among others—these are also really comfortable according to customers who have purchased them for their children. On the outside, there’s warm, fuzzy polyester, and on the inside, they are lined with microfleece that brings warmth on cold days while soaking up any moisture from skin.

    Customers have praised the no-skid soles,...MORE and the fact that they are durable. Some have warned that they run small, so you might want to order a size up

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    Sometimes you just need to go outside and water your plants, pick up the mail, or take in the sunset from the back porch. If you need a pair of slippers that will work for short jaunts outside just as well as they do inside, look for one with rubber soles.

    This pair from Tarmac is great because not only can you wear them outside, but they’re also super comfortable. They have a genuine shearling lining and a memory foam footbed for extra cushioning. The open back also makes them easy to slip on.

    Cus...MOREtomers have praised the comfort and warmth of these slippers, although some have warned that the stitching can fray and come undone. The majority of users would recommend it though. This version is sized for men, but there is a similar one for women. Both the men’s and women’s slippers come in a range of colors.

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    For a bargain price, these memory foam slippers take the cake. Made of three layers of memory foam this pair feels luxurious each time you slip them on. Available in four different colorways and all sizes this will be your new favorite pair to wear around the house. users love them because they are comfortable and warm for a great price, though they note to size up. Did we mention they're machine washable too? 

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    These look so good they could pass for a shoe. With over 1,300 Amazon reviews you know this is a smart pick. Lined with faux chinchilla fur, this collar slipper ups your at home attire game with its sophisticated style. Available in stone, black or crackleberry you're sure to find the right match for you. 

    This pair has a rubber sole so you can wear it outside if needed. It also is lined with memory foam and has an arch so they will stay comfortable if you wear them all day (no judging!). 

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    Sometimes an actual slipper might feel too cumbersome on your feet at home — that's when a slipper sock might be a smart option for you. This pair has over 1,600 glowing reviews from people who love them for their versatility and ease for throwing in your suitcase for travel.

    They aren't socks because they do have a foam lining on the bottom but nothing super substantial. Since they don't have a rubber sole, reviewers note that they can wear out over time, especially if you wear them...MORE outside (not recommended). ​

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