The 8 Best Small Bathtubs of 2021

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Best Small Bathtubs

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A small bathtub typically measures less than 60 inches, but can still deliver plenty of room for sudsy fun or soothing soak sessions. The style of tub you choose, along with the depth of the tub, will be the biggest factors to consider as you begin shopping.

Fortunately, you'll find plenty of options—including drop-in, soaker, and freestanding versions that add function and style to your space. In addition, specialty-style small tubs are available, such as walk-in versions that prioritize safety and accessibility or jetted tubs that will give you an adjustable aqua massage.

Here, the best small bathtubs that you can find.

Our Top Picks
An alcove-style small bathtub that elevates bathing with it’s generous 17.5 inches of soaking depth in a compact 48 inch long tub.
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Slip into this small bathtub with nearly 18 inches of soaking depth for a soothing spa night any day of the week.
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Lightweight and easy to clean, this 54 inch model is an affordable tub when you have tight budget and space requirements.
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This compact whirlpool tub is big on relaxation, thanks to the 8 directional water jets to massage away stress and strain.
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With a small footprint, this freestanding bathtub is a relaxing spot to end the day and gives a spa-like feel to any bathroom.
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This small walk-in bathtub stands out for its features, including a power-assisted drain and 13 directional water jets.
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A classy look for your bathroom, this small claw-footed bathtub is 16.75 deep for major relaxation with style.
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A lightweight, acrylic option, this model is compact while still giving you 3 feet to sit and soak after a day spent traveling.
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Best Overall: Fine Fixtures Drop-In Soaking Bathtub

Fine Fixtures

Featuring a drop-in style tub that can be used in a platform or built into an alcove for an upgraded bathroom look, this small bathtub from Fine Fixtures makes the most of its 48-inch length. It features a deep basin with 17.75 inches of room for soaking and an inclined back for comfort and a relaxing soak.

With a 51.78 gallon capacity, this tub is ideal for unwinding after a long day or bathing the kids. Constructed of easy-to-clean acrylic, but reinforced with fiberglass, this small bathtub is a big buy for any bathroom in your home. 

Best Soaker: Kohler K-1490 Greek 48" x 32" Drop-in Soaking Bathtub


It may be a small bathtub at just 48 inches long, but this one-person soaker tub is worth the splurge for its comfortable features and versatile installation. Constructed of low-maintenance acrylic that retains its smooth, bright finish, this model from bath fixture manufacturer Kohler checks all the boxes for comfort and relaxation.

This small bathtub is 23.4 inches deep, measuring from the brim—giving you 17.9 inches of water depth; it also includes an overflow drain for peace of mind. Drain placement for the tub is reversible, and it can be used as a drop-in tub for platform installation or tucked into an alcove. Styled like a Japanese soaker, this high-end bathtub delivers on its mission for a relaxing spot to rest and refresh. 

Best Budget: Kingston Brass Aqua Eden 54-Inch Acrylic Alcove Tub

Kingston Brass Aqua Eden 54-Inch Acrylic Alcove Tub

Soak up the savings with an affordable small bathtub, like this 54 inch model from Kingston Brass. An alcove bathtub designed for standard bath-and-shower set-ups, this tub is constructed of low-maintenance acrylic.

The upside to acrylic tubs is that they’re easy to clean and also weigh considerably less than cast iron versions; this small bathtub is only 73 pounds, making it simple to position and install. One thing to watch out for with budget bathtubs made of acrylic, however, is the tendency of the finish to scratch. It's typically best to use non-abrasive cleaners. You can generally expect a 15-year lifespan from an acrylic tub, which makes this budget buy a good investment for the cost. 

Best Whirlpool: American Standard EverClean 60 in. Jetted Whirlpool Bathtub

American Standard EverClean 60 in. Jetted Whirlpool Bathtub

Opting for a small bathtub doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice features, like a jetted tub for the ultimate way to soothe tired muscles. This 60 inch model from American Standard is constructed of acrylic and reinforced with fiberglass for strength and durability.

The noteworthy feature is the 8 directional water jets, which are unique for their antimicrobial coating (made with silver-ion) to discourage the growth of mold, mildew, and fungus. While regular cleaning and maintenance of any tub are important—and especially one with water jets—this innovation will assist you in keeping your tub in tip-top shape. This drop-in small bathtub includes molded armrests and lumbar support to help you make the most of your soaking experience and find the most comfortable position as the jets work to relieve tension and stress.

Best Freestanding: Vanity Art VA6834-S 55" Freestanding Soaking Bathtub

Vanity Art VA6834-S 55" Freestanding Soaking Bathtub

If you’re looking for a freestanding small bathtub that offers both elegance and plenty of placement options, consider this petite 55-inch soaking tub from Vanity Art. Model VA6834-S is an acrylic bathtub with 15 inches of soaking depth and 42.9 inches of seating inside the 55-inch footprint.

The slope of the tub is about 120 degrees, providing a comfortable angle for reclining and soothing tired muscles. This freestanding tub allows you to create a spa-like retreat and includes the drain assembly and overflow drain for seamless installation. 

Best Walk-In: Universal Tubs HD Series 46 in. Walk-In Whirlpool Bath Tub

Universal Tubs HD Series 46 in. Walk-In Whirlpool Bath Tub

For a small bathtub that is big on accessibility and comfort, consider this walk-in model from Universal Tubs. Available in both 46 inch and 52.5-inch versions, the HD Series of walk-in bathtubs is equipped with ADA-compliant seating, textured, slip-resistant flooring, and a 60-inch handheld showerhead.

While this small bathtub is big on functional features, it also delivers soothing comfort with 13 adjustable whirlpool water jets. In addition, a power-assisted drain mechanism ensures that the water exits the tub quickly, making it faster and safer to exit the tub. 

Best Claw-Footed: Kingston Brass Aqua Eden 53-inch Clawfoot Tub

Kingston Brass Aqua Eden 53-inch Clawfoot Tub

For the iconic look of a claw-footed bathtub in a small space, check out this 53-inch long model from Kingston Brass. The Aqua Eden Soaking Tub is a claw-footed small bathtub constructed of durable (and heavy) cast iron, finished with porcelain enamel. While this tub will require gentle care and cleaning to prevent scratching its smooth, shiny finish, the structural durability of cast iron tubs is hard to beat.

Fill the tub with up to 45 gallons of water for a deep, relaxing soak; this small bathtub boasts an impressive 16.75 inches of soaking depth. You can elect for chrome, bronze, or brushed nickel feet when ordering this small bathtub. You’ll also want to keep in mind that this claw-footed tub will need a freestanding faucet and drain assembly to complete the set-up. 

Best for RVs: Better Bath Lippert 209392 Bath Tub

Better Bath Lippert 209392 Bath Tub

It goes without saying that a small bathtub is the only bathtub for an RV. Small spaces and a need to keep weight to a minimum rule out standard size tubs. However, you can still enjoy a bath on the road, thanks to this lightweight and compact bathtub from Lippert.

The Better Bath RV tub measures 24 x 36 inches and is constructed of durable ABS acrylic. The total depth is 11.5 inches, giving you about 10 inches of soaking room. While it’s not as luxurious as your at-home bathtub, this version gives you a practical way to enjoy a small bathtub in your RV or tiny house. 

What to Look for in a Small Tub


First, you’ll want to measure the space where your new bathtub will go. In addition to measuring the length and width of your designated space, be sure to get an idea of how deep you want your tub to be. These measurements will help you narrow down options to find the best small tub for your home.


You’ll also need to consider how your new tub will be installed. Do you have a built-in alcove where it will go and need a drop-in model, or do you have space for a standalone bathtub? The configuration and existing features of your bathroom will dictate what type of tub is best.

Special features

Even small bathtubs can come equipped with special features. Consider whether you want a tub with jets, or perhaps a walk-in tub that’s easier to get into and more accessible for older adults. Keep in mind that these features may drive up the price, though.

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