The 7 Best Small Tubs to Buy in 2018

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How do you fit a large bathtub into a small bathroom? Usually, the answer is you don’t. While having the extra space of a large tub is nice, it’s not always practical or even possible. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on the convenience and comfort a bathtub can give you. There are plenty of smaller options that come with the same features as their larger counterparts without the need to turn your master closet into a bathroom extension. 

Like other tub fixtures, small tubs come in many different varieties. The best place to start selecting the right tub for you is your budget. More expensive tubs will often come with convenience features like jets while more affordable options will give you everything you need for a good bath or shower. Size is another consideration. Even though small bathtubs are obviously small, they still come in many sizes ranging from 4.5’ wide all the way down to the footprint of an RV closet.

Whatever your budget and size preference, these next seven tubs are the top small space bathtubs to buy for your bathroom. 

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    Best Overall Small Tub: Kohler K-1490

    Courtesy of Wayfair

    The best small tub needs to be one that makes you think you are bathing in a normal tub. Even though it’s small, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a tighter, more confined experience. The Kohler K-1490 will make you forget about the size constraints with a cleverly proportioned profile. In other words, choose this small tub if you want to have a familiar bathing experience.

    This tub comes in a 48" x 32"footprint, perfect for smaller bathrooms that challenge more conventional tub sizes. The basin is deeper than typical tubs so you will roughly get the same amount of water in a smaller space. Installation is easy when done by a professional. The tub can be used as a drop-in or in a three wall alcove depending on the layout of your existing bathroom.

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    Best Budget Small Tub: Lyons Industries Elite

    Lyons Industries Elite 4.5 ft. Left Drain Soaking Tub in White
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    Finding the right tub under normal circumstances is never easy. When you are constrained by your budget, the task is even more difficult. Thankfully, a small tub can also mean a smaller price tag. The Lyons Industries Elite is one of the best small tubs that doesn’t skimp on all of the usual amenities you need in your bathing area.

    As a 4.5' long bathtub, the Elite makes up the size difference with a smart design that promotes ergonomic comfort while you bath. The tub shell is designed with built-in lumbar and arm supports to rest on while bathing. The acrylic surface is easy to clean and provides a non-slip barrier on the bottom to keep you upright as you enter or exit the tub.

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    Best Soaker Small Tub: Fine Fixtures Drop In

    Fine Fixtures
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    One area that isn’t too limited by space is up. A soaker tub usually can increase the volume you have to work with by making everything higher. In a small tub area, this extra height can make the whole experience feel more normal since you are more immersed in the water. To maximize this feeling, the Fine Fixtures Drop In tub is a great choice to consider.

    If you want to enjoy that feeling of pure relaxation while submerged in the tub, this one will enhance the feeling with a built-in backrest and deep basin. The acrylic and fiberglass surface is also easy to clean and safe when moving around the tub if you choose to shower.

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    Best Jacuzzi Small Tub: Everclean Whirlpool

    If you thought that jacuzzi tubs are too big to even think about in your small bathroom, think again. Having the relaxing, massage experience a good jacuzzi tub is more than possible. You just need the right small tub with powerful jets to get the job done. For that task, the Everclean Whirlpool tub will take your bathing experience to the next level.

    Keep in mind that small whirlpool tubs are still slightly larger compared to normal options. In order to accommodate the powerful eight adjustable jets, this tub creeps on the fine line between small and normal-sized with five feet in length. This may make the profile more challenging for the smallest bathrooms, but will still work for spaces that can’t handle normal sized jet tubs. The form fitted design includes all the ergonomic rests you need to enjoy the full jetted experience.

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    Best Walk-in Small Tub: Safety Tubs 48in

    Safety Tubs Walk-In 48-in White Gelcoat/Fiberglass Walk-In Bathtub with Left-Hand Drain
    Courtesy of Lowe's

    Walk-in tubs are a great choice for people who need some extra safety or just want more convenience while using the tub. These tubs can also maximize the bathing area in a small space by increasing the height in the same way as a soaker tub. The Safety Tubs 48" walk-in will keep the water contained where you need it while taking a bath.

    This tub maximizes the height you can use for a full immersive experience while bathing. 37" is more than enough for a deep soak in its otherwise small 48 x 28" footprint. A 17" high contoured seat is built into the tub shell so you can comfortably sit at a relaxing height in the water. A watertight door system also allows easy access to the tub without letting any water escape when the tub is full.

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    Best Small Tub for Traditional Styles: Aqua Eden Cast Iron

    Aqua Eden 4.4 ft. Cast Iron Oil Rubbed Bronze Claw Foot Petite Slipper Tub in White
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    Some people really like the looks of a classic, claw foot style tub. If you are one of these individuals, rest assured that a small space doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the interior in this classic style. The Aqua Eden Cast Iron is an elegant claw foot tub that will fit in smaller spaces. With this option, you will get the look and the size to complete your bathroom.

    The 4.4' basin is oval shaped which is perfect for virtually any space in a bathroom. The tub itself is a highly smooth porcelain for extra comfort and easy upkeep. Unlike drop-in or alcove options, you can place this tub along any wall/corner or as a freestanding unit. The location of the tub is only limited by the bathroom’s built-in plumbing and faucet. A freestanding or wall-mounted faucet is required.

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    Best RV/Camper Small Tub: Lippert 209392 Better Bath

    Bathing while out on the road or in nature isn’t always simple. If you don’t want to find a local stream or use campground showers, an RV tub can be a convenient feature to have. Unfortunately, space is always at a premium on most RVs. The Lippert 209392 Better Bath tub is the perfect solution if you want to install or upgrade the tub in your RV.

    The Better Bath comes in both 24 x 36" and 24 x 40" size options to fit a variety of RV models. While it doesn’t offer much in features and amenities, the tub is strong and tough. Using an ABS plastic, the tub will stand up to more abuse than normal bathroom fixtures. With the typical knocks and bumps a road trip can dish out, you will appreciate the extra build quality this tub provides.