The Best Smart Faucets for Your Modern Home

Our best overall pick is the Kohler Sensate with Kohler Konnect

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Kohler Sensate Smart Faucet


A smart faucet offers touchless, app, or voice control, making water usage and monitoring more convenient and an integrated part of a smart home. “Smart faucets like the ones we develop at Moen offer convenience, precision, and voice-activation technology to help more easily complete tasks in the kitchen without sacrificing style,” says Prantik Guha Biswas, Product Manager of Smart and Digital Kitchen at Moen.

To help you find the best options for your space, we consulted experts at leading kitchen fixture brands Moen and Kohler and researched and judged models on voice and app control, touch operation, ease of installation, and overall design.

Here are the best smart faucets to add to your home.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Kohler Sensate K-72218-WB Kitchen Faucet with Kohler Konnect

Kohler Sensate K-72218-WB Kitchen Faucet with Kohler Konnect


What We Like
  • Kohler Konnect smart functionality

  • Unique finish options including ombre colors

  • Reliable build quality

What We Don't Like
  • Pricey

  • No battery options

  • Minimal design may not fit all kitchen styles

We chose the Kohler Sensate K-72218-WB Kitchen Faucet with Kohler Konnect as the best smart faucet option because it sports an ultra-sleek, ultra-minimal design with a wide array of finishes that should fit into most kitchen styles and setups. This faucet comes in classic polished chrome and brushed nickel finishes, more dramatic matte black options, and two ombre-style finishes featuring a head-turning gradient that goes from rose gold to either titanium or nickel.

The built-in Kohler Konnect technology makes the smart functionality of this faucet pretty robust. You have several means of control, including touchless options courtesy of Kohler’s Response technology, and you can connect your faucet to the Kohler app for more in-depth settings. Voice control also works really well when connecting the faucet to your Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit devices, making it one of the most smart home-compatible faucets on the market. The smart functionality allows you to cue up a specific dispense amount, activate the faucet with your voice, and even monitor your water usage over time.

The impressive smart integrations mean this faucet comes at a price. It’s not the most expensive faucet on the market (though the price is markedly higher with the ombre finishes), but it certainly isn’t a budget offering. Its minimal design may also not be as eye-catching as some kitchens may command.

Another drawback is the AC power source. Unlike other smart faucet protocols, you can’t power this faucet via batteries, so if you don’t have an outlet under your sink, you’ll likely have to hire an electrician to help with the installation. However, on functionality and reliability alone, the Sensate is an impressive smart faucet for a modern kitchen.

Price at time of publish: $1,065

Material: Chrome, nickel, stainless steel | Finishes: 6 | Height: 15.6 inches | Power Source: AC outlet | Control Methods: Manual handle, touchless, app, voice

Best Budget

GIMILI Touchless Kitchen Faucet

GIMILI Touchless Kitchen Faucet


What We Like
  • Very affordable

  • Touchless with 3-minute automatic shutoff

  • Useful pull-down feature

What We Don't Like
  • No app-based smart functions

  • Not an established brand

  • Slightly cheaper build quality

If you want to save a little money, a touchless smart faucet like the GIMILI Touchless Kitchen Faucet could be an ideal option. While this model lacks the same functionality as more well-rounded smart faucets, it offers hands-free operation in addition to an exposed pull-down hose and two stream modes. Plus, the brushed nickel design gives it the look and feel of a commercial, higher-end kitchen fixture.

The infrared-activated touchless function lets you wave your hand in front to turn the faucet on. Even though the GIMILI doesn’t feature water-tracking capabilities or voice activation, it does have a three-minute automatic shutoff feature for a bit of added protection. The price is right, too, as the GIMILI comes in at a fraction of the cost of more mainstream models from Moen and Kohler.

You may encounter some build quality trade-offs even though the included ceramic cartridge has been tested for up to 500,000 on/off cycles. The brand also isn’t quite as established as bigger-name players. However, this faucet comes with a two-year warranty if issues arise.

Price at time of publish: $170

Material: Brass | Finishes: 6 | Height: 16 inches | Power Source: Batteries | Control Methods: Manual handle, touchless

Best Design

Moen 7185EVC Brantford Single Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Moen Brantford Pulldown Touchless Kitchen Faucet


What We Like
  • Smart features include custom presets

  • Beautiful, classic design

  • Tons of control options

What We Don't Like
  • Somewhat limited finishes

  • Not the cheapest fixture

Moen’s approach to smart faucets is to bring uniquely modern features to a fixture that otherwise looks like the typical high-end faucet. The Moen Brantford Single Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet follows suit with a versatile, classic look. Available in three finishes and featuring a farmhouse aesthetic, this faucet could be just as at home in a well-used kitchen as it is in a high-end space. While we love the premium polished chrome finish, you can also go for the oil-rubbed bronze for a more understated, dramatic look.

The Brantford brings a lot of features to your kitchen, including impressive voice activation via built-in Alexa and Google Assistant, plus touchless operation with an infrared sensor if you don’t want to involve any outside tech. You can also cue the faucet to dispense water at a precise temperature and measurement via Moen’s unique preset system that allows you to assign specific functions to specific commands in the app. This feature is handy for those who return time and again to certain recipes and want their smart faucet to do the measuring for them.

We would like to see some more finishes for more versatility at this price point. On the other hand, this attractive and capable faucet operates with six D-cell batteries, which means you won’t need a hard-wired outlet for installation.

Price at time of publish: $260

Material: Brass, chrome | Finishes: 3 | Height: 15.5 inches | Power Source: Batteries | Control Methods: Manual handle, touchless, app, voice

Best for Kitchens

Kohler Tone K-23766-WB Touchless Kitchen Faucet with Kohler Konnect

Kohler Tone K-23766-WB Touchless Kitchen Faucet with Kohler Konnect


What We Like
  • Smart technology from Kohler Konnect

  • Beautiful two-tone design options

  • Next-level build quality

What We Don't Like
  • Fairly expensive

  • Style may not fit some kitchens

  • Requires power outlet

Kohler offers a wide variety of kitchen faucets, and the Kohler Tone is an excellent choice for the modern kitchen because of its design and features. This model comes with Kohler Konnect technology, which allows for voice-controlled on/off mechanisms. Kohler Konnect also enables app notifications to ensure you know when your water is on or off or the flow reaches a certain threshold. You have ample control over various settings using the app, including having your faucet dispense certain amounts of water at certain temperatures with one simple command. Users can also take advantage of touchless control using Kohler’s LED-indicated Response technology that works reliably and with minimal delay.

But the look and feel of this faucet are really what makes it worth the splurge. On top of excellent smart control, homeowners have a choice of six finish options, including the handsome matte-black-and-metallic two-tone look that might bring a unique aesthetic to your kitchen space. The faucet incorporates Kohler’s corrosion-resistant materials and gives you instant pull-down functionality courtesy of the ProMotion and DockNetik technologies that ensure easy use and easy return.

The Kohler Tone is more expensive than many other Kohler faucets and requires power via an outlet under the sink. The style is also very specific, which may not fit some kitchens—especially if you go with the two-tone options. However, if you have the budget, this kitchen faucet is a compelling option.

Price at time of publish: $752

Material: Chrome, stainless steel, or brass | Finishes: 6 | Height: 17.2 inches | Power Source: Outlet | Control Methods: Manual handle, touchless, app, voice

Best for Bathrooms

Delta Tesla Bathroom Faucet with Touch2O.xt

Delta Tesla Bathroom Faucet with Touch2O.xt


What We Like
  • Excellent touch controls

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Impressive, low-leak technology

What We Don't Like
  • Pretty expensive

  • Design isn’t very versatile

  • No app-based controls

You will typically find smart faucets in higher-use spaces like the kitchen, but some models offer a few functions that make sense for the bathroom. The Delta Tesla Bathroom Faucet with Touch 2O.xt is a gorgeous, futuristic faucet that brings just enough smart functionality without overdoing it.

While this model lacks app control, Delta’s impressive Touch2O.xt technology is the brand’s gold standard for handle-free operation. You can touch the faucet anywhere to activate the flow of water as you’d expect, but thanks to an innovative full-fixture capacitance field, you can tap anywhere around the faucet as well, which takes out the guesswork when activating the hands-free flow.

Delta also brings its DIAMOND Seal Technology to deliver with virtually no leaks. Delta guarantees this performance for life with its celebrated warranty. The faucet’s design is very unique, with a toggle-style handle, but it may not fit into every bathroom. It’s also fairly pricey for a bathroom fixture, largely due to the high-end, high-polish finishes.

Price at time of publish: $524

Material: Chrome, nickel, stainless steel | Finishes: 3 | Height: 8.9 inches | Power Source: Batteries | Control Methods: Manual handle, touch

Best Pull-Down

Moen Moen 7565EVC Align Single Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Moen 7565EVC Align Smart Touchless Pull Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet


What We Like
  • Easy pull-down with powerful spray

  • Smart controls with voice options

  • Quantity and temperature customization

What We Don't Like
  • A bit pricey

  • Basic design

One of the most crucial features of a kitchen sink is the ability to pull down the main faucet to clean dishes and keep your sink clean, and the Moen Align Single Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet offers one of the most stylish ways to set up your smart kitchen for just this purpose. The faucet features a 68-inch hose with plenty of reach. Thanks to the powerful cleaning rinse and boosted rinse options, in addition to the traditional aerated stream, you can enjoy a degree of customization while rinsing food and grime off your dishes.

The Align includes a wave sensor that allows you to move your hand in front of the faucet for touchless activation. It also includes Moen’s voice-activated capabilities with support for Alexa and Google Assistant. With the help of your preferred voice assistant or the companion app, you can assign a specific water temperature and measurements for routine tasks like filling pots or bottles. As with the rest of Moen’s smart faucets, you can run the whole system with D-cell batteries, eliminating the need for a dedicated outlet.

The design itself is a little bit simple, so if you’re looking for something a bit more dramatic, this won’t be it. Though not astronomical, the price tag doesn’t feel quite as affordable as some other options. However, if hand-held pull-down functionality is your focus, the Align is a good bet.

Price at time of publish: $452

Material: Chrome or stainless steel | Finishes: 5 | Height: 15.7 inches | Power Source: Batteries | Control Methods: Manual handle, touchless, app, voice

Best Features

Moen Moen Cadia Smart Kitchen Faucet with Spot-Resistant Finish

Moen Cadia Smart Kitchen Faucet


What We Like
  • Tons of control features

  • Smart functionality includes many presets

  • Stain-resistant finish

What We Don't Like
  • Fairly expensive

  • Only one finish option

  • Design is a bit safe

Moen’s smart functionality takes the full-featured approach, and the Moen Cadia Smart Kitchen Faucet takes modern smart features to all new levels. First, you have Moen’s impressive voice command support for Alexa and Google Home, plus touchless control and iOS and Android app-based activation. Moen also incorporates flexibility with the many preset options assignable in the app. Using these settings, you can program the faucet to dispense specific amounts of water at specific temperatures—even assigning these presets to voice prompts like, “Fill the dog’s water bowl.” These presets unlock the option to create a truly customized setup with this faucet.

On top of the impressive smart functionality, the Cadia features a stain- and spot-resistant finish for a beautiful look and feel. This kit even comes with a separate soap dispenser fixture to provide you with a truly full-featured setup.

It’s certainly on the pricier side of kitchen fixtures, and the design is also a tad safe—featuring no extraordinarily modern aesthetics or the flourishes you’d expect from a more classic design. For features alone, though, the Cadia is a true powerhouse.

Material: Brushed nickel | Finishes: 1 | Height: 16.25 inches | Power Source: Batteries | Control Methods: Manual handle, touchless, app, voice

Best Adapter

MGDC Smart Touchless Faucet Adapter

MGDC Smart Touchless Faucet Adapter


What We Like
  • Simple, plug-and-play installation

  • Reliable touchless control

  • Rechargeable battery

What We Don't Like
  • No app-based controls

  • Only one finish option

Fully installed smart faucets aren’t a terribly complicated job for a handy at-home DIYer, but if you want a plug-and-play operation, an option like the MGDC Smart Touchless Adapter is great. This unit comes with a few washer sizes to fit most kitchen sinks, and some bathroom sinks, allowing you to simply screw on the smart adapter and add touchless operation to most typical sinks.

The MGDC Adapter is unique because, unlike many other adapters, it looks sleek. This polished chrome cylinder sits at the end of your sink’s existing faucet. Once installed, you can use the built-in infrared sensor to toggle the faucet on and off. A continuous mode triggers constant flow, and an instant mode only delivers quick splashes when your hand is there.

It’s all powered by a USB-rechargeable battery, too, so you won’t need to throw out batteries and replace them. This model lacks voice controls or app-based functionality, and because it’s just an adapter, some homeowners may have trouble matching it to their existing finish. However, if you want a non-permanent touchless faucet option, MGDC delivers a great choice.

Material: Chrome | Finishes: 1 | Height: 3.1 inches | Power Source: Rechargeable battery | Control Methods: Touchless

Final Verdict

The best smart faucet for most people is Kohler Sensate K-72218-WB Kitchen Faucet with Kohler Konnect—thanks to excellent smart features with great app support and a world-class design that fits most aesthetics. If classic, farmhouse-style design is your top priority, consider the Moen 7185EVC Brantford Single Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet, which offers touchless, smart control in various finishes.

What to Look For in a Smart Faucet

Control Methods

In general, smart faucets fall into two categories: touchless faucets, allowing for hands-free controls, and truly smart faucets with app integration, voice control, and more. It’s important to consider your needs for control capabilities to determine if you need a fully-fledged smart faucet.

“Where users may not want the full capabilities of a smart faucet or do not own a smart home device like an Alexa or Google Home, touchless faucets give homeowners the ability to elevate cleanliness and convenience at the sink by reducing the spread of dirt and germs,” says Prantik Guha Biswas, Product Manager of Smart and Digital Kitchen at Moen.

If you want integration with your smart home, smart faucet options from Moen or Kohler give you app and voice control—including the ability to assign specific commands to certain water temperatures or amounts—in addition to touchless and manual controls.

Power Source

With any smart faucet, determining how it will get power is paramount. All smart faucets—including non-integrated, touchless-only models—require power to perform their functions. Many fixtures, like every smart faucet in Moen’s lineup, operate 100 percent by battery, meaning that no additional wiring infrastructure is needed to power the faucet.

Many options, however, require access to an under-the-sink AC outlet to plug the faucet in just like you would any other kitchen appliance. If you’re looking at a faucet that requires this power source, you may have to hire an electrician when installing your fixture.


Even though your faucet is smart, it doesn’t have to look like a piece of tech. Many manufacturers design their smart faucets to look just as high-end and style-minded as standard faucets. “Whether homeowners are designing a modern masterpiece or prefer to take a more traditional route, we design our faucets to fit a variety of home aesthetics,” says Biswas about Moen's smart faucet options. Many of the same manufacturers you might consider for a typical faucet also build smart faucets, so the same design considerations—such as finish, material, shape, and size—apply.

  • What is a smart faucet?

    Like other smart home tech, a smart faucet is a kitchen or bathroom fixture that aims to bring smart control to your day-to-day routine. Typically, smart faucets feature several control options, from touchless, infrared interaction to voice commands and scheduling features. Many smart faucets also feature app integration for water monitoring and custom presets and commands. This combination of functionality opens a whole world of possibilities.

    “Smart faucets like the ones we offer at Moen come equipped with app integration and presets to simplify operation,” says Biswas. “Users can use commands like dispensing common measurements from tablespoons up to 15 gallons at a single command or naming their operation, so filling a dog bowl is a simple voice command away.”

    Thanks to software integration and updates, smart faucets really have a lot of room for customization. Manufacturers may also expand these features in future software updates.

  • How do touchless faucets work?

    Some manufacturers call their faucets “smart faucets” when they mean that the faucet features no-touch operation. These models are also often called touchless faucets. These faucets work with a simple infrared reader like you’d see on a public bathroom sink or a paper towel dispenser. When interrupted by waving your hand, this capacitive field will activate the flow of water for a determined parameter.

    Some touchless faucets have constant modes, while others have intermittent modes. Most smart faucets with app connectivity also feature an infrared meter for basic touchless operation. “Touchless faucets are ideal for anyone that doesn’t need voice activation but still wants a modern, touchless experience,” says Nicholas Rindt from Kohler. “Touchless faucets like the ones we develop at Kohler can activate in just 20 milliseconds and have an auto shutoff feature.”

  • Do smart faucets work when the power goes out?

    Smart faucets get their power from batteries placed in a unit under the sink or plugged directly into an AC power outlet under the sink. It stands to reason that if you’ve got a battery-operated smart faucet, it will still receive power if there’s an outage, whereas a plug-in unit wouldn’t. It’s important to note that a house-wide power outage will likely also cause your Wi-Fi router to lose power. You may also lose some smart functionality through the connected app if you lose Wi-Fi.

Why Trust The Spruce?

Jason Schneider has been a tech writer and smart home reviewer for several years, and he has recently purchased his first home. For this roundup, he focused on top smart faucet manufacturers like Moen, Kohler, and Delta. While many of his choices feature full, app-integrated smart functionality, he included a few options that feature basic touchless functionality. To round out his research, Schneider spoke with Prantik Guha Biswas, Smart and Digital Kitchen expert at Moen, and Nicholas Rindt, Director of Product Marketing for Kitchen Faucets & Fixtures at Kohler, for helpful insights on choosing and installing the right kitchen faucet for a variety of homeowners.