The Best Smart Garage Door Openers for Easier and More Secure Access

Our favorite is the Tailwind iQ3 Smart Automatic Garage Controller Pro

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If you've ever been away from home and suddenly couldn't remember if you shut the door, most smart garage door openers let you check that via a phone app and even close or open the door remotely.

Whether you're interested in learning about the options or considering an upgrade, many models don't involve professional installation. "If you're able to upgrade your existing garage door opener to a smart garage door opener, you might have better luck installing it on your own," says Dan Mock, VP of Operations at Mister Sparky Electric.

We researched dozens of smart garage door opener kits and integrated units for ease of installation, compatibility, and advanced features to find the best ones. Our favorite, the Tailwind iQ3 Smart Automatic Garage Controller Pro, has excellent compatibility with smart home systems and garage door openers and comes with an unparalleled feature set—including an option to automatically open and close the door when it senses your arrival or departure.

Here are the best smart garage door openers.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Tailwind iQ3 Smart Automatic Garage Controller Pro

Tailwind iQ3 Smart Automatic Garage Controller Pro


What We Like
  • Operate via app or Bluetooth proximity

  • Works with HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home

  • Free adapter available to improve compatibility

What We Don't Like
  • Needs adapter for iPhone automatic controls

  • More involved installation than wireless sensors

The Tailwind iQ3 Smart Automatic Garage Controller Pro has an unparalleled feature set, works with most garage door openers right out of the box, and works with a free adapter if yours isn’t covered. It also has excellent compatibility with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Homekit, SmartThings, and If This Then That (IFTTT) and has a night mode for extra security, which is why it’s the best overall smart garage door opener by a pretty wide margin.

The Tailwind iQ3’s standout feature is that it can automatically open your garage door when you arrive home and close it when you leave. This feature, also known as geofencing, requires a Bluetooth-equipped vehicle and an Android phone, or you can buy an accessory that allows it to work with iPhones and older vehicles that don’t have Bluetooth.

The iQ3 has many other useful features, including a night mode to automatically shut the door if it’s left open for more than five minutes and a sharing trait that lets others control the door at specific times of the day. This opener also works well with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, so you can control it with voice commands.

The Tailwind iQ3 is a little more complicated to set up than many competitors because it uses a wired sensor, but that’s a tradeoff for reliability. Wireless sensors are significantly easier to install, but they’re also more prone to failure. 

Key Specs | Power Source: AC | Compatibility: Free adapter for some openers, adapter required for automatic opening with iPhone | Control Methods: Bluetooth proximity, Automatic, Tailwind app, Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, SmartThings, IFTTT | Hub Required: No

Best Budget: Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener MSG100

Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener MSG100


What We Like
  • Easy setup

  • Broad brand compatibility

  • Google Home, Alexa, and HomeKit support

What We Don't Like
  • Needs adapter for some garage door openers

  • Light on features

The Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener is the perfect way to make your garage door opener smart on a budget. It has an unbeatable price tag and is easy to set up by wiring into your existing opener and using adhesive tape to mount it. While this device lacks many of the features you’ll find in more expensive smart garage door openers, such as automatic opening and closing and various modes, it has all the most essential core functions. You can monitor and operate your garage door remotely through an app and notifications if your garage door is open for a while.

As for smart compatibility, it works well with Google Home, Alexa, Apple HomeKit (with the HomeKit-enabled model), SmartThings, and IFTTT for voice control and automations. It’s also highly compatible with a range of garage door openers (over 200 brands). Plus, you can get an adapter from Meross or make some modifications yourself if you know how to solder if it isn’t compatible with yours right out of the box.

Power Source: AC | Compatibility: More than 200 brands and 1600 models, Adapter for some models | Control Methods: Meross app, Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, SmartThings, IFTTT | Hub Required: No

Best with Camera: Alcidae Garager 2

Alcidae Garager 2


What We Like
  • Integrated camera

  • 1080p video

  • Two-way audio

What We Don't Like
  • Cloud storage requires a monthly subscription

  • Motion sensor can be over sensitive

  • Can’t set zones for the sensor

You can add a camera to some smart garage door openers or use a camera that doesn’t connect to the opener. The Alcidae Garager 2 is an integrated solution that’s both easy to install and use. It has a magnetic base that allows you to mount it directly on the bottom side of many garage door openers, and you physically wire it to the garage door opener for both power and control. It also comes with an adhesive mounting option for wood and plastic.

The Alcidae Garager 2 includes a built-in 1080p camera with a motion sensor (and night vision), which allows it to turn on and start recording whenever it senses movement. You can also view a live video feed through the app and control the garage door's operation wherever you have an internet connection. However, there is a monthly fee if you want to use the cloud video storage service.

Power Source: AC | Compatibility: Over 1300 motors | Control Methods: Alcidae-Simpler Life app, Alexa, Google Assistant | Hub Required: No

Best for Alexa: Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller NXG-300

Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller NXG-300


What We Like
  • Native Alexa and Google Assistant support

  • Easy installation with wireless sensor

  • External antenna for strong Wi-Fi connection

What We Don't Like
  • Wireless sensor prone to disconnection

  • Wired door sensor not included

  • Adapter needed for some garage door openers

The Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Controller GXG-300 works seamlessly with Alexa without asking an Alexa skill to operate the garage door. It’s also exceptionally easy to install, with a wireless sensor that doesn’t require you to wire anything together physically. It’s one of the easier smart garage door openers to get set up. However, wireless sensors can have issues with interference and disconnection. If you encounter this problem, you can get an optional wired sensor from Nexx.

In addition to robust Alexa support, you can use Google Assistant and Siri voice commands, and the companion Nexx Home app lets you operate and monitor your garage door remotely. The Nexx GXG 300 also has Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can operate your garage door even when the internet is out.

Power Source: AC, Battery | Compatibility: Some openers require a free adapter | Control Methods: Nexx Home app, Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, SmartThings, IFTTT | Hub Required: No

Best for HomeKit: Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener MSG200

Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener MSG200


What We Like
  • Native HomeKit compatibility

  • External Wi-Fi antenna

  • Operates up to three doors

What We Don't Like
  • Add-on hardware to operate third door

  • Difficulties connecting to some mesh networks

The Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener is the best option if you’re looking for native HomeKit integration and control of up to three doors, though support for the third door requires more hardware. It works with Apple’s HomeKit right out of the box without the need for any expensive adapters or a separate hub. It also works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung’s SmartThings, and it has an app you can use to monitor and control the garage door when you aren’t home.

This unit is also a great option if your Wi-Fi is a little weak. It has an external Wi-Fi antenna, which allows it to connect in areas where other smart garage door openers can’t. It comes with some additional useful features, like an alarm that sounds when it closes and an option to have it close automatically every night if you accidentally leave it open. 

Power Source: AC | Compatibility: More than 200 brands and 1600 models, Adapter need for yellow and purple learning mode models | Control Methods: Meross app, HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant | Hub Required: No

Best Features: iSmartGate Pro Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

iSmartGate Pro Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener


What We Like
  • Works with all smart home platforms

  • Integrates with any IP camera

  • Wired Ethernet option

What We Don't Like
  • Pricey

  • Complicated setup

The iSmartGate Pro is a bit of a splurge compared to the other options, but this model packs features you won’t get elsewhere. This kit is compatible with HomeKit, Google Assistant, SmartThings, Alexa, and IFTTT, and it doesn’t need a bridge or any other additional hardware. It also works with all garage door openers. Alternatively, if the Wi-Fi is spotty in your garage, you can use a USB-to-Ethernet adapter for a wired network connection.

Unlike most smart garage door openers, the iSmartGate Pro doesn’t rely on the cloud. It just uses its built-in processing power and your internet connection, which means more privacy. You can integrate it with any IP (or network) camera to add video surveillance for viewing on your phone through the connected app. The app also provides status alerts and lets you operate the door remotely, and you have the option to grant time-limited access to additional users.

Power Source: AC, Batteries (included) | Compatibility: Works with all garage door openers | Control Methods: iSmartGate Access app, Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, IFTTT, SmartThings | Hub Required: No

Best for Simple Installation: Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage Control

Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage Control


What We Like
  • Requires no wiring

  • Works with most post-1993 garage door openers

  • Check and operate the garage door remotely

What We Don't Like
  • Limited compatibility

  • Needs extra hardware to work with HomeKit

  • Beeps loudly when using the app to shut your garage door

The Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage Control doesn’t require any wiring (just mounting) and works almost instantly with most garage door openers, which is why it’s the best smart garage door opener for simple installation. This kit can turn a compatible garage door opener into a smart garage door opener with just a handful of taps in the myQ smartphone app, which walks you through the entire setup process.

In addition to being easy to set up, the Chamberlain myQ also packs a ton of useful features. It works with Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery (for receiving packages when you're not home), provides real-time operation notifications to your phone, lets you operate your garage door from anywhere you have internet access, and even lets you give guest access to up to five people. The only downside to the Chamberlain myQ is that it doesn’t work with every brand of garage door opener. Before you buy, you can use the manufacturer’s compatibility tool to know for sure. 

Power Source: AC, Batteries (included) | Compatibility: Limited compatibility with Chamberlain, Craftsman, LiftMaster, Genie, Raynor, Linear, Stanley, and Wayne Dalton | Control Methods: myQ app, Alexa, Amazon Key | Hub Required: Yes (hub included)

Best Built-in: Genie StealthDrive Connect Smart Garage Door Opener

Genie StealthDrive Connect Garage Door Opener


What We Like
  • Super-quiet operation

  • Works with Alexa and Google Home

  • Battery backup

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn’t work with HomeKit

  • App is sometimes slow with notifications

The Genie 7155-TKV is an all-in-one solution if you don’t already have a garage door opener or it’s time for an upgrade. This Genie model is the best garage door opener with built-in smart functionality because it’s a high-quality opener at the core, with a whisper-quiet belt drive and battery backup with enough power to operate the door 50 times during a power outage. The built-in smart functionality ticks all the right boxes as well.

This smart garage door opener works with both Alexa and Google Home, and the smartphone app lets you operate and check the status of the door wherever you are. Notifications can arrive slowly at times, though, and you won’t be able to use this model with Apple HomeKit. However, you can take advantage of Walmart InHome compatibility for the convenience of secure in-garage deliveries (with an InHome membership). The Genie 7155-TKV doesn’t require a hub to connect to your Wi-Fi network, but it does need a strong Wi-Fi signal for the smart features to work.

Power Source: AC, batteries (included) | Compatibility: Integrated | Control Methods: Physical remote, Genie Aladdin Connect app, Alexa, Google Assistant | Hub Required: No

Final Verdict

Our top pick is the Tailwind iQ3 Smart Automatic Garage Controller Pro because it offers the most robust feature set, works with all of the most popular smart home systems, and has excellent compatibility with existing garage door openers. In the rare event that it doesn’t work with your garage door opener, Tailwind will provide a free adapter. If you don’t need advanced features like automatic operation, the Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage Control is a great option that’s affordable, easy to install, and compatible with a large number of post-1993 garage door openers.

What to Look For in Smart Garage Door Openers


You can install a smart garage door opener with an add-on kit or by replacing your existing garage door opener with a unit that has the smarts built right in. If you want the simplest installation possible, look for an add-on kit designed for use with your existing garage door opener, and select one that uses a wireless sensor and controls. Kits that require wiring typically offer wider compatibility and better reliability.

Add-on kits are less expensive, easier to install (usually no wiring), and come with various feature sets, so you have a lot of options. The catch is that you can run into a situation where a specific add-on kit won’t work with your garage door opener. Integrated units are more expensive and more difficult to install, but you never have to worry about compatibility.

“If your garage is over a few decades old, it may be most effective to install a new unit,” says Kristen Bolig, CEO of SecurityNerd. In addition to wearing out due to age, garage door openers built before 1993 lack key safety features. If it’s newer than that, and in good working order, then a compatible add-on kit that has the features you’re looking for is typically a better choice.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Most smart garage door openers connect via Wi-Fi, but some allow you to connect via a wired Ethernet connection. A wired connection is always more reliable than Wi-Fi, but it requires you to run a physical cable all the way from your router to your garage.

Compatibility refers to both smart home systems and garage door opener models. If you’re installing an add-on kit, you need to look for one that supports both your smart home system, like Alexa, Google Home, or SmartKit, and your existing garage door opener. If you’re installing a new garage door opener with integrated smart controls, you only need to make sure it’s compatible with your smart home system.

Extra Features

The basic functionality you get from a smart garage door opener is the ability to control it through a phone app and your smart home system. If you want more monitoring control from your garage door opener, you might want to consider other important features, including built-in cameras and control sharing through the companion app.

For extra assurance, you may be interested in models with automatic controls for worry-free opening and closing when you come and go and a battery back-up in case of a power outage. Another extra to consider is compatibility with Amazon and Walmart’s in-garage delivery services, which could come in handy with a busy schedule.

  • Can I make my garage door opener smart?

    You can make most pre-existing garage door openers smart, and most of the recommendations on this list can do precisely that. It’s a lot easier to make a garage door opener smart than it is to install a completely new smart garage door opener, but there are compatibility issues to look out for. Before you buy a smart garage door opener conversion kit, check with the manufacturer to see if it works with the opener you have in your garage.

  • How do I install a smart garage door opener?

    The installation process for a smart garage door opener depends on whether you’re installing a conversion kit or an integrated unit. If you’re installing a garage door opener with built-in smart capabilities, you need to remove the old garage door opener, the chain, and all other hardware, and install the new unit. “Installing a new garage opener is a bit tricky and takes roughly 2-4 hours,” says Mock. “If you’re going to install a new unit, we’d suggest hiring a professional to get the job done right the first time.”

    On the other hand, Mock suggests smart options might be fine for self-installation. While the exact process differs, Mock says, “generally, we suggest coming prepared with a smartphone, Wi-Fi router, Wi-Fi network and password, Wi-Fi signal, and a compatible garage door opener with standard safety sensors.” Some kits even use wireless sensors and controls, so you don’t need to do any wiring.

  • How do I connect my smart hub to a smart garage door opener?

    The procedure for connecting your smart home to a smart garage door opener differs depending on your smart home system and what type of smart garage door opener you installed. You typically need to add the garage door opener as a new smart home device the same way you would with a new smart light bulb, thermostat, or outlet. Other combinations require extra work; you may need to install an extra app or skill, and some even require an additional smart home hub, like Zigbee or Z-Wave. Consult the smart home and garage door opener manufacturers or the user manuals for step-by-step guidance and requirements.

Why Trust The Spruce?

Jeremy Laukkonen, a freelance writer and product tester for The Spruce, wrote and researched this article. He’s had a smart garage door since the options were far slimmer than they are today, and he has over a decade of experience reviewing electronics for outlets like Lifewire and Digital Trends in addition to The Spruce.

To gain a deeper understanding of the most important smart garage door opener features Jeremy contacted Dan Mock, VP of Operations of Mister Sparky, and Kristen Bolig, CEO of SecurityNerd. With their expert insights, Jeremy looked at factors like compatibility, ease of installation, and extra features like cameras and sensors. He gave priority to add-on kits due to ease of installation and affordability and included a top recommendation for an integrated unit for those whose garage door opener needs replacing due to age or lack of safety features.