The 8 Best Smart Light Bulbs That Sync With Your Apps

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If you're looking to enhance your space with smart home capabilities, smart light bulbs will put the finishing touch on your project. They can be controlled through a smartphone, tablet, or hub and provide adjustable lighting, decoration, and ambience. Though smart bulbs are generally easy to set up and control, selecting the right one for your home can be challenging.

What are the best smart light bulbs available today? We rounded up several high-quality bulbs in a variety of styles with a broad range of features.

Here, the best smart light bulbs for your home.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Philips Hue White 4-Pack A19 LED Smart Bulb

Philips Hue White 4-Pack A19 LED Smart Bulb

Courtesy of Amazon

For a reliable, multi-purpose option you can use throughout your home, we recommend the Philips Hue White 4-Pack A19 LED Smart Bulb. These bulbs offer versatile soft-white lighting and are designed to provide 22 years of energy-efficient illumination. They're easy to set up, too—just screw them in and download the app. 

Using the Hue Bluetooth app, you can control and adjust the lighting throughout your home from anywhere, at any time. We're talking in bright daylight in the morning and afternoon and low mood lighting in the evening. You can control up to 10 bulbs with the app, or get a Hue Bridge to control as many as 50. When synched with a Google Assistant or Alexa smart home device, you can also use voice commands to set and change your lighting. To take your smart home game up a notch, opt to add motion sensors, smart switches, or other accessories.

Philips Hue White LED Smart Bulb

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Best Set: Sengled Smart Light Bulb Starter Kit

Sengled Smart LED Soft White A19 Starter Kit

Courtesy of Amazon

If you're new to the world of smart lighting, we suggest getting the Sengled Smart Light Bulb Starter Kit. You'll get a pack of two, four, or eight bulbs, plus a Sengled Smart Hub, which can accommodate up to 64 light bulbs. Download the Sengled Home app to adjust the lighting in your home anytime, from anywhere. You can set timers, create schedules, or even automate your lighting to deter intruders when you're away.

The set is compatible with Google Home, IFTTT, and Alexa smart devices, allowing you to control your bulbs through voice commands. Whether you want to adjust the brightness, turn your lights on or off, or set them to illuminate a room at a specific time, you can do it all with a simple spoken command. You can also set your bulbs to slowly get brighter in the morning in time with the sunrise, which can be an excellent alternative to a traditional alarm clock in the winter.

Best LED: EcoSmart Smart Bulb Dimmable 60W Replacement

Smart Bulb

Courtesy of Home Depot

LED light bulbs last a lot longer than traditional bulbs and don't use as much energy. This means less landfill and reduced energy costs, which is ideal for those who want to save money or are environmentally conscious. With that said, our top choice for LED smart bulbs is the EcoSmart Smart Bulb. This A19 light bulb can be controlled wirelessly through any Zigbee-enabled hub, including SmartThings and Amazon Echo. You can also use voice commands with a Google Assistant or Alexa smart device. Just pair the LED smart bulbs to a compatible hub, and start customizing the lighting in your home.

The EcoSmart Smart Bulbs are dimmable and have tunable white technology. This means they can be set to any lighting temperature ranging from 2700K (soft white) to 6500K (bright daylight). These energy-efficient light bulbs use only nine watts of power to deliver up to 800 lumens, which is as much as a standard 60-watt bulb.

Best with Socket: C by GE Smart Bulbs + Smart Plug

C by GE Smart LED Bulbs + Smart Plug Bundle

Courtesy of Amazon

The C by GE Smart Bulbs + Smart Plug set comes with two light bulbs and a socket. The Smart Plug has a built-in WiFi bridge and can be paired with an Amazon Alexa smart device or Google Assistant. This allows you to convert any lamp in your home into a smart lighting fixture.

Just insert the Smart Plug into an outlet, and plug in the light fixture of your choice. Then install the Smart Bulbs in other lamps or fixtures throughout your home, and start customizing your home's lighting. You can control everything at once or individually through the C by GE app on your phone or tablet or via voice commands with your smart home hub.

Best Color-Changing: LUMIMAN Smart WiFi Light Bulb

LUMIMAN Smart WiFi Light Bulb

 Courtesy of Amazon

For color-changing bulbs, check out the Lumiman Smart WiFi Light Bulb. The pack includes two smart bulbs with multi-chrome features, allowing you to create customizable effects using 16 million color options in every shade, hue, and brightness you can imagine. This means you can create different ambient vibes for your living room, bedroom, dining room, and other spaces. You can even create a color-changing schedule with timed effects to set the mood throughout the day.

This smart bulb can be controlled through WiFi—no hub required. Just download the PlusMinus app on your phone or tablet to adjust, set, or illuminate your lights whenever you want, wherever you are. It's also compatible with Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa devices.

Best Dimmable: TP-Link A19 Kasa Smart Light Bulb (60-watt equivalent)

Light Bulb

Kasa Smart

Though most smart bulbs have dimmable capabilities, the Kasa Smart Light Bulb stands out from the competition. With a dimming range from 1 to 100, you can fine-tune the brightness in your home exactly to your liking. Whether you want to wake your kids up in the morning or have your lights dim to the perfect after-dinner ambiance, this smart bulb is up for the task.

It connects to WiFi—no hub required—and offers tons of adjustability through the Kasa Smart app. You can also sync it with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Microsoft Cortana to take advantage of voice commands. Just tell your smart home to dim the lights for a dinner party or movie night in. Or command it to adjust to the perfect work-from-home illumination.

Best Edison: Philips Hue Filament Smart Light Bulb

Philips Hue White Filament ST19 Smart Vintage LED bulb

Courtesy of Amazon

If you like the look of Edison bulbs, you might consider the Filament Smart Light Bulb from the Philips Hue line. The vintage-style bulb features a transparent globe with a glowing inner coil and provides a soft amber glow. But it offers more than just a retro appearance and a pleasant ambiance. This light bulb will last for 22 years (or 25,000 hours), which is the industry average for a lifetime of use.

The Bluetooth-compatible Filament Smart Light Bulb is perfect for hanging kitchen lighting, chandeliers, and other decorative fixtures. It works with a Hue hub and can be controlled through the Philips Hue app. Just screw in the bulb, download the app, and start customizing your lights. As with other Hue smart bulbs, you can also use your Alexa smart home or Google Assistant to activate voice commands.

Best Outdoor: Ring A19 Smart LED Bulb

Ring A19 Smart LED Bulb

Courtesy of Amazon

The Ring A19 Smart LED Bulb can be used both indoors and outdoors, but it's ideal for outside your home. Use it with covered outdoor fixtures to shine up to 800 lumens of white light. To access the smart controls, you'll need a Ring Bridge hub, which is compatible with most Alexa-enabled devices.

You can connect it to your Ring doorbell, camera, and other lights to boost your home security. This smart bulb can be set to illuminate a pathway or activate your security camera when motion is detected. Whether you're inside or away from home, you'll be able to see what's going on outside when the Ring Smart LED bulb lights up.

What to Look for in Smart Light Bulbs


A smart bulb's platform compatibility is one of the most important things about it. Linking up your smart bulb with a platform like Apple or Google allows you to control them alongside other smart home elements, so it's important to use bulbs that work with the platform you already have, or the platform that would work best with your home.


Depending on where you're installing your smart bulb, you'll need to consider brightness. An already-dim hallway is no place for not-very-bright light. The brightness of smart bulbs is measured in lumens—a dim bulb will only have 450 lumens, while a bright flood light may have closer to 1400. Pick dimmer bulbs for bedrooms or small lighting fixtures, and pick brighter ones for workspaces and the outdoors.


Many smart bulbs are known for their color-changing capabilities, but this fun feature is often one that increases cost. Therefore, only buy colored smart bulbs in spaces where they'll shine, like setting the mood in a living room or bedroom.

  • What are smart light bulbs?

    Smart light bulbs provide light in the same way that normal LED light bulbs do, but they connect to the internet and can be dimmed and powered on or off through apps and smart home systems.

  • How do smart light bulbs work?

    Smart light bulbs use wireless technology like Bluetooth or Z-Wave to connect to apps and smart home systems. Many bulbs often require a 'hub,' which acts as a waypoint between the wireless network your phone is on and the wireless network your bulbs are on.

  • How long do smart light bulbs last?

    On average, many smart bulbs have a life of 20,000-25,000 hours. This means that if they were used for 3 hours each day, they'd last 20-25 years. However, this time can be shortened or lengthened depending on how frequently the bulbs are on.

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