The Best 7 Smart Locks to Buy in 2018

Get easier access to your home with these safe picks


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Technology has made the home more safe and easy to monitor than ever before. A simple smart lock, for example, goes a long way towards making your home a secure dwelling you can monitor anytime and anywhere. Best of all, there are many smart lock options that include exterior door locks, singular...MORE deadbolts, and even devices that fit over your existing locks for easy installation. If you find yourself in the market for a new lock, a smart lock is worth some consideration. The “smart” features vary between each lock. Some add basic access via a smart key or code while others connect with security services and personal assistants like Alexa or Siri for greater control. To help you make sense of all the different options and to find the best lock for you, here are the top smart locks you can buy today. 


  • Best Overall: Schlage Z-Wave Camelot Deadbolt

    A good smart lock can make a huge difference in terms of securing your home in a safe and convenient way. The best smart locks offer the most amount of protection while diversifying the ways you can lock and unlock the device. From simple keys and codes to 24/7 wireless remote monitoring and control, the best smart lock does more than just give you access to your home.

    The Schlage Z-Wave Camelot Deadbolt is a smart lock that combines the best of old and new in a single easy-to-install unit. Featuring a touchscreen keypad with built-in alarm, the lock is accessible via a keycode, including keys, or wireless connection. For those who want something that works with most smart home systems, the lock is also Alexa compatible via a variety of IoT services like SmartThings and Wink. 

    This unit comes in three different styles and seven different finishes so you're sure to find something that works with your door and home's aesthetic. This Amazon Choice gets high remarks for the price and versatility, though customers note you need to buy a supplemental hub if you want to use it with Alexa. 

  • Best Budget: Kwikset SmartCode

    It may seem like smart locks are too expensive to consider if you are looking for a simple way to lock your home each night. While the most advanced locks can also be the most expensive, this is not always the case. In fact, there are plenty of budget-friendly options that will give you the same type of security and convenience as the more expensive options.

    If you can live without the advanced connectivity features of more expensive smart locks, the Kwikset SmartCode deadbolt is a great way to add some intelligent protection to your home. The lock works with either a traditional key, keycode, or a smart key that unlocks the bolt once it is in proximity. The lock will work with any standard door 1-3/8th to 2 inches thick. 

  • Best With Alexa: August Smart Lock Pro

    At its best, a smart lock should give you better access to your home than a simple deadbolt can provide. Unfortunately, this accessibility often comes at the cost of a higher price tag, more complicated setup, and limited functionality depending on the system you choose. Alexa-compatibility, however, has made it easier to find locks that are easy to control and monitor all at once.

    The August Smart Lock Pro is the embodiment of a true, pure smart lock. Taking up the size of a small deadbolt, this intelligent option offers so much more in terms of functionality and protection. Working with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, you can control access via your voice or smart device from anywhere. The lock automatically engages as you leave and tracks activity 24/7. Finally, the device fits over an existing deadbolt to make installation quick.

  • Kwikset-Z-Wave

    Best With Keypad: Kwikset Z-Wave Lock

    Before modern smart locks became popular, the most advanced development of the common deadbolt was the keypad. Since it is easy to forget or lose a key, the keypad became a quick and reliable way to access your home without sacrificing the protection and reliability of the lock itself. Many smart locks come with a keypad, giving you an additional way to lock and unlock your home with ease. The Kwikset Z-Wave Lock has a traditional, understated look with some advanced features built into the device. In addition to a small keypad, the device unlocks via a smart key just by nearby proximity. The lock is also compatible with Alexa and the Z-Wave Home Automation Technology system for advanced home control and protection over the internet when desired. 

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  • Best With Touchpad: Yale Assure Lock

    The touchpad has become the modern day equivalent of the keypad for smart locks. Unlike traditional keypads that use physical buttons to input the correct code, touchpads offer the same convenience in a smaller, slimmer profile. The lack of physical buttons also provides a higher degree of tamper resistance so would be thieves have a harder time breaking into your home. If you want to keep your home’s lock to a minimum, the Yale Assure Lock features one of the slimmest touchscreens available. This means you have the full benefit of an electronic access code in case you forget your key without the extra bulk many traditional touchscreens and keypads take up. The lock works with a plethora of Z-Wave products for the most smart home compatibility around. 

  • Best Deadbolt: August Smart Lock

    Even though most smart locks come with a complete door handle and twist lock, you can easily find something small to minimize the device’s profile or to supplement an existing lock. Small smart locks are also a great way to add some intelligent control inside your home on any door that includes an upper deadbolt lock. If you have a small door to lock or want some secondary protection, the August Smart Lock is a great way to add full intelligent functionality.

    The August lock comes with full Alexa support and voice control compatibility along with more advanced safety features such as activity tracking and multiple user profiles. Best of all, the lock slips over your existing deadbolt for a hassle-free installation process. 

  • Best Bluetooth: PIN Genie Bluetooth Entry Lock

    The main downside to any modern smart lock is the need for wireless connectivity. In order to enjoy the full benefits of 24/7 monitoring and control from anywhere in the world, the smart lock needs a way to connect to the internet. Unfortunately, this is sometimes impossible or unwanted if you do not have the proper wireless setup. This next pick, however, allows you to use your phone to open the house through the next best thing to wifi: Bluetooth.

    The PIN Genie Bluetooth Entry Lock is one of the most straightforward options to add a smart locking system without the need for wireless connectivity. Using the additional PIN Genie app, you can lock/unlock the door straight from the phone or monitor the access status from anywhere. The lock can remember up to eight separate pin codes, including temporary codes with an expiration date, for individual access.