The 8 Best Snow Shovels to Buy in 2018

Clean your driveway faster and more efficiently

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A trusty snow shovel comes in handy when the powder starts to collect outside. Whether it’s clearing off your driveway, shoveling the sidewalk or digging out your car, a snow shovel is a simple solution to a potentially major problem. A shovel is a shovel, right? Actually, there is a whole variety of options when it comes to buying a new snow shovel. With all of these options, it’s difficult to know which one will meet your needs if you don’t know what you are looking for. Where do you even start?

Size and ergonomics are two things you should think about before making the final choice. The size of a shovel and driveway go hand-in-hand. The bigger the space you need to clear, the bigger the shovel you should consider. The shape and grip of the shovel will also be important since shoveling a large area can take a long time. An ergonomically designed shovel will save your hands and back from unnecessary pain.

Check out what options you have available with these eight best snow shovels.



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    Best Overall Snow Shovel: True Temper Ergonomic Mountain Mover

    A quality snow shovel is one that will last you many winters without cracking or breaking from the cold. It also helps to have a shovel that won’t damage your driveway, deck or other surfaces you may want to clear. The True Temper Ergonomic Mountain Mover combines some of the best standout features snow shovels offer these days into one complete package.

    It has a durable plastic build shaped for easy shoveling or pushing after heavy snowfall. A nylon wear strip will protect the blade and surface underneath, extending the life of the shovel and yard outside. 18" is suitable for most common driveways while the 37" ergonomic handle will allow you to comfortably use the blade for a long time if the snow is really deep. For a no-frills, long-lasting option, the Mountain Mover is hard to beat.

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    Best Value Snow Shovel: Suncast SC2700

    It’s important to be careful with budget or value snow shovels since a vast majority aren’t made to stand up to many winters of repeated abuse. One budget option that can take the extended hits, however, is the Suncast SC2700. Using a non-stick graphite blade and steel core handle, this shovel will handle the cold and impacts for many years before you begin to notice any decrease in performance.

    The blade is shaped to make scooping or pushing snow easy and quick. At 20", the shovel also dwarfs many other budget options, giving you plenty of surface area to scoop snow. A steel wear strip protects the edge of the blade, preventing chipping and tearing as you scrape along harsh surfaces like concrete.

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    Best Small Snow Shovel: Suncast SN1000

    Snow shovels come in all shapes and sizes. While a good majority lean on the larger side, a small shovel is a perfect tool if you have a single driveway or pathways to clear. The Suncast SN1000 isn’t the smallest shovel available, but its slim profile and simple design make it streamlined for small tasks and easy storage. With a durable plastic blade and steel core handle, it will also stand up to more abuse than smaller shovels meant for emergency use.

    The blade is 18" wide with a slim, shallow depth. This design allows it to cut through the snow with each stroke without taking up extra storage base with a deeper bowl. The angled rib pattern breaks apart snow, making it an excellent choice for areas with icy or hard packed snowy conditions.

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    Best Large Snow Shovel: Structured Solutions Snow Wolf

    Generally, the larger the area you have to clear, the longer it will take. Large driveways or extensive pathways will eat up your time if you try to clear snow using a regular shovel. In these cases, a larger blade is necessary. The Structured Solutions Snow Wolf dwarfs many other shovels with a 26" blade. The extra surface area will enable you to move up to two feet of heavy snow with each scoop or push.

    To support the extra weight, the shovel is designed with a single guide wheel that counter balances the snow with your grip. The wheel is easy to maneuver through the snow so you don’t have to worry about hurting your back or getting stuck. Your body will thank you for the reduced risk of strain or injury.

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    Best Electric Snow Shovel: Toro 38361 Power Shovel

    Add a little electricity into the mix to get even more snow-tossing power. While true snow throwers and blowers are more expensive than your average shovel, the Toro 38361 Power Shovel splits the difference by including a 7.5 amp motor to a small scoop at an affordable price. The motor is small, compact, but powerful enough to throw up to 300 pounds of snow per minute.

    Using this shovel is easy. Without gas or oil to burn, all you have to do is plug it into a standard wall outlet. The cord-lock system will keep your extension cord secured to the shovel as you move, preventing any unexpected drops in power. Use an outdoor or garage outlet to keep the power coming for any length of time.

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    Best Ergonomic Snow Shovel: Snow Joe Shovelution SJ

    Shoveling pounds and pounds of snow can be deceptively harsh on your body. Unless you regularly lift weights to workout all of your arm, leg and core muscles, chances are you will be using muscles you didn’t even know you have. That is why it’s important to keep yourself protected as much as possible. An ergonomic shovel like the Snow Joe Shovelution SJ is the best way to do just that.

    The Shovelution expands on the typical 18" blade/straight handle design by adding an additional support handle. This setup allows you to grip the shovel in a more comfortable manner while positioning the blade to get better leverage as you scoop. The handle will reduce strain, improve your posture, and increase your lifting leverage all at once.

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    Best Portable Snow Shovel: True Temper AutoBoss

    You never know when you might come across an unexpected mass of snow you need to shovel. Typically, portable, emergency snow shovels are most appropriate for transportation. Your car, for example, might require some bailing out if an unexpected snow storm hits during work or overnight. The True Temper AutoBoss is one of the best portable shovels due to its efficient, space-saving design.

    The flat, plastic shovel folds in on itself to minimize the amount of space it takes to store. When unfolded, the lower half is a long, thin, curved blade that slices through tough snow. The upper half includes two grips for a stable and comfortable grip. The hinge locks down when opened or closed so you don’t have to worry about the blade going limp under the weight of snow.

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    Best Plow Snow Shovel: Snowcaster 30SNC

    Sometimes, the normal style of snow shovel just won’t cut it. If you have a long driveway the size of a small parking lot to clear, you need something that changes tactics to remove the snow. The Snowcaster 30SNC does away with the time consuming scooping-and-tossing method of snow removal and takes a page from its bigger cousin: this one plows. Using a massive 36" blade, the Snowcaster pushes snow out of the way, allowing you to clear larger areas faster than traditional shovels.

    The blade is bi-directional so you can control the angle. Sharper angles will take care of less snow more efficiently, while shallow angles will give you more surface area to push more light snow. With two large wheels, this option means you won’t have any need to lift the blade, saving your back and limbs from unnecessary strain.