The 9 Best Snow Shovels of 2021

Clean your driveway faster and more efficiently

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Our Top Picks
"Its innovative, two-handle design claims to reduce back strain by up to 30 percent, making shoveling faster and more comfortable."
"Though lacking in the bells and whistles of other models, this basic shovel is sturdy enough to get the job done."
"Its sleigh-style base and deep blade are able to clear deep snow from your driveway, sidewalks, and other areas."
"Similar to a snow blower, this corded shovel flings snow automatically, so you don't need to scoop it up yourself."
"With its 26-inch wide blade and ergonomic handle, this model covers a lot of ground in a small amount of time."
"Designed to "push" snow rather than lift it, this durable wheeled unit works best on small amounts of snow."
"Unlike straight-handled models, it has a curved 37-inch handle and an oversized D-grip for less arm and back strain."
"Seniors will have an easier time handling this electric shovel, which has rear wheels to make it convenient to use and transport."
"Compact and easy to maneuver (even with thick gloves), this shovel is an ideal product to stash in your trunk."

If you live somewhere that gets significant amounts of snow in the winter, a snow shovel is a must-have addition to your tool shed. However, you’ll quickly find that not all snow removal tools are created equal—cheap models often do a poor job scooping up snow, and they may leave you with sore arms and an aching back by the time you're done. 

A few key features to look for in a snow shovel include durable construction, ergonomic design, and a wide blade, and if you have any type of physical limitation, you may want to look into electric snow shovels, which do the heavy lifting for you.

To help you find the best one, here are the best snow shovels available online.

Best Overall: Snow Joe 18-in Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

Whether you’re digging out after a blizzard or just removing a few inches of snow from your walkway, one of the best snow shovels you can use is the Snow Joe Shovelution Stain-Reducing Snow Shovel, which has an innovative design that makes shoveling more comfortable. This unique shovel features a spring-loaded second handle that helps you to lift and toss snow while reducing back strain—and customers swear it really works!

This shovel has an 18-inch impact-resistant blade that’s made from aluminum, and its ergonomic design helps to improve your posture by reducing how much you have to bend. Its two-handle design gives you leverage to lift with your lower hand, and the Shovelution Snow Shovel can reduce back strain by up to 30 percent.

Best Budget: True Temper 18-in Snow Shovel with 36-in Steel Handle

True Temper 18-in Poly Snow Shovel with 36-in Steel Handle

If you only have to shovel snow once in a blue moon, the inexpensive Temper True 18-inch Snow Shovel will suit your needs. This no-frills model has a lightweight 18-inch blade supported by a 36-inch straight steel handle, and its steel wear strip helps to extend the life of the blade and break through stubborn patches of ice. It may not have the extra features of other shovels, but shoppers say the Temper True Snow Shovel is strong, sturdy, and will get the job done. 

Best Splurge: Garant 24 in. Sleigh Shovel

Garant 24 in. Sleigh Shovel

You can go to any home improvement store and pick up a basic snow shovel for $15 or $20, but they won’t be the same quality as the Garant Sleigh Shovel. It’s definitely more expensive than you’d expect for a shovel, but consumers say this unique tool is worth every penny, as it’s comfortable to use and moves large quantities of snow easily. 

This sleigh-style shovel has a 24-inch blade with a steel wear strip to help clear your driveway, sidewalks, and other surfaces. The deep blade is ideal for use in deep snow, and the ergonomic handle helps reduce back fatigue, as you can simply push and dump snow. According to customers, the Garant Sleigh Shovel is sturdy and incredibly easy to use, and it clears large paths that make quick work of large driveways.

Best Electric: RYOBI 12 in. 10 Amp Corded Electric Snow Blower Shovel

RYOBI 12 in. 10 Amp Corded Electric Snow Blower Shovel

To minimize the amount of work you have to do when shoveling snow, you need a product like the top-rated RYOBI Corded Electric Snow Shovel. This cool device is like a smaller snow blower, as it tosses snow up to 25 feet away without any lifting and slinging on your part. Unlike a snow blower, it won't take up much space in your garage or shed.

This corded model needs a separate extension cord, so make sure you're picking one that's long enough to reach your entire deck or sidewalk. Best for clearing slighter snowfall, this electric snow shovel can handle up to 6 inches of snow and clears a foot-wide path per pass.

Best Wide: True Temper 26-in Poly Snow Shovel with 32-in Aluminum Handle

Ames True Temper 26-in Poly Snow Shovel with 32-in Aluminum Handle

Wide snow shovels help to create larger paths, which means you can clear large areas faster. The Ames True Temper Poly Snow Shovel has an impressive 26-inch wide blade supported by a 32-inch ergonomic aluminum handle, making it a great option for those with large walkways or driveways to clean. 

The high-capacity blade has a steel wear strip, and there’s a footstep on the back to help give you leverage in heavy snow. Plus, the shovel is reversible—simply flip it over and use it to scrape down tight areas, such as your steps or porch. Customers say this True Temper shovel lets you cover a lot of ground quickly, and several note the design is easier on your back than a standard snow shovel.

Best Snow Pusher: Snowcaster 30SNC 36-inch Wheeled Snow Pusher


Snow “pushers” have narrower blades than standard shovels, as they’re designed to push the snow instead of lifting it. One of the top-rated options out there is the Snowcaster Wheeled Snow Pusher, which features a wide 36-inch blade and is mounted on durable wheels to minimize the amount of elbow grease needed. According to customers, the Snowcaster helps to clear small amounts of accumulation in record time, but it can only handle three or four inches of snow, max.

Best Ergonomic: True Temper 18 in. Ergonomic Snow Shovel


Ergonomic snow shovels can help to reduce back strain when shoveling, and the True Temper Ergonomic Mountain Mover Snow Shovel is a popular choice thanks to its reasonable price tag. This shovel has a curved 37-inch handle and an oversized D-grip, and its 18-inch blade features a nylon wear strip that’s gentle on your porch, patio, and other surfaces. Shoppers say the Ergonomic Mountain Mover is lightweight yet sturdy, and several note that it’s easier on your arms and back than a straight-handle shovel. 

Best for Seniors: Earthwise SN70016 Electric Corded 12Amp Snow Shovel

Shoveling snow can be overly strenuous for older adults, but the Earthwise Electric Corded Snow Shovel makes it nearly effortless. This electric shovel can handle up to 8 inches of snow, and the whole unit weighs just 16 pounds, making it easy for anyone to operate. 

The Earthwise Electric Corded Snow Shovel runs on a 12-amp motor, and it can move up to 430 pounds of snow per minute. It has 6-inch rear wheels for easy movement, and its adjustable chute can throw snow up to 30 feet. Plus, its auxiliary handle is adjustable, so you can set it to a comfortable position for your height. The Earthwise Electric Corded Snow Shovel gets two thumbs up from shoppers, who say it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver—ideal for seniors and anyone who wants an alternative to traditional shoveling.

Best for Car: Suncast Telescoping Auto Shovel

Telescoping Auto Shovel

If you’ve ever left work for the day, only to find your vehicle covered in several inches of snow, you know why it’s important to keep a portable shovel in your car! The Suncast Telescoping Auto Shovel is an ideal product to stash in your trunk, as it doesn’t take up too much space, yet it will still come in handy if you ever need to dig your car out of the snow. 

The handle on this shovel extends from 30 to 38 inches using a button-lock slider that’s specially designed to be easy to operate when you have gloves on. The blade is 11 inches wide with graphite construction that keeps snow from sticking, and the shovel even has a cushioned foam shaft that makes it more comfortable to handle. 

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