The 6 Best Snow Toys of 2021

Keep the whole family entertained outdoors this winter

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If you've got kids, you'll definitely need to have some indoor activities in your back pocket for the cold season. But that doesn't mean you can't still have fun outside. Children's eyes light up when they see the first snowfall of the year, and aside from proper snow gear, you might want to have some toys on hand.

Here, the best snow toys available online.

Our Top Picks
Best Inflatable Tube:
L.L.Bean Sonic Snow Tube at L.L.Bean
Its semi-rigid base makes for smoother sledding and less chances for abrasion, rips, tears, punctures, and pops.
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Best Snowman Decorating Kit:
TOYMYTOY Snowman Decorating Kit at Amazon
This affordable set comes with everything you need to craft the snowman of your dreams—and yes, that includes a carrot!
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Wintertime outdoor crafts might seem out of the question, but this activity kit—which lets you paint in the snow—proves otherwise.
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Kids ages six and up can take their favorite beach activity to the snow, building castles and other structures with the included molds.
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If you want to step up your snowball fight game, look no further than this slingshot, which hurls more than just water balloons.
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This classic one-person sled comes with built-in handles and a pull rope, and is durable enough to last for seasons to come.
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Best Inflatable Tube: L.L.Bean Sonic Snow Tube

L.L.Bean Sonic Snow Tube

Tubing is a classic wintertime activity for kids, and inflatable snow tubes have come a long way from actual inner tubes for truck tires. The Sonic Snow Tube from L.L.Bean has a special semi-rigid injection-molded polyethylene base and a 600-denier polyester cover. What do all these technical terms mean? Simply put, this tube slides effortlessly downhill in packed or powdered snow and holds up remarkably well against abrasion, rips, tears, punctures, and pops.

Since it was initially designed for commercial use at snow-tubing parks in -40° F weather, you shouldn't have to replace the Sonic Snow Tube for several years. It comes in two sizes, regular (34-inch diameter) and extra-large (40-inch diameter). The regular size is perfect for solo sledding for kids 5 and older, and the extra-large is ideal for tandem rides. With attached handles and a built-in tow strap, it's easy to grip and carry back uphill.

Best Snowman Decorating Kit: TOYMYTOY Snowman Decorating Kit

Snowman building is another timeless snow day activity, and decorations really put the cherry—or shall we say carrot?—on top. For an affordable snowman set, we recommend the TOYMYTOY Snowman Decorating Kit. This 15-piece set comes with eyes, a mouth, a carrot nose, buttons, arms, a red scarf, and a top hat. The materials are made of wood, plastic, and felt and are durable enough to use for several years. They're easy to stick on your snowman, and you can expect them to stay on until it melts.

Building a snowman is almost a right of passage for kids, and it's a wonderful yearly family tradition. It's a great way to get children of all ages involved in an outdoor activity and encourages them to use their imaginations. This decorating kit really makes it all the more magical, allowing your kids to admire their creation for days to come.

Best Snow Paint: Ideal Sno Art Kit Kids Outdoor Snow Activity

Sno Art Kit

If your children love to draw or color, why not take it outdoors? Snow painting is a more contemporary winter activity that both kids and adults can get into. And the best snow paint on the market is the Ideal Sno-Art Kit. It comes with three Sno-Marker bottles, three color packets, and two Sno-Molds. Upon mixing the color packets into the squeeze bottles with warm water, the Sno-Markers are ready to go.

The vibrant red, green, and blue colors stand out brilliantly in the snow, allowing your kids to draw and write to their heart's content. And they can press the snowman and star molds into the snow to make paintable 3D artwork. Since the Sno-Markers have twist-off caps, they can be used more than once, and flip-up nozzles help you avoid leaks and spills. It's recommended for kids ages 5 and up.

Best Snow Castle Toy: Create A Castle Sand or Snow Castle Split Mold Set

Create a castle

Most people are familiar with sandcastles, but building a medieval fortress doesn't have to be strictly a beach activity. With the Sand or Snow Castle Split Mold Set from Create A Castle, all you need to construct a palace is a pile of snow. Recommended for ages 6 and up, this kit comes with three tower molds. You latch the molds together, pack them with snow, and then unlatch them to reveal the perfect castle.

The molds can be stacked on top of each other, allowing you to build towering creations. It also comes with three precision tools for carving out roads, moats, stairwells, windows, archways—you name it. Winner of the 2020 Toy of the Year Awards, the Snow Castle Split Mold Set helps you build professional-looking palaces and cities in the snow. It encourages kids to use their fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, and most of all, their imagination. The pieces are made of durable plastic with stainless steel latches to endure both hot and icy-cold climates.

Best Snowball Slingshot: TOPRADE Water Balloon Slingshot Cannon Launcher

Speaking of snowball fights, you can really take things up a notch with the TOPRADE Water Balloon Slingshot Cannon Launcher. Don't let the name fool you—this all-purpose slingshot can hurl more than just water balloons. It can be used to launch any soft or semi-soft materials, like nerf balls, t-shirts, and of course, snowballs.

With soft foam handles and super-elastic rubber, it's easy to pull for both adults and kids. Not only that, but it's made for long-distance launching and can hurl snowballs astonishingly far. With three people, two can hold the front while the third pulls back the snowball for a powerful shot. For solo launches, you can lay down and hold the ends with your feet while pulling the snowball back with your hands. In any case, you'll be glad to have this slingshot when it's time to strike.

Best Sled: Lucky Bums Kids Plastic Snow Sled

What's a collection of snow toys without a sled? The Lucky Bums Kids Plastic Snow Sled is a budget-friendly pick with a slick toboggan design for kids between 3 and 15. It's made of heavy-duty plastic that's treated for below-freezing temps with built-in handles for easy steering. The attached rope can also be used for steering and hauling it back uphill.

With grooves molded into the plastic, this Lucky Bums snow sled is built for speed and effortless downhill gliding. It comes in three colors (red, blue, or pink) and two lengths (35 or 48 inches), which can safely accommodate one or two riders, respectively. Designed for heavy use, you can count on this toboggan for hundreds of trips down the slope and endless fun with your family. Its dependability is even backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

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