The 9 Best Soap Dispensers of 2021

Stylish dispensers to keep your home looking great and your hands clean

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Our Top Picks
"Not only is this dispenser waterproof and rechargeable, it also adjusts how much soap it dispenses based on your hand position."
"The playful, kitchen-themed caddy has space to tuck a sponge between the bottles of hand soap and lotion."
"Ideal for dish soap, this wide-mouthed, non-slip dispenser makes it easy to keep your sponge soapy when you're washing dishes."
"This pick looks sleek and elegant, especially next to items from the same line, including canisters and a toothbrush tumbler."
"This minimalist, matte dispenser is made by the German brand Blomus, known for their attractive-yet-functional products."
Best for Bathrooms:
Blocton Soap Dispenser at Wayfair
"Even in high-traffic powder rooms, this 14-ounce dispenser holds enough soap that it won't need a constant refill."
"Each one-of-a-kind bottle is handmade in Monterey, California and features pressed flowers in a dominant color of your choosing."
"We get major sauna-vibes from this boxy, bamboo soap dispenser from IKEA—and the low price tag only makes us love it more."
"This whimsical dispenser will send your kids a daily message about hygiene, and looks great with nautical or sea-themed decor."

Best Automatic: Simplehuman 9-Ounce Sensor Liquid Pump

Simple Human

Choosing a soap dispenser with an automatic sensor might cut down on the spread of germs since there will be fewer hands touching it—of course, you should still wipe it down regularly as part of your cleaning routine. An automatic dispenser is a great option for the kitchen, especially if you've been handling meat or poultry.

This popular option comes in several different colors and finishes, including white, brushed nickel, polished nickel, brass, and rose gold. The sensor is designed to dispense more soap if you hold your hand farther away, and less if you keep it up close. (And one reviewer noted the practical benefits, "This makes it easy for me to get more soap for my big hands, and yet my kids don't waste soap on their smaller hands.") The tubing pump resists clogs well, although you should avoid using any exfoliating products.

One of the coolest features about this pump is that no batteries are required: It can be easily recharged using a mechanism that's under the hinged top, and a single charge lasts for approximately three months. It's also waterproof, so you can feel good about giving it a thorough wash under the faucet when it needs a clean.

Best for Kitchen: Cucina Fork Soap & Lotion Caddy

Cucina Fork Soap & Lotion Caddy

Playfully accented with a fork, this attractive caddy, which is made from zinc alloy and finished with bronze, comes with two glazed porcelain bottles (each about 8 inches tall). The bottles are marked "soap" and "lotion"—don't forget the second step, because your hands deserve some moisturizing TLC after lots of time spent cooking and washing. There's even space to tuck a sponge between the two bottles, and the open design allows for plenty of drainage.

The caddy coordinates with other Pottery Barn pieces, including the Cucina cookbook holder (which has the same fork accent) and the similarly styled Blacksmith Farmhouse paper towel roll holder. When it comes time to clean it, note that you'll want to hand wash rather than dishwash to preserve the finish.

Best for Dish Soap: OXO Good Grips Big Button Hand Soap Dispenser

OXO Good Grips Big Button Hand Soap Dispenser

Made from durable stainless steel, this 12-ounce dispenser is ideal for the kitchen—especially for keeping dish soap easily accessible. Both its base and its button are made of non-slip material (ideal for the slippery sink area), and there's a wide mouth that makes refilling easy. The transparent plastic bottom lets you see when soap is running low, and the angled dispenser allows you to get just the right amount of liquid onto a sponge. It's a serious style upgrade from the basic plastic bottle your soap came in, and the clean, simple lines will coordinate with just about any kind of kitchen decor.

Best Glass: Crate & Barrel Ribbed Glass Soap Pump

Ribbed Soap Pump

Assuming you don't have little one running around who might knock a dispenser off the bathroom counter and shatter it to bits, this elegant option has a ribbed design that visually pops once it's filled with liquid, and a pump made from zinc alloy. It coordinates with other pieces from the same line, including small and large canisters (great for cotton balls, Q-tips, or hair elastics) and a toothbrush tumbler. It measures almost 8 inches high and holds 12 ounces—one reviewer noted it was larger than they expected. Note that it can't be washed in the dishwasher; hand washing is recommended.

Best Modern Style: Blomus Sono Soap Dispenser

Sono Soap Dispenser

Another delicate option (best for kid-free homes or master bathrooms), this sleek-looking ceramic container comes in several tasteful colors, including two shades of green, light and charcoal gray, taupe, and cream. It has a fairly streamlined profile, standing about 6 inches high and holding approximately 9 ounces of liquid. Originally founded in Germany during the early 1920s, Blomus is a darling within the design world, having won numerous awards for its attractive-yet-functional products for kitchens, bathrooms, outdoors, and more.

Best for Bathrooms: Blocton Soap Dispenser

Blocton Soap Dispenser

A true bathroom workhorse, this square-shaped dispenser is made from both glossy white ceramic and stainless steel, and holds 14 ounces of liquid soap, so you won't feel like you're constantly refilling it. When you do need to add more soap, the wide opening makes access easy and spill-free. Some reviewers noted that the pump's plastic tube was too long, but that they fixed it easily by snipping it with scissors.

If you like Blocton's aesthetic, there are several other products that will coordinate well, including a wastebasket, toothbrush holder, and a tray for bar soap. Not into ceramic? Blocton also makes a liquid soap dispenser that's made of only stainless steel.

Best Handmade: Wild Thyme Botanicals Pressed Flower Soap Dispenser

Pressed Flower Soap

These gorgeous glass soap dispensers are handmade in Monterey, California, and are adorned with pressed flowers. Each bottle is one-of-a-kind, so shoppers simply choose their preferred dominant color, and the overall look will reflect that. The dispensers are tough enough to withstand the steamy environment of the bathroom, although special precautions should be taken, including keeping the bottle out of direct sunlight and hand washing it with a soft cloth, rather than using the dishwasher. There are several bottle sizes and shapes to choose from, and Wild Thyme also makes incense holders if you're digging the floral look.

Best Wooden: IKEA DRAGAN Bamboo Soap Dispenser


Two things we love about this bamboo soap dispenser: It's giving us serious sauna vibes, and it has a stunningly low price tag. It's about 6 inches high and holds 12 ounces of liquid, and matches other Dragan pieces from IKEA, including boxes and a toothbrush holder. It can't be cleaned in the dishwasher, but there's a plastic bottle underneath the wood exterior that can be hand washed and refilled as needed.

Best for Kids' Bathrooms: Pillowfort "Wash Your Hands" Plastic Soap Dispenser

Wash Your Hands Foaming Soap Dispenser White & Navy - Pillowfort™

Affordable and indestructible (hooray for acrylic!), this whimsical dispenser will send your kids a daily message about hand hygiene. (You can also pair it with the matching toothbrush holder that says—you guessed it—"Brush your teeth.") It stands about 6 inches high, so it won't overwhelm the counter top. Although it was designed to complement Target's other shark-themed bathroom accessories, it would work well with many different decor schemes, nautical or not.

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