The 8 Best Sock Subscriptions of 2021

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Best Overall: Sock Fancy

Sock Fancy

Sock Fancy

Atlanta-based Sock Fancy began when Futhum Tewolde, who loved to rock bold and flashy socks, lamented to his friend and roommate, Stefan Lewinger, how difficult it was to find quality pairs for affordable prices. The duo launched Sock Fancy in 2013 as their solution, offering men and women a reliable outlet for high-quality, soft, 200 needle count socks delivered on a regular basis.

With a no-slip cuff and a reinforced heel and toe, Sock Fancy products are made with 70% combed cotton to ensure comfort. The company offers monthly deliveries at two levels: two pairs for around $19 or three pairs for about $27.

The brand's socks are unique, with bright, clashing colors and fun patterns adorning them.

Shipping is free and subscribers can pay monthly or prepay for three, six, or 12 months to take advantage of additional savings. And there’s little risk or commitment, even if you’re picky about your footwear, since users can swap any pair of socks they’re not happy with. Monthly memberships can be canceled at any time.

Best for Upgrading What You Have: Nice Laundry

Nice Laundry

Nice Laundry

Launched by entrepreneurs Ricky Choi and Phil Moldavski in 2013, Nice Laundry encourages men to upgrade their sock drawers not only by offering high-quality basics at an affordable price point, but also by including free return labels with every order so customers can recycle the worn-out pairs they’re replacing.

Options like boxes that provide 18 pairs of dress socks for $119, or $59 for six pairs, allow customers to build a functional sock wardrobe from the ground up.

The more playful Sock of the Month membership is $11 per one-pair installment of eye-catching patterns and colorful socks, with the option to skip or cancel any time.

Nice Laundry products are built to last, with superior features like Microlast technology to avoid shrinkage by protecting fibers, Everknit to strengthen key areas like toes and heels, and ribbed internal cuffs to keep socks in place.

High expectations are welcome: Nice Laundry boasts a return rate of only two out of every 1,000 orders, so while you can return your socks if you’re unhappy with the first pair, you probably won’t need to.

Best for a Gift: Ozone Sock of the Month



Made by high-quality manufacturers in France, Colombia, and Japan, Ozone offers subscriptions for men and women in six-month or one-year prepaid increments.

Over 12 months, women will receive nine pairs of crew socks, two pairs of knee-high socks, and one pair of over-the-knee socks, plus one random bonus pair at signup. Men will receive 12 pairs of crew socks, plus one bonus signup pair.

These are fun socks with creative design homages to subway systems, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Cubism.

The subscription structure makes Ozone the best sock subscription to give as a gift. One-time payments for annual and six-month memberships do not auto-renew, so there will never be any surprises on your credit card bill. A six-month subscription costs about $75, and a one-year subscription comes in at about $150.

And if you’re ordering for yourself, remember that even though the membership is prepaid, users can still cancel at any time for a refund on the remaining months.

The why-didn’t-I-think-of-that bonus? Ozone also offers the option to purchase single socks, so you’ll never have to wear a mismatched pair again—even if your laundry machine seems to eat a sock every once in a while. All you have to do is email their customer service center and they'll go ahead and set up the order.

Best for Basics: BLACKSOCKS



Founded in 1999, BLACKSOCKS is one of the longest-running sock subscription services, and it’s easy to see why given its wide selection of versatile basics, ranging from simple black socks to colored socks to sneaker socks to out-there patterns.

Build your perfect subscription by customizing the send dates around your schedule and choosing from a variety of colors, cuts, and patterns to ensure that each delivery fits your routine and needs. The options abound: “Shorty Sneaker” socks, calf socks, invisible socks, business socks, Merino wool socks, and more, all offered in a variety of go-with-anything colors as well as bolder shades and patterns.

There’s something for everyone, and users have full control over which socks will arrive in each box. Because of the variety in product, there’s also a wide range of price. Per pair, the socks run between $10 and $18, so your subscription will be priced based on how many and which socks you choose.

The build-your-box model has clearly been a hit: BLACKSOCKS’s "sockscription" was so popular that the company replicated the program with white t-shirts and underwear, too, allowing men to refresh all of the hardest-working parts of their wardrobe while hardly lifting a finger.

Best for Bold Designs: Sock It To Me

Sock It To Me

 Sock It To Me

Kooky socks have been Sock It To Me’s specialty since 2004, when founder Carrie Atkinson started selling her designs at an outdoor market in Portland, Oregon.

The company still sells single pairs of socks, but now footwear fanatics can get early access to new styles through its monthly subscription model. The styles are truly bold, with everything from spaceships and beer to fruit and rainbows to rats eating pizza adorning these colorful socks.

Available in men’s and women’s styles, all memberships are prepaid and run from about $18 per month for annual memberships, about $19 per month for six months, around $20 per month for three months, and $22 for a single monthly installment. Every month’s box comes with two pairs of socks, each a surprise cut and a different bold or silly design.

While their popular kids’ socks aren’t offered in the monthly subscription at this time, the wide selection of children’s styles sold separately allows Sock It To Me customers to order matching pairs for mom or dad and the little one—a fun bonus for families.

Not loving your subscription? No problem. Sock It To Me also offers the unique option to transfer your subscription to a friend—simply change the shipping information in your account and allow your box of heel-to-toe goodness to be delivered to someone you love for the remainder of the subscription.

Best for Dress Socks: The Southern Scholar

The Southern Scholar

The Southern Scholar

The Southern Scholar’s sock subscription offers a variety of stylish, classic designs that are perfect for the office, a wedding, or any event where it’s important you dress to impress. Designs aren't flashy and tend to be more understated, but can still brighten up outfits with bold colors and simple patterns.

Billed month-to-month for $15 per installment, members receive one pair of high-quality dress socks each month. You can also subscribe for around $87 or $165 for six or 12 months, respectively.

The subscription comes with other perks like sitewide discounts on the company’s other dress wear accessories like pocket squares and ties, and access to exclusive members-only styles.

The socks are built to last, with 200 needle count construction and a special material blend to optimize feel, durability, and style.

Should the understated patterns still manage to push you slightly out of your comfort zone, Southern Scholar won’t leave you out to dry: The company includes a styling card in each shipment with outfit suggestions and pairing recommendations from a team of professional stylists.

And if the socks you get one month don’t quite fit your style, shipping and exchanges are free, and you can skip a month or cancel at any time.

Best for Families: Say It With a Sock

Say It With a Sock

Say It With a Sock

Founded in 2015 by a couple who are self-professed "huge sock fanatics" as an alternative to the stereotypical Valentine’s Day gift, Say It With A Sock is one of the few sock subscription companies that offers options for kids.

Subscriptions are unisex and come in five sizes: XL, and large sizes are suggested for men, medium is suggested for women, while kids’ large and kids’ medium are suggested for ages 7 to 10 and ages 3 to 6, respectively.

Adults can choose between one pair of socks per month, which costs about $13, or upgrade to two monthly pairs for around $18. All kids’ subscriptions come with two monthly pairs for $14.

Each delivery is a surprise, and while users can’t choose from specific styles, they can indicate a preference between “graphic” socks—bold, loud styles, sometimes with witty text—or more subdued “patterned” socks.

Double knitting at the heel and toe, along with all-over 200 needle count construction, make these durable enough for every day, consistent wear.

Best for Athletes: Stance Socks

Stance Socks

Stance Socks

This California-based brand was founded in 2009 as a brand for skateboarding socks and has since built a reputation as one of the best sources for athletic socks and basics.

Sock subscriptions are offered for men and women, with an additional underwear subscription for men, and the company stands out for its user experience—canceling, skipping a month, and customizing your deliveries all feel seamless.

While subscribers don’t choose each specific pair of socks from the get-go, a variety of questions during the purchase process ensures that what arrives each month will be appreciated by the recipient. In addition to somewhat standard questions about gender, size, and quantity, users indicate their preferred sock height from four options and their preferred thickness from three levels.

After that, Stance asks a broad question: What are you into? You can answer with what sport you like, with options like running or golf, or you can choose from pop-culture or style specifics, like Star Wars or streetwear.

From there, Stance chooses your monthly products based on what its algorithm thinks you’ll like the most. They'll always let you know what’s coming in the next shipment—and if you’re not 100% excited, there’s the option to choose each item in the box yourself before it makes its way to you.

Subscriptions are based on how many socks you're getting, with two pairs being around $19, three pairs around $27, and four pairs about $36. There are also options to receive your socks either quarterly or monthly.


What Is a Sock Subscription?

Sock subscriptions are recurring shipments of socks, which are delivered right to the customer’s front door. Whether they prefer business, casual, or athletic socks, sock lovers can choose a subscription that makes it easy and convenient to receive their favorite type. Subscription plans are usually monthly but some are offered on a quarterly or annual basis.

What Is Included in a Sock Subscription?  

Sock subscription boxes usually contain one to four pairs of socks, which may include athletic socks, dress socks, crew socks, knee-socks, or low-cut socks. Some socks may be very basic or neutral colors, while others may have bold patterns or fun designs. Depending on the level of customization, you may be able to choose the exact type and style of socks you receive or you may be surprised with that month’s picks.

How Much Do Sock Subscriptions Cost?

The cost of sock subscriptions generally ranges between $10 to $36 per box, but prices vary depending on the number and types of socks that are included. Most companies give discounts for longer subscriptions and some charge an additional fee for shipping.

How We Chose the Best Sock Subscriptions

To make this list, we researched the most popular sock subscription companies around, making note of the price, material, subscription flexibility, and variety in selection. We also looked into new and up-and-coming subscription start-ups, paying attention to companies that have an especially high-quality product or top-rated reviews, although they may not be as popular.

We took into account who these subscriptions were made to serve—men, women, children, or unisex—and considered additional membership perks like discounts or styling advice. Often, the services offer perks like single-sock purchases or added discounts in their online stores, so you aren't just getting a run-of-the-mill sock subscription that you're locked into.

There is a range of styles available among the brands on this list, from athletic to dress to just straight up funky and out-there designs, so prospective subscribers should be able to find a subscription that suits them.

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