The 11 Best Spice Racks of 2023

The Container Store's 20-Bottle Spice Rack is our top pick

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Williams Sonoma / Crate and Barrel

Every kitchen has some sort of collection of spices, whether it's a container of cinnamon, salt, pepper, and good ol' dry basil. Instead of tossing those flavor-filled jars or canisters into a drawer all willy-nilly, we suggest stashing your herbs and seasonings on a spice rack, making your culinary collection visible and accessible as you whip up that impromptu pasta dish or fry a morning egg. From spinning countertop racks to expandable shelves, there's plenty of clever and convenient options out there! To help you choose the right type, style, and size, we caught up with experts to give us a dash of seasoned advice.

A spice rack neatly allows you to see what you have when it's time to cook your favorite dish, eliminating the need to double purchase, explains professional organizer Shaniece Jones. This saves you money and time spent running out if you already know and can see you have the spices you need, she says.

But before you even choose a spice rack, there are a few things you ought to consider. "Take inventory of the spices you plan to store on the spice rack, to be sure you'll have enough space," advises Jones, founder of One Woman Army Closet Design & Organization. The other very necessary task? Measure, measure, measure. How much space do you reasonably have in your kitchen to store everything? "Size matters when it comes to spice racks, and wherever you decide to place your rack. Whether it's a rotating rack or a drawer rack, you want to be sure that it fits," says Jones.

With Jones' advice in mind, our favorite is the versatile Acrylic 20-Bottle Spice Rack from The Container Store, which you can place in a cabinet or directly on the counter for easy access.

Here, you'll find the best spice racks for every kitchen and budget.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

The Container Store Acrylic 20-Bottle Spice Rack

Acrylic 20-Bottle Spice Rack
Courtesy of The Container Store.
What We Like
  • Jars included

  • Versatile design

  • Freestanding or mounted placement

What We Don't Like
  • Pre-printed labels

Looking to up your spice game? We have the perfect suggestion! Our top pick is the 20-Bottle Spice Rack from The Container Store. Made of clear acrylic, it has a modern, versatile appeal that'll go with any kitchen decor scheme. Measuring 11.125 x 10.5 x 4.5 inches, the frame is relatively compact.

You can place it directly on your counter, in a cabinet, or in your pantry, and the non-slip feet help keep it in place. There are also drill holes in the back, giving you the option to mount it to a wall or behind a door.

This spice rack has slots for 20 jars and includes twenty 3-ounce glass bottles, each with a removable plastic sifter. The set comes with 48 labels pre-printed with the names of popular herbs, as well as 12 blank labels. The flexibility is nice, but if you want to switch the labels out or make your own seasoning blends, it might be hard to ensure that the font looks the same on all bottles. Still, you can always buy, print, or make your own labels.

Price at time of publish: $38

Dimensions: 11.125 x 10.5 x 4.5 inches | Weight: Not listed | Material: Acrylic | Color: Clear | Assembly Required: No

Best Budget

Zri Bamboo 3-Tier Expandable Spice Rack Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

3-Tier Expandable Spice Rack Kitchen Cabinet Organizer
Courtesy of Amazon.
What We Like
  • Renewable material

  • Adjustable width

  • Decent capacity

What We Don't Like
  • Slightly rickety when expanded

  • Top-tier labels not as visible

For those who are watching their budget, we recommend the Zri Bamboo Expandable Kitchen Organizer. As the name suggests, this three-tier shelf is made of renewable bamboo and expands from about 13 to 22 inches wide.

It's a good option for permanent placement on a cabinet shelf or in a pantry, as it might be slightly rickety expanded. Unlike rotating racks, the tiers can make it hard to see the jars in the back. Still, it looks nice, holds up to 30 jars, and won't break the bank. Did we mention it's easy to clean with a damp cloth?

And if you should get tired of it, you can also use it in your bathroom to hold lotions and cosmetics or use it to display pantry goods, such as canned goods or jars of tomato sauce.

Price at time of publish: $22

Dimensions: 22.2 x 7.7 x 4.3 inches | Weight: 2.68 pounds | Material: Bamboo | Color: Natural, black, brown | Assembly Required: No

Best Design

Williams-Sonoma Hold Everything Revolving Ashwood Spice Rack

Hold Everything Revolving Ashwood Spice Rack
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma.
What We Like
  • Elegant aesthetic

  • Spins for easy access

  • Jars included

What We Don't Like
  • Pricey

  • Pre-printed labels

Design-wise, our favorite spice organizer is the Hold Everything Spice Rack from Williams-Sonoma. It's crafted from solid ash wood with a natural finish and spins around for easy access so you can see all of your spices. You can place it in your pantry, but why not show off your vertical arrangement on your counter?

It comes with 16 glass bottles, each with a matching ash lid and an airtight silicone seal, which is a nice bonus. You'll also get pre-printed labels and a few blanks, but if you want them all to match, you'll need to buy or make your own. The downside is that this beauty is pricey, so expect to shell out a few dollars for such a gorgeous spice rack.

Price at time of publish: $90

Dimensions: 12 x 6.625 inches | Weight: Not listed | Material: Ashwood | Color: Natural | Assembly Required: No

Best Shelf

Cookbook People Multikeep Adjustable Shelf Spice Rack

Multikeep Adjustable Shelf Spice Rack
Courtesy of Amazon.
What We Like
  • Renewable material

  • Modular design

  • Easy to adjust

What We Don't Like
  • Must be mounted

  • Hardware not included

If you're interested in a shelf-style unit, a la spice cubbies, consider the Multikeep Adjustable Spice Rack from Cookbook People. It's made of renewable bamboo and features a beautifully versatile natural finish.

The modular design allows you to adjust the individual compartments to fit various seasonings, oils, and other cooking essentials. We love that the slats easily slide in and out and can create a custom spice organizer that will fit your specific needs. Bear in mind this piece needs to be mounted—otherwise, it'll topple right over when filled with heavy containers and jars. You'll have to get your own mounting hardware, too. If your kitchen drawer is wide or deep enough, you can also slide it as a handy organizer with dividers, too.

Price at time of publish: $55

Dimensions: 12 x 14 x 3.75| Weight: 4.4 pounds | Material: Bamboo | Color: Natural | Assembly Required: No

Best Countertop

Crate & Barrel 16-Cube Bamboo Spice Rack

16-Cube Bamboo Spice Rack
Courtesy of Crate & Barrel.
What We Like
  • Renewable material

  • Jars/spices included

  • Unique square jars

What We Don't Like
  • Pricey

We also like this dashing countertop option from Crate & Barrel. It's made of natural bamboo with a black powder-coated metal kickstand. And it comes with 16 super stylish, cube-shaped glass jars with black plastic lids, each pre-filled with dried herbs. Expect seasonings such as basil, bay leaves, chives, fennel seed, and herbes de Provence.

"If you're purchasing the rack with an assortment of spices already arranged, you'll want to make sure a majority are spices you'll actually use," says Jones, a professional organizer. But because the jars aren't pre-labeled, you'll have more flexibility if you want to switch them out with your own seasonings.

Price at time of publish: $66

Dimensions: 10.88 x 6.13 x 14.13 inches | Weight: Not listed | Material: Bamboo | Color: Natural | Assembly Required: No

Best Revolving

Kamenstein Heritage Revolving Countertop 16-Jar Spice Rack

Heritage Revolving Countertop 16-Jar Spice Rack
Courtesy of Amazon.
What We Like
  • Spins for easy access

  • Sleek steel design

  • Jars/spices included

What We Don't Like
  • Pre-labeled lids

Prefer something that spins around for easy access to all of your herbs and seasonings? Check out the Kamenstein Heritage Revolving Spice Rack. Made of stainless steel and with a shiny chrome finish, this countertop spice rack includes 16 glass jars with handy sifter tops.

The jars are pre-filled with an assortment of seasonings. This is an appreciated bonus, but since they're pre-labeled, you may want to get your own labels, to ensure they all match if you choose to swap a few out.

Price at time of publish: $40

Dimensions: 10.375 x 7.125 x 7.125 inches | Weight: 6.23 pounds | Material: Stainless steel | Color: Chrome | Assembly Required: No

Best Mounted

mDesign Metal Wall Mount Spice Rack Organizer

Courtesy of Amazon
What We Like
  • Simple yet practical

  • Easy to mount

  • Hardware and adhesive included

What We Don't Like
  • Screws too long for cabinets

  • Low capacity with adhesive

You might also consider a mountable model, like the simple, yet practical, mDesign Spice Rack Organizer. This wire-style unit is made of stainless steel and comes in your choice of a black or graphite finish.

It can be attached to the back of your kitchen cabinet door or inside your pantry using the included hardware or adhesive. The included screws may be too long for some cabinets, so consider using shorter ones to ensure that they don't poke all the way through. And if you use the adhesive, the weight capacity will be slightly lower (about 5.5 pounds), in which case, glass jars may be too heavy.

Price at time of publish: $19

Dimensions: 12.25 x 2.75 x 13 inches | Weight: 1.5 pounds | Material: Steel | Color: Black, graphite | Assembly Required: No

Best Pull-Out

Holdn' Storage Pull-Out Spice Rack Organizer for Cabinet

Pull-Out Spice Rack Organizer for Cabinet
Courtesy of Amazon.
What We Like
  • Four sizes available

  • Hardware included

  • Easy to install

What We Don't Like
  • May require spacer board

A pull-out rack saves valuable countertop space while providing easy access to your spices. We like the Holdn' Storage Rack Organizer, a two-tiered design made of sturdy stainless steel.

It comes in four sizes and three finishes (chrome, black, and white) to accommodate kitchens of all sizes and styles. All the necessary hardware is included, and it's pretty easy to install, but you might need a spacer board to clear the edge, depending on the size of your cabinet.

Price at time of publish: $38

Dimensions: 10.375 x 8.875 x varying width | Weight: 4–5.5 pounds | Material: Steel | Color: Chrome, white, black | Assembly Required: No

Best In-Drawer

iDesign Linus In-Drawer Spice Rack

iDesign Linus In-Drawer Spice Rack
What We Like
  • Affordable

  • Food-grade plastic

  • Unique tiered design

What We Don't Like
  • No non-slip base

If you prefer to keep your seasonings in a drawer, this one's for you. The iDesign Linus Spice Rack is made of thick, durable, food-grade plastic and features grooves where you can line up to 16 jars.

The unique tiered design allows you to easily see all of the labels without taking up any additional vertical space. One thing to note is that this piece doesn't have a non-slip base, but you can place it over a grippy drawer liner to prevent it from sliding around.

Price at time of publish: $35

Dimensions: 16.75 x 8.5 x 1.5 inches | Weight: Not listed | Material: Plastic | Color: Clear | Assembly Required: No

Best Magnetic

Yamazaki Magnetic Storage Caddy Spice Rack

Magnetic Storage Caddy Spice Rack
Courtesy of Amazon.
What We Like
  • Ultra-strong magnetic back

  • Attaches easily

  • Minimalist-modern design

What We Don't Like
  • Relatively small

  • Requires metal surface

Magnetic spice racks are great for renters and those with limited space in their kitchen cabinets and drawers. We like this minimalist-modern storage caddy from Yamazaki, which is made of steel with a white powder-coated finish.

The ultra-strong magnetic backing attaches effortlessly to any metal surface, such as your refrigerator. You probably can't mount it to a wall or the back of a door, so just make sure you have a metal area in mind. Due to the small-ish size, you might want to get multiple caddies to hold all your seasonings.

Price at time of publish: $25

Dimensions: 4.33 x 9.65 x 3.35 inches | Weight: 1.35 pounds | Material: Steel | Color: White | Assembly Required: No

Best for Small Kitchens

IKEA Bekväm Spice Rack

Bekväm Spice Rack
Courtesy of Ikea.
What We Like
  • Compact

  • Saves counter space

  • Can be painted or stained

What We Don't Like
  • Assembly required

  • Must be mounted

The IKEA Bekväm is an excellent choice for small kitchens. This simple and compact spice rack is about 16 inches wide and nearly 4 inches deep, with a rail to hold one or two rows of small jars in place. It's made of solid aspen wood and is sanded to a light, natural finish.

You can also stain or paint it in the color of your choice. Like most IKEA pieces, this organizer has to be assembled at home, but it should be a pretty quick process. And while the mounted design saves counter space, drilling holes in the wall might be an issue for renters.

Price at time of publish: $7

Dimensions: 15.75 x 3.875 x 3.5 inches | Weight: Not listed | Material: Solid aspen wood | Color: Natural | Assembly Required: Yes

Final Verdict

Overall, we like The Container Store Acrylic 20-Bottle Spice Rack. This versatile kitchen storage solution can be placed on a shelf, mounted to a wall, attached to the back of a door, or placed directly on your countertop. Plus, it comes with 20 glass jars! But if you're on a budget, the Zri Bamboo 3-Tier Expandable Spice Rack is an excellent choice.

What to Consider When Buying a Spice Rack


Nowadays, there are plenty of options out there when it comes to organizing spices. "The different types of spice racks are rotating spice racks, drawer spice racks, tiered expandable shelving, wall-mounted spice racks, and sliding drawer spice racks," explains Shaniece Jones, founder of One Woman Army Closet Design & Organization.

First, consider how permanent you'd like the placement to be. Revolving racks like the Kamenstein Heritage Spice Rack allow for easy access on a counter or even inside a cupboard. A mounted option like the mDesign Spice Rack saves counter space, it but might not be ideal if you don't want to drill into your wall or cabinet door.

Capacity and Organization Options

"Another factor will be the size of the spice rack, as well as the size of the space where the rack will be placed," says Jones. Check the dimensions carefully to ensure that it'll fit in your kitchen, and note how many jars it can hold.

Some racks have designated slots for jars, whereas others feature shelves for more flexibility. If you cook often and like to keep dozens of spices on hand, you'll want a bigger unit. Otherwise, something that holds roughly 16 jars should suffice.


Think about what will look good in your space (and go with the rest of your kitchen aesthetic) as well as what’s easy to clean. Ryan Eiesland, co-founder of Home Sort, recommends spice racks made from metal, wood, or acrylic that can be wiped down. 

“Beware of flimsy materials,” Eiesland says. “Always shop for quality construction that will stand the test of time,” she says, adding that she recommends spice racks made from bamboo and acrylic.

Assembly and Installation

Before buying a spice rack, read through the product description to see whether at-home assembly is required. The setup process should be relatively easy, though you'll want to make sure you have all the necessary tools.

Units like the Cookbook People Multikeep Adjustable Shelf and the Holdn' Storage Spice Rack must be mounted or installed. They're usually relatively easy to DIY, but if you're not up for it, consider hiring a professional.

  • What is the best type of spice rack?

    There’s no single answer to this question. It depends on your preferences and your space. Every option has its pros and cons, so it’s important for shoppers to invest in a system that works for their space and cooking style. For example, if you’re short on counter space, go for a hanging or magnetized option. No matter which style of spice rack you purchase, it should make your spices easy to access, Eiesland says.

  • What size are spice racks, and how deep should they be?

    Spice racks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Figure out how many jars you need to store, and look for a unit that can accommodate them. In terms of how deep it should be, it really depends on where you plan to place it. For instance, spice racks for pantry shelves might be relatively wide and deep, whereas a countertop revolving unit might be taller and narrower. In any case, Jones says, "It's important that you measure the depth, width, and height of the space before purchasing a spice rack."

  • How do you mount a spice rack?

    Most wall-mounted spice racks will come with instructions. The key things to keep in mind are to mark the correct placement before affixing the rack, use a level to ensure it’s straight, and use anchors to ensure that the rack stays put.

  • How should you organize your spices in a spice rack?

    While this again depends somewhat on your preferences, many pro organizers suggest that the best option is by “type and use.” That means grouping all savory spices together and placing sweet spices together, she says. Sorting alphabetically is also an easy way to organize. For a standardized appearance, purchase all spices from a single brand, or decant them into customized jars with labels, Eiesland recommends.

  • How much does a spice rack typically cost?

    High-quality spice racks for cabinets and countertops that come with matching jars are often $50 or more, though you can find decent options in the $20 to $40 range. Smaller mounted units, tiered shelves, and in-drawer organizers are usually more affordable—you can probably find a good one for around $20.

  • Should you invest in a spice rack?

    If you use a lot of spices on a regular basis, you’ll benefit from having a spice rack. It’s helpful to have all of your spices in one spot so you can easily find them, and so you’ll know when you’re about to run out of a favorite spice. Many of the best spice racks are fairly inexpensive, and most are portable, so you can take them with you when you move. 

  • Where is the best place to store spices?

    Spices should be stored in a cool, dry place, such as inside your kitchen cabinets, in a drawer, or in your pantry. According to Jones, the best place for your herbs and seasonings is within reach while cooking, whether in a nearby cabinet or on a revolving countertop rack.

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