6 Fresh Colors to Try in Your Home This Spring, According to Designers

Navy dinnerware on table paired with bowls of lemons.

Maggie Griffin Design

One of the very best parts of transitioning between seasons is the changes in our color palettes. The jewel tones and warm neutrals we loved in winter feel heavy instead of cozy, and we find ourselves craving lighter, brighter, and more cheerful hues as the world reawakens.

But which colors are best for that refreshing vibe? We turned to the experts to ask which colors perfectly evoke the freshness we all seek in spring, and their responses have us ready to grab the paint rollers and get to work.

Meet the Expert

  • Ashley McCollum is the associate marketing manager at Glidden, as well as one of their color experts.
  • Caron Woolsey is the founder and principal designer of CW Interiors.
  • Maggie Griffin is the founder and principal designer of Maggie Griffin Design.
  • Andi Morse is the founder and principal designer of Morse Design.
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    Soft Colors with Neutral Undertones

    California-boho-glam dining room with blush pink velvet chairs

    Dazy Den

    Ashley McCollum, a Glidden color expert, tells us that she expects a rise in colors that evoke the soft palettes straight from our gardens.

    “Just like the hues of blooming spring flowers, we will see soft colors with neutral undertones trending this season,” McCollum says. “Expect to see dusty and earthy shades of your favorite colors, as they easily pair with the neutrals already in your home, especially natural wood elements.”

    McCollum also notes that soft pastels are ideal because they can work as neutrals.

    “Subtle, grayish blues are modest enough to act as neutrals, but pack a little more punch than your typical white or beige,” she tells us. “Or, if pink is more your cup of tea, there are plenty of pale pink options that have that rosy hue we all love without going over the top.”

    Caron Woolsey of CW Interiors agrees. "We're leaning into soft foundational colors, like blush pinks and fresh greens,” she says. “Also, we are seeing large, statement upholstered pieces migrate towards these sweet, soft tones.”

    We're leaning into soft foundational colors, like blush pinks and fresh greens.

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    Any Shade From Nature

    powder blue monochromatic living room

    Tyler Karu Design

    Woolsey also agrees that it’s most definitely the time to pull our inspiration from the great outdoors. 

    "Naturally, this is the perfect time to embrace the colors that explode all around us at this time of year,” Woolsey says. “As the trees bloom with bright new baby leaves and bushes bud in all shades of pinks and purples—take your cues from Mother Nature and bring it all inside."

    And it’s not just garden shades. "Winter blues give way to sunny blue skies, so don’t be afraid to let some of that color inside your home,” she adds. 

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    You Can’t Go Wrong with Green

    Green tablescape with green apples and rattan placemats.

    Maggie Griffin Design

    Green is perfect for every season, but it’s practically spring’s signature tone. 

    “Green is the color of the season—and also the year!” McCollum shares. “Homeowners can channel the restorative nature of spring by using nature-inspired hues. The best part is that they are timeless, so you won’t need to worry about picking up the paintbrush again anytime soon.”

    Maggie Griffin of Maggie Griffin Design agrees. "With spring upon us, shades of green are at the forefront of my mind,” she says. “Trees are leafing out, bushes are filling back in, and the grass is green again. Pairing pretty shades of green in your home with bright aquas, a pop of pink, or a burst of sunshine yellow can truly bring the outdoors and the spirit of spring inside."

    “These are not the greens from your grandmother's mint green bathroom,” Woolsey adds. “This is a green moment that pairs well with natural woods, bold patterns, statement lighting, and mixed metals."

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    Bold Colors That Rejuvenate

    Powder room with moody purple and blue floral wainscot wallpaper

    Calimia Home

    If you’re painting an entire room, it’s probably wise to stick with something that will last year-round. But, as McCollum notes, spring is the perfect time to really play with color. 

    “Because spring is all about rejuvenation, it’s also a fun time to add some color and excitement to a space,” she says. “For example, turn your home into a lush, springtime garden with colors like lilac or soothing blue."

    McCollum has a spot-on shade recommendation for spring—Glidden's Carrot Cake. "If you’re looking to make a bolder statement this spring, but still want to be on-trend, try this energetic golden orange named after our favorite seasonal treat," she says.

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    Pastels, Especially as Accessories

    Fresh pink hydrangeas in vase on dresser.

    Maggie Griffin Design

    While a full spring refresh is a great excuse to paint, Griffin assures us this isn’t the only way to bring in the spring.

    "If you’re not quite ready for a full paint job in pastel hues, a cheerful new front door color, a pretty flower arrangement, or a seasonal wreath can all fill that springy void after a long winter," she tells us. "A simple bowl of pretty painted eggs, or a moss-filled vessel with a potted orchid or even a bowl of Easter candy can lighten a mood."

    Andi Morse of Morse Design agrees. "My favorite way to incorporate pastels is through accent pieces," she says. "Find pillows, throws, and wallpaper in these soft shades to enhance a room’s design. I also love using pastel paint colors for bedroom walls to create a soft and relaxing design. Soft pinks, soft greens, and soft yellows are all trending right now. I also love using these colors all together in one room."

    Woolsey also advises adding pastels as pretty pops around a space.

    "Making a huge change isn’t necessary," she notes. Something as simple as painting your pantry a pretty pastel can completely transform the mood of the space."

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    Sunny Days Are Made for Yellow

    Navy dinnerware on table paired with bowls of lemons.

    Maggie Griffin Design

    Yellow is one of the brightest stars of the spring seasonal color palette, in our opinion. But if you’re worried this cheery tone isn’t right for you, Griffin suggests partnering it with the right accent color. 

    "Yellow is big for this year,” Griffin says. “Paired with handsome shades of green and navy, yellow can transition into everyone’s home."

    Morse agrees, noting she loves yellow with another popular 2022 pick. "I love green and yellow color palettes for spring,” she says. “These colors are light, fresh, and uplifting—they simply make you feel good."

    These colors are light, fresh, and uplifting—they simply make you feel good.