The 6 Best Stackable Washers and Dryers of 2019

Save space with these washer-and-dryer duos

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: GE High-Efficiency Washer and Dryer

“The steam feature on the washer also helps get deep stains out with less hassle. ”

Best Value: Samsung High-Efficiency Washer and Electric Dryer at Lowe’s

“It does an efficient job cleaning clothes and is surprisingly quiet.”

Best Compact: Bosch 24 in. 2.2 cu. ft. Compact Washer at Home Depot

“Can be easily stacked under your counter or another small space.”

Best Electric: Whirlpool Electric Stacked Laundry Center at Home Depot

“An efficient and reliable electric laundry center that can handle a lot of clothing.”

Best for Condo: GE Electric Stacked Laundry Center at Home Depot

“The 3.2 cubic foot electric washer can handle your daily loads of laundry.”

Best High-Efficiency: Electrolux High Efficiency Washer & Dryer at Home Depot

“The water level will automatically adjust to reduce unnecessary water usage.”

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    Best Overall: GE High Efficiency 4.5 cu ft Washer and 7.5 cu ft. Dryer


    Courtesy of Home Depot

    For a high-quality, top-rated washing machine that you can stack, the GE High-Efficiency Front Load Washer with steam is a worthwhile investment. This Energy Star-certified appliance comes with a host of helpful features, and with the help of a stacking kit, you can place a compatible dryer on top of it to save space.

    Busy households will get a kick out of its 37-minute washing cycle so more laundry can get done in less time. The added steam feature on the washer also helps get deep stains (think grass, dirt, and more) out with less hassle. The compatible dryer also comes with a steam feature which will leave your clothes wrinkle-free. And you no longer need to guess how long your clothes will take to dry (wasting energy and your time) with the handy sensor that will dry everything to perfection.

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    Best Value: Samsung High-Efficiency Washer and Electric Dryer

    For a low-cost stackable washer, you can’t go wrong with the Samsung High-Efficiency Stackable Front-Load Washer. This spacious washing machine gets top marks from reviewers, and compatible dryers can be stacked on top of it using the Samsung Stacking Kit.

    This Samsung washing machine measures 27” wide and 38” tall and has a 4.2 cubic foot capacity. It has a diamond drum design that treats fabrics gently in order to extend clothing life. It has 11 cycles to choose from including a bedding option, as well as an EZ Drawer Dispenser where you put detergent. The appliance’s VRT Plus technology reduces vibrations by 40% for a quieter cycle, and the 800-RPM spin speed ensures your clothes are ready faster.

    Reviewers are generally happy with this affordable front-load washing machine, saying that it does an efficient job cleaning clothes and is surprisingly quiet. One reviewer does note that if you stack the washer and dryer, it can be hard for shorter people to reach the controls at the top, so keep that in mind if you plan on stacking these appliances.

    You’ll want to pair the Samsung washer with the Samsung Stackable Electric Dryer, which comes at an equally affordable price. This appliance’s large drum and easy-to-use controls will make it a welcome addition to your household.

    The Samsung dryer has a 7.5 cubic foot capacity and measures 27” wide by 38” tall. Note that when stacked, these two units will be over 6 feet high, so shorter people may have trouble reaching the controls on the dryer. The appliance comes with four temperature options and nine cycles, including quick dry and wrinkle release. The Samsung dryer uses Sensor Dry technology to detect moisture levels and stop the cycle, and it also has a lint indicator light that lets you know when the lint trap needs to be cleaned.

    Though most users have good things to say about this machine’s performance, several do note that the appliance has a problem with forming cracks in the dryer drum after a few years. For this reason, you may want to look into an extended warranty to protect your investment.

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    Best Compact: Bosch 24 in. 2.2 cu. ft. White High-Efficiency Front Load Compact Washer


    Courtesy of Home Depot

    Though the affordable price point is probably what caught your eye with this product, the Bosch 300 Series High-Efficiency Front Load Compact Washer offers a variety of features aside from cost (though it must be said, you seriously can’t beat that price). Boasting a sleek, compact design, the Bosch Compact Washer can be easily stacked in a closet, under your counter, or in any other smallish nooks and crannies in your home. The 2.2 cu.-foot drum has a capacity for up to 15.4 pounds of clothing, and the wave-shaped stainless steel drum provides a thorough, yet gentle, wash. It’s energy-efficient, too: the Bosch Compact Washer is ENERGY STAR qualified and uses ActiveWater technology for more efficient water use.

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    Best Electric: Whirlpool 3.5 cu. ft. Electric Stacked Laundry Center

    Courtesy of Home Depot

    Whirlpool, one of the top names in washer and dryers, makes an efficient and reliable electric laundry center. Most laundry centers don't have a lot of bells and whistles due to their small size, but this unit has some cool features, like a DrySense monitor that ensures your clothes get dried to the perfect level. It has a 3.5 cubic foot washer, and the dryer can handle 5.9 cubic feet, making it one of the largest laundry centers on the market

    Reviewers rave that this unit handles everything from muddy towels to sandy beach clothes with ease. Although it is a small size it can easily accommodate a family. Setup is also very easy and convenient. Another plus for families with small kids is all of the controls are way up top which prevent little fingers from starting the wash cycle. Though some shorter people might find this a problem. 

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    Best for Condo: GE Electric Stacked Laundry Center

    Courtesy of Lowe's

    If you want a unit that performs just as well as a standard washer and dryer this is the appliance for you. The 3.2 cubic foot electric washer can handle your daily loads of laundry while the 5.9 cubic foot dryer can dry towels and more, efficiently. This unit has 11 wash cycles which can clean all types of fabrics effectively. It also has six different water temperature settings so you can ensure your whites stay white and colors won't bleed together. 

    When it comes time to dry, you'll easily be able to fit a set of sheets in here and if you forgot clothes in the dryer you can set it to quick fluff and dewrinkle which will eliminate the need to iron. 

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    Best High-Efficiency: Electrolux 4.3 cu. ft. High Efficiency Front Load Washer and Dryer

    Courtesy of Home Depot.

    Another high-efficiency washer and dryer unit that you should consider is the Electrolux 4.3 cu. ft. High Efficiency Front Load Washer and Dryer. The 4.3 cu washer has plenty of room, so large families will be able to fit plenty of clothing into a single load. For reference, the washer can fit a king-sized comforter with room to spare. There are five wash cycles to choose from, and the water level will automatically adjust to reduce unnecessary water usage, which will save you money in the long run. The electronic LED controls make it easy to select a cycle and then track how much time you have left. All of these features combined make this machine both functional and versatile.

    The matching Electrolux 8.0 cu. ft. Electric Dryer also boasts desirable features that are similar to the washer. There are 5 dry cycles, a bright LED display, and a large interior that can dry more clothes per load. There are also three temperature settings that you can adjust based on the fabric. This will prevent over drying and shrinking with more delicate fabrics.

    You can purchase the Electrolux Front Loading Laundry Stacking Kit separately, which will allow you stack your units on top of one another. It's easy to install and great for small spaces.