The 9 Best STEM Toys for Girls in 2020

Help her learn about coding, chemistry, electronics and more

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Our Top Picks
Best Overall:
Anki Cozmo at Amazon
"This interactive and programmable robot can express hundreds of emotions."
"A popular construction toy and storybook that young girls will love.""
"It introduces basic engineering concepts in a toddler-friendly toy."
"This set supports critical thinking and fine motor skills.""
"This STEM kit has more than 100 exciting projects."
"Parents say it’s the best STEM robotic device on the market."
"Includes more than 19 fun experiments that will teach chemistry concepts."
"Customers say the little robot is super engaging and fun for young children."
Best for iPad:
Osmo Genius Kit at Amazon
"It combines on-screen activities with physical games."

Whether you know a little girl who loves coding, math, chemistry, or biology or you're hoping to spark a deeper interest in these areas, a fun way to learn is to pick up a STEM-themed toy. We researched the best STEM toys for girls, rounding up a list of robots to teach coding, chemistry sets for running experiments, building kits to learn engineering basics, and more.

Here, the best STEM toys for girls fo all ages:

Best Overall: Anki Cozmo

One of the best STEM toys available for both girls and boys is Cozmo from toy brand Anki. This adorable little robot is packed with features that make it both educational and extremely fun for kids 8 and up.

Cozmo is a little robot with a big personality. He’s powered by artificial intelligence, so he can express hundreds of emotions and even recognize you. Young girls will love playing games like Quick Tap and Keepaway with their robotic pal, and they can use Cozmo’s Code Lab to dive into the world of programming. The Lab comes with both beginner and intermediate programs, allowing kids to progress as they get the hang of coding.

Cozmo will quickly become a favorite toy for kids, thanks to its adorable nature and engaging activities. The well-designed associated app allows kids to play on their own right from the start. Cozmo may be a little pricey, but practically it's worth the splurge if you’re looking for a great STEM toy.

Best Budget: GoldieBlox and The Spinning Machine

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a great STEM toy for girls. GoldieBlox and The Spinning Machine is a construction toy and storybook set that young girls will love, as it features a girl engineer character!

This inexpensive STEM kit teaches girls about belt drives, guiding them as they create a “spinning machine” to help Goldie’s dog catch his tail. The kit is ideal for kids ages 4 and up, and it’s won several awards, including Educational Toy of the Year and People’s Choice Toy of the Year. Plus, the set is compatible with other GoldieBlox toys.

The GoldieBlox and The Spinning Machine is a cool concept that teaches kids a real-life engineering application, but a few note that the set has limited replay value.

Best for Toddlers: Guidecraft Grippies Builders

Little girls are never too young to start learning about STEM concepts! The award-winning Guidecraft Grippies Builders set is an open-ended activity for toddlers 18 months and older, and it introduces basic engineering concepts in a toddler-friendly toy.

The 20-piece set comes with a variety of oversized soft plastic rods and balls with four unique textures. The pieces snap together using magnets, allowing toddlers to create a huge variety of shapes as they engage in a little tactile exploration. Guidecraft Grippies is a great open-ended magnetic toy for toddlers as the pieces are easy for little hands to hold and safe for young kids to use.

Best for 4-Year-Olds: Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Build & Bloom Building Set

Older girls will need more complex projects to keep them engaged, which is why the Gears! Gears! Gears! Build & Bloom Building Set is perfect for young girls around age 4. This set supports critical thinking and fine motor skills, all while teaching kids about gears.

This set comes with 117 colorful pieces shaped like gears, cranks, flowers, garden critters, stems, and more. The parts are all interchangeable, so young girls can create complex garden designs then use the cranks to put their creativity in motion. Buyers love that there are endless ways to put this set together, and many note young girls love learning about mechanical concepts as they create fun, colorful garden designs.

Best for 7-Year-Olds: Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit

Once girls reach grade school, they’ll be able to understand and apply more advanced STEM concepts. For a more challenging toy, we love the Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit. This STEM kit is perfect for 7-year-old girls as it teaches kids about electrical circuits with more than 100 exciting projects.

The Snap Circuits kit includes more than 30 pieces that easily snap together—no soldering necessary. Kids ages 8 and up can use this kit to create real, working electrical circuits, completing projects like powering a flashing light or a siren. The manual includes instructions for more than 100 projects, and parents say it’s the perfect balance of fun and challenging.

Best Robotic: Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

For girls who are into robotics, there’s no better STEM toy than the Wonder Workshop Dash Robot. This STEM activity bundle will teach young girls to code with the help of the cute blue Dash robot.

The Dash Robot responds to voice commands, and there are several included challenge cards that will teach kids how to program the robot using concepts like loops, events, conditions, and sequences. The open-ended learning platform makes learning to code easy and accessible, and this kit even comes with a catapult launcher that snaps onto the robot.

Parents call the award-winning Dash Robot an outstanding product with an impressive variety of abilities.

Best for Science: YELLOW SCOPE Foundation Chemistry Kit

Want your daughter to learn about chemistry? There’s no better toy to get her excited about experiments than the Yellow Scope Foundation Chemistry Kit, which is specifically designed for girls ages 8 to 12. This award-winning STEM toy includes more than 19 fun experiments that will teach kids about essential chemistry concepts.

The Foundation Chemistry Kit includes real lab equipment—everything girls need to learn about chemical reactions, molecular motion, and more. The lab notebook also contains fun facts, quizzes, and room for kids to create their own experiments! The kit keeps young girls busy for hours and that the supplies are high-quality and worth the price.

Best for Coding: Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set

Coding is a valuable skill, which is why so many toys aim to introduce young kids to basic coding concepts. One of the most popular coding toys right now is the Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot. It will introduce young girls to coding concepts without the need for a smartphone or other device.

The 77-piece set includes a remote programmer that you use to control the robot, as well as 40 coding cards, obstacle-building pieces, a starter guide, and more. Kids will learn about concepts like looping commands as they drive Botley around using the screen-free remote, and parents say the little robot is super engaging and fun for young children. Best for ages 5 through 8.

Best for iPad: Osmo Genius Kit

Make screen time educational with the Osmo Genius Kit. This STEM kit comes with five award-winning games that girls ages 5 to 12 can play on an iPad.

What’s unique about the Osmo Genius Kit is it combines on-screen activities with physical puzzle and game pieces, helping kids exercise both spatial and visual problem-solving skills. The games teach math, spelling, drawing, and more. Plus, it’s a great way to encourage kids to make screen time more educational—while still being fun.

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