The 7 Best Step Stools to Buy in 2018

When you can't reach something, grab one of these stools

Acko 16 Inches Super Strong Folding Step Stool for Adults and Kids
Courtesy of Amazon

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A step stool is probably one of the biggest after thoughts in your home. Usually, it isn’t until you have to reach into the top shelf of your pantry that you realize you should probably have one in your household.

There are so many kinds of step stools out there, from super chic and stylish to industrial strength designs, but the most important component is what you plan on using your step stool for, and how often. Perhaps you are looking for multiple stools for different rooms in your home or just need one that can go from the garage to the kitchen to the living room. Need some help finding which one is perfect for you and your home? We can help. Read on to see our favorite step stools.


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    Best Overall: Handy Laundry Folding Step Stool

    The standard step stool will be used all over your home or apartment. You will want to make sure that it is ultra-portable, easy to store, but also always in reach when you need it. Handy Laundry’s Folding Step Stool is a nine-inch step stool, which is a common height among single step stools.

    If your home has high ceilings, then perhaps a single step stool or the nine-inch height may just not be enough for you. However, this should be fine for most homes and apartments. The stool has a grip-dot textured surface on the stepping area, making it safe for both adults and children to use without fear of easily slipping off.

    This model also features anti-skid foot pads to keep it in place on all surfaces and it is safety certified, passing ANSI III requirements. You can buy this stool in black, purple or white.

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    Best Two-Step Stool: Cosco 2-Step Household Folding Step Stool

    If your home has high ceilings and varied heights of shelfing, then a two-step stool may be necessary, and should be appropriate to fulfill your needs. This model folds flat, so you can store it standing or laying virtually anywhere. Usually you can just store it in a utility or coat closet for easy access.

    The non-marring foot pads keep it from skidding and staining your floor surfaces. The stool weighs eight pounds, so it shouldn’t be much of a struggle to lug it around your home and take it where you need it. However, if small children will be handling the stool to help with chores or something, they may need assistance.

    This model is great for in-home tasks. It’s not meant to be taken outside. This one was created specifically to only be used inside your home for medium duty projects.

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    Best Indoor-Outdoor: Acko 16-inch Folding Step Stool

    Whether you plan on using this stool for your kitchen or your garden, you won’t be disappointed with the Acko 16-inch Folding Step Stool. This is a durable model, built to move with you and adapt per use. It’s made with lightweight, sturdy plastic. You can fold it flat to store, and it also has a handle, so you can easily carry it from room to room or even travel with it.

    You can use it outside when you’ve run out of seating or even tote it with you to the grocery store. This model’s design prevents squashing, making it friendly and perfect for children of all ages to use. Plus, it is 16-inches tall, giving you way more height than the standard nine-inch versions.

    This is a great option if you plan on using your stool in different areas inside and outside of your home.

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    Best Outdoor: Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding Step Stool

    Using a step stool outside is not uncommon. But do you really feel the need to drag a step stool inside and outside of your home? Plus, you don’t want to lug in any outside dirt and debris, either. Keeping a step stool in your garage is a great idea for any outside housework.

    The Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding Step Stool gives you 27.25 inches of additional height get to those hard to reach areas. This model also features three steps to give you the ability to reach varied heights when needed. It’s a type III duty stool, able to hold up to 200-pounds. Rubbermaid also includes a one-year warranty with your purchase.

    The hand grip makes it comfortable to grasp while you're moving from place to place or carrying the step stool back to its proper storage area. This model weighs 13.25 pounds on its own, so yes, it’s quite a heavy hunk of steel.

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    Best Kids' Step Stool: Angels Kids Step Stool

    If you have small children in your home, then a step stool is a must. There’s no doubt that they often have trouble reaching common household items and places like the sink to wash their hands or even the toilet. If you’ve passed the potty training moments, then a stool for your toilet is the next best step for your child.

    The Angels’ Kids Step Stool is curved, so it can easily fit comfortably under most toilets. So, sharing your bathroom with small children just got way easier. The stool is great for other rooms as well, like the kitchen and living room. You can even leave it their play room.

    This stool is strictly for kids. If you are over 70-pounds, then this stool is just not made for you, so adults, stay clear. The six-inch height makes it the optimal size for children, so they can reach what they need to get, and still keep them safely away from the items they shouldn’t be able to reach.

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    Best for Working: Gorilla Ladders Steel Platform Step

    Steel Platform Step with 300 lb. Load Capacity
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    If you plan on using your stool for work, and for heavy duty projects, then you need one that is made with just the right capacity and a tough exterior. Just from the brand’s name, Gorilla Ladders, you can tell these guys only design serious stuff. Of course, their step stool is focused on heavy duty purposes.

    This model has a 16-inch standing height and has the capacity to hold up to a 300-pound load. The welded frame makes it perfect to handle the toughest jobs. It has a slip resistant surface and is made from steel, so it works both inside and outside. You can use it as a work platform or as a stool, ether way it is giving you more area to work.

    To make it an even better purchase, Gorilla Ladders offers a limited lifetime warranty with this product. This is a great addition to any work station, garage or job site.

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    Best for Multi-Use: Cosco 2-Step Retro Step Stool

    2-Step 3 ft. Aluminum Retro Step Stool with 225 lb. Load Capacity in Black
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    If you have a quirky aesthetic in your home and love items with multiple uses, then the Cosco 2-Step Retro Step Stool great choice for you. Utility and style meld into this old school looking chair that features a nifty two-step stool attached. This is an ideal selection for families. A chair that you can actually use to reach new heights is useful and chic.

    The chair is made with quality vinyl upholstery, so you can clean up spills without a fuss. The chair is also the perfect counter height, with the capacity to hold up to 225 pounds.