The 8 Best Storage Baskets to Buy in 2018

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Storage baskets are lifesavers when it comes to getting your home organized. Whether you’re using them to corral pantry items or toiletries inside a larger cabinet or to stash toys and pillows in a decorative way, a right-sized storage basket makes all the difference. The tough thing is: There are a lot of storage basket options out there, and you probably only need one or two!

To choose the right storage basket for your needs, first, think about what you’re storing and where you’re storing it. Are you trying to corral a bunch of small items or big ones? How big is the space where you’ll put the storage basket? These will determine the size of the basket you need. The basket’s material (metal, wicker, canvas and plastic are popular options) can vary based on where you’re storing something and whether you want it to look decorative or just be functional. There are as many options as there are decorating styles! Here are the best storage baskets for a variety of common needs. 

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    Best Fabric Cubes: MaidMAX Cloth Storage Bins

    Made from a non-woven fabric with a cardboard insert for stability, this collapsible storage cube (sold in a set of six) is Amazon’s #1 Best-selling shelf basket solution and comes in six colors. The bin is a perfect cube (12" square), deep enough to hold shoes, clothes or toys to store them hidden in plain sight on a shelf. The neutral beige color works well with many types of decor and the integrated handle is reinforced with plastic. Reviewers call them “sturdy” and “perfectly functional.” 

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    Best Rattan-Style Basket: Whitmor Rattique Storage Tote

    Made from a woven plastic resin, this basket resembles natural woven rattan but is more durable and waterproof and it comes in 11 fun colors. It has built-in stainless steel handles and is fairly deep. Use it in a pantry or entryway; the woven sides will allow air to flow through the basket if you want to store things like potatoes and onions (or stinky shoes), but still conceal what’s inside. Measuring at 9.8”x 13” width x 15” depth it's a great size to fit many different types of items be that food, clothes, toys and more. 

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    Best Wire Basket: Spectrum Diversified Copper Scoop Storage Basket

    Made of woven steel with a trendy copper finish (also available in gray and satin nickel), this high-sided medium-sized (8” x 9.5” x 12.75”) metal basket is a great solution to replace drawers on open shelving or inside a pantry. Because of the open weave, you can see what’s inside, and the lower scoop handle makes it easy to pull the storage basket off a shelf to retrieve the items inside. The styling has an industrial or farmhouse look, so it’s an attractive option in a space where you want to show off items it’s storing, like craft materials, or for items that need to breathe, like fruits and vegetables. 

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    Best All-Purpose Plastic: Room Essentials Y Weave Medium Storage Bin

    Y Weave Medium Storage Bin White - Room Essentials™
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    Made of plastic with a wicker-style Y weave, this medium-sized storage basket is just the right size for corralling toiletries inside a linen closet or pantry goods on a shelf. Because it’s made of polypropylene, it can be washed with regular soap and water and does well in areas like the bathroom that might attract mildew in another material.

    The medium bin is 5.09” x 11.16” x 13.69”, but the set is also available in various different sizes to fit your storage needs. If you're afraid white might show dirt quickly, this also comes in a gray and blue. 

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    Best Big Shelf Bins: StorageWorks Polyester Trapezoid Storage Box

    For larger-scale shelf storage, this foldable fabric organizer is a great solution. This extra-wide storage shelf can neaten up sweaters, towels or kids’ clothes on a shelf, and because the front is lower than the back, you can see and access what’s inside. This storage basket is made of fabric with woven rope handles to pull it on and off a shelf, with ease. At 8.3” x 19.7” x 11.2 this set of three gives you ample room and it also comes in beige, green or coffee.  

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    Best Natural Woven Baskets: Kingwillow Water Hyacinth Storage Bins

    Made of natural water hyacinth woven around an iron wire frame, this set of baskets includes three different sizes to work together to hold different items on a set of shelves or in a pantry. The handles are integrated into the design to make it easy to move the baskets around. These baskets are a great pick for the living room where they can store magazines, remotes, toys and more. Best for storing dry goods in low-humidity areas like a living room. Besides buying the complete set, you can also purchase them individually — if you need a few in one particular size. 

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    Best Tote-Style Basket: La Jolie Muse Cotton Rope Storage Basket

    Made of white and terracotta woven cotton rope that had not been dyed with chemicals, this deep basket has handles at the top and is also soft-sided and lightweight, so it’s easy to move around. Large enough (13" x 11" x 11") to stash blankets or toys in a living room, or for delicate items in the laundry room, this basket is also attractive enough to leave out as a decorative object when it’s full and in a two-tone neutral color that works with many kinds of decor. 

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    Best Mini Baskets: Sea Team Foldable Mini Black & White Bins

    Made of natural linens and cotton fabric with an EVA inner liner, PU leather handle and metal interior frame, this set of four small trendy black-and-white containers is perfect to corral on a desktop, sink counter or top of a dresser. The inner liner is waterproof, making them suitable to hold spill-prone items like hair products or baby items. Reviewers call them “super cute” and “sturdy.” The storage basket is 5.9” x 6.3” x 7.9”, sold as a set of four and in four different colored patterns.