The 7 Best Storage Benches to Buy in 2018

Stowe away clutter in a decorative piece

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Storage benches are a great solution in many areas of the house. They can tidy up an entryway and make it easier to get shoes on and off, serve as extra storage in a bedroom or be both an organizing secret and seating helping in a living room. And they’re the perfect clutter hider when you learn about last-minute guests! Storage benches come in many styles and materials, from traditional wood to modern upholstered versions, and many boast clever storage tricks like dividers or hydraulics to make it easy to organize the interior and access what’s inside.

To choose the best storage bench for your needs, start by measuring the space where you would like to place your storage bench. You’ll want to make sure it has some “breathing room” on either side, enough clearance to open the lid or access drawers or shelves, and enough depth to walk around it without feeling crowded, especially if you’re using it in an entryway. To determine the best material, think about how you’ll be using your storage bench: Do you expect your kids to toss dirty backpacks and sports equipment on top of it, or will this be in a rarely-used room storing little-used items? The more work you expect it to do, the stronger a surface you’ll want, whether that’s wood, leather or leather-look, or another water-resistant, wipe-clean fabric. If you’re not worried about your storage bench getting dirty, consider a more delicate material like velvet or linen. How you expect to use it will also determine how much storage space you want: Is this storage bench going to hold an entire shoe collection, or just a few papers or an extra blanket? Once you’ve taken account your dimensions and usage, choose a storage bench that appeals to your sense of style — there are so many out there! Here you’ll find a selection of the best storage benches for various needs.


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    Best Overall: Windham Entryway Bench Wood

    Courtesy of Target

    A storage bench — while a practical piece of furniture — doesn't mean it has to be ugly looking. The Windham Entryway Bench not only serves a purpose, it will look good in almost any room you choose. 

    Available in seven colors to suit your home's style this bench measures at  22" x 41.8" x 15.75" so it is a decent sized piece. A cushioned seat on top makes it easy to sit on if you want to take your shoes off or gives you extra seating where you might need it. An open compartment in the middle lets you store something more decorative or an item you use every day — while two compartments with doors let you hide any unsightly clutter.  What makes this our overall best pick is it has a nice style that can suit most any decor, a reasonable price point and glowing reviews from customers. 

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    Best Small Bench: Songmics Two-Tier Shoe Bench

    An entryway bench needs to be extra-tough to stand up to the daily wear of the whole family coming in and out, especially when you consider how many backpacks, handbags, helmets and groceries will come across its surface! For that reason, wood is a low-maintenance material, and open shelving will allow you to easily access what you need when it’s stored below. This two-tier shoe bench is on the smaller side at 27 ½”  x 11 ⅛”  x 17 ¾”, just big enough to put next to the back door of a smaller home to help with organizing the drop zone without blocking the entryway. The bench includes two slatted shelves to hold your shoes while letting them breath and releasing debris and has cleverly rounded corners so no one hurts their shins. Plus, it’s the number one best-seller in storage benches on Amazon!

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    Best Storage Bench: Rivet Martin Storage Bench

    This upholstered bench is both compact and roomy, at 39” x 19” x 19”, it’s substantial enough to put at the foot of a bed or to make a statement as a coffee table in a living room. Available in both appealing modern patterns and plush solids, the button-tufted top and slightly tapered solid-wood legs give this storage bench on-trend Midcentury modern styling that will bring any room up to date. Inside, there’s enough space for throw pillows and blankets or a collection of books and magazines — just what you need to quickly tidy up a space before guests come over. The upholstered seat top makes this storage bench comfortable for seating, but it’s also firm enough to use as a coffee table with a tray on top. This storage bench is made to order by Amazon’s proprietary furniture brand, Rivet.

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    Best Budget Storage Bench: Songmics Faux Leather Folding Bench

    This inexpensive storage bench has a surprising feature: It folds flat! Great for renters, dorm rooms, or to easily set up extra storage or seating in a temporary space, this folding storage bench comes in four shades of leather-look fabric. At 43 ¼”  x 14 ⅞” x 14 ⅞”, it’s longer and narrower than some of our other picks, making it a good pick for narrow rooms, shared spaces or along the bottom of a bed in a smaller room. The bench is made from MDF and, even though it folds into position, can hold up to 660 pounds — almost 300 pounds more than some of the other benches we found. Inside, a wall divides the storage space into two zones to keep contents organized and to add extra support to the seat. This is one of the most popular storage benches on Amazon, with more than 1,800 positive reviews from buyers.

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    Best Mudroom Bench: Samantha Bench

    Courtesy of Pottery Barn

    This storage bench is generously-sized at 50”  x 17”  x 20”, with three divided cubbies below to stow shoes, bags and sports equipment under the seating area. It’s made of solid woods with wood veneers and available with a light-washed or darker-toned stain, and coordinating baskets and a fitted cushion are also available for a little more. As wide as this bench is, it’s the centerpiece of any semi-custom mudroom, with plenty of space for a few family members to sit (the weight capacity is 300 pounds) as they get ready for work or school, even with bags resting beside them. The traditional styling makes this feel like an upscale furniture piece that will elevate an entryway without feeling utilitarian.

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    Best Shoe Storage Bench: The Sole Secret Button Tufted Ottoman

    If you’re a person with a sizable shoe collection cluttering your closet floor or entryway, consider this bench! On the outside: At 50” x 17”  x 20”, this is one of the wider and taller storage benches on the market, and the higher seat may be more comfortable for taller people. Inside, use removable dividers (included) to section off the storage area into individual cubbies for up to 14 pairs of women’s shoes or 12 pairs of men’s shoes, or use fewer or none of the dividers if you want wider storage areas. The large bench lid has hydraulics to make it easy to open and close. The bench is available in seven soothing fabric colors and has elegant button tufting to make it work in a bedroom or formal entryway.

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    Best Bench with Back Support: Simpli Home Adams Entryway Storage Bench

    Made of solid pine in four wood stain options, this handcrafted wooden entryway bench has a Shaker-style front panel and horizontal ladder back styling. Because it has a back and arms, it can be more comfortable to sit in than other wooden benches, and the arms can make it easier to get up and down off the bench, while the back protects your wall from scuffs and wear. Two child-safe hinges make it easier to open the bench, and inside you’ll find the storage area separated into two compartments. At 48” x 25.3”  x 17”, this bench is great for wider hallways and front doors where it can add to the decor.

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    Best Winged Storage Bench: Convenience Concepts Garbo Storage Bench

    With delicately rolled arms and curved legs, it may come as a surprise that this elegant bench hides storage inside the seat! The interior is almost six inches deep, just enough space to stash a few decorative pillows, a knitting project, or a stack of magazines. At 51.8” x 17” x 25.2”, the long bench is long enough to look good at the bottom of a bed for an elegant spot to put on your shoes and store extra linens. The symmetrical design also makes it a nice option in a dining or living room to create a reading nook underneath a picture window. This solid-wood bench comes in one of six tasteful upholstery options, including a chic black leather-look, chic botanical print and transitional geometric patterns.