The 8 Best Stoves, Ranges, and Cooktops of 2020

The key to making sure your food is cooked perfectly

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"With two more powerful burners included for rapid boiling or cooking on the included griddle, this model can cook for a crowd."
"With this double-oven option, you can cook at two different temperatures or keep food warm while you're finishing up another dish."
"This sleek option will look great in any kitchen, and it has adjustable sized burners to fit pans from 6 to 9 inches in diameter."
"If you love induction stoves, this slide-in pick from Samsung will give you all of the quick-cooking benefits you're looking for."
"Don't need a new oven? Get all of the benefits of induction cooking from this five burner cooktop with pan size sensors."
"We love the continuous grate on this pick, which makes it easy to use large cookware or move pots from one burner to another."
"A high-quality, no frills design makes this model a great pick for professionals and home chefs alike."
"Unlike many similarly priced picks, this model comes with a self-cleaning oven and a top mounted broiler."

If you’re looking for the right stove, range, or cooktop for your kitchen, it helps to understand the difference between the three. The terms "range" and "stove" can be used interchangeably to describe an appliance that includes an oven, topped with cooking elements such as burners and a griddle. On the other hand, a cook top is a flat surface equipped with cooking elements and the necessary controls. It’s often installed inside a countertop or cooking island, and used in spaces with an existing wall or counter oven. 

Whether you pick out a stove, range, or cooktop, you'll have to choose how you'd like your elements to be powered. Your options are gas—including natural gas or propane—electricity, or induction technology. Depending on your home's current setup, this choice may be made for you.

Here, the best ranges, stoves, and cooktops on the market for new kitchens and existing kitchens alike.

Best Gas Range: Samsung 30 in. 5.8 cu. ft. Gas Range with Self-Cleaning and Fan Convection Oven

Whether you are a casual cook or an aspiring chef, gas ranges are often appreciated for their quick and precise temperature control. Paired with a roomy 5.8 cubic foot oven, this Samsung model is one of the most popular gas ranges on the market—thanks to its combination of features, style, and value. 

The range includes a versatile set-up of five burners and a continuous grate system—meaning you can slide pots and pans from one burner to another easily. The burners include a supercharged 17K BTU burner for rapid boiling, along with a 9.5K BTU center oval burner to heat oversized pots and pans or to fire up the included non-stick griddle for pancakes, bacon, or eggs. 

This gas range has a top broiler with a storage drawer underneath the stove for stowing baking sheets, racks, and more. This self-cleaning model will also save you some time and effort in keeping the oven clean and odor-free. 

Best Double Oven: LG Electronics 7.3 cu. ft. Double Oven Electric Range with ProBake Convection

A double oven gives home cooks and baking aficionados the option to cook multiple dishes in two separate oven compartments, with independent temperature and timing controls. This model from LG is among the most spacious double ovens, with 7.3 cubic feet of total oven space divided between a 4.3 cubic foot lower oven and smaller 3.0 cubic foot upper oven. While it’s an obvious choice to cook larger items, like a whole turkey, in the lower oven, even the smaller oven is sized large enough for roasting a ham, baking biscuits, and more. 

This double oven is paired with a smooth top range that has five electric elements—four cooking elements and a warming element. The most powerful and largest element has 1400 watts of power for fast boiling, while the smallest element has 100 watts to offer gentle heat.

Best Electric Range: GE JB645RKSS 30 in. 5.3 cu. ft. Electric Range with Self-Cleaning Oven

An electric range offers easy installation and operation, and this pick from GE is has over 5.3 cubic feet of oven space and four elements on the smooth-top range. Available in five finishes, including stainless steel and fingerprint-resistance slate and black, it’s easy to match this range to your kitchen’s décor. You'll love the streamlined look of the smooth, black range top, but the real standout feature is that two of the burners are adjustable in size from 6 inches to 9 inches for larger pans and more heating power.

This freestanding range includes a self-cleaning oven for easy cleaning, along with a dual bake element for more even and consistent cooking results. There’s no convection cooking functionality in this model, but the oven has even and consistent performance.

Best Induction Range: Samsung 5.8 cu. ft. Slide-In Induction Range with Virtual Flame

Pair induction cooking technology with a sizeable 5.8 cubic foot oven in this all-in-one package from Samsung. This slide-in range combines practical features, like a self-cleaning oven that also has a quick 20-minute steam clean option for light messes, with high-end range features—like four induction burners with virtual LED flames that give you a visual reminder of which elements are actively cooking. 

If you haven't used induction heat before, prepare to be delighted at how quickly you can boil water or sear meat. In addition, the dual convection fan oven offers even, consistent baking and cooking in the oven. The upfront controls make it easy to operate the many functions of this induction range, but can also makes the controls subject to being bumped, so be careful when you start cooking.

Best Induction Cooktop: GE Profile 36 in. Electric Induction Cooktop with 5 Elements

This 36-inch induction cooktop is a great option for anyone looking for a flush-mounted cooktop that offers precise temperature control and includes versatile burner options. With five burners of varying sizes and up to 3,700 watts of power in the largest element, this induction cooktop shines at diverse tasks like simmering sauces and searing meats. 

Some of the most popular features found on this GE induction cooktop include pan size sensors, along with a digital control pad that makes it easy to incrementally adjust the temperature for each burner individually. The smooth glass top looks sleek, but keep in mind that you will need to use induction-compatible cookware and refrain from sliding pans around on the surface of the cooktop to avoid scratching the glass.

Best Gas Cooktop: GE 30 in. Gas Cooktop with 5 Burners Including Power Burners

This sleek gas cooktop from GE manages to accommodate 5 burners within a 30-inch footprint, giving you the ability to manage multiple pots and pans with ease, while controlling the temperature for each burner with upfront knobs. The largest burner in the center of the cooktop offers 15,000 BTU for rapid boiling. A continuous grate system accommodates even oversized cookware, and also assists in sliding heavy pots from one burner to another. 

The stainless steel finish of the cooktop is durable and the sealed burners make it easy to clean up any spills or splatters. However, the grates can be heavy and fit snugly, so use care when removing them for cleaning to avoid scratching the stainless steel finish.

Best High-End: Thor Kitchen 30 in. 4.5 cu. ft. Professional Gas Range in Stainless Steel

If you’re outfitting your gourmet kitchen with a new range, opt for a high-end model like this pick from Thor Kitchen. With a sleek stainless steel exterior and five sealed burners, paired with a 4.5 cubic foot oven, this range exceeds user expectations when it comes to performance and appearance. It measures 30 inches wide and easily fits into existing kitchen configurations. 

Despite having features that gourmet cooks will appreciate, like a sturdy continuous grate system and a maximum burner output of 18,000 BTU, the lack of extra frills and features is one of the things that home cooks will appreciate the most. The controls are simple and no-hassle and the oven is well-insulated, so cooking won't heat up your whole home. While this high-end range is a spendy option, it is well worth it if you’re interested in investing in a professional-looking appliance with plenty of power and finesse.

Best Budget Stove: GE JB258RMSS 30 in. 5.3 cu. ft. Electric Range with Self-Cleaning Oven

For efficient, affordable cooking, look no further than this 30-inch electric range from GE. This model is frills-free but includes one of the most sought-after features from home cooks: a self-cleaning oven. While other budget models sometimes skip this feature, along with a top-mounted broiler, this affordable model includes both. 

The oven has 5.3 cubic feet of space and a dual bake element. The range includes four electric coil elements; two with 1,250 watts of power and two with 2,450 watts, which you'll find accommodates most of your cooking needs. It’s available in four different finishes, including white, black, and bisque—or upgrade to stainless steel for a slight increase in price.

What to Look for in a Stove, Range, and Cooktop

Appliance style The first thing you’ll want to decide is whether a range or a cooktop fits your needs better. A range is a two-in-one appliance that includes both a cooktop and an oven. If you already have an oven, however, you probably want a cooktop, which provides solely countertop heating elements.

Power source When shopping for stoves and cooktops, you’ll have to choose between a gas or electric model. Gas appliances give you more control over temperature and often cost less to operate in the long run, but they may have a higher installation cost if your kitchen doesn’t already have a gas line. On the other hand, electric appliances are considered safer and easier to clean. 

Capacity Think about your lifestyle as you browse appliances with different capacities. Those who frequently host holidays and entertain often prefer more spacious ovens and cooktops with numerous burners. However, these high-capacity appliances are typically more expensive, and if you’re not an avid cook, you might not need all that room.

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