The 9 Best Subscription Boxes of 2019

Receive a fun package in the mail each month

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Our Top Picks

Best Monthly: Birchbox/Birchbox Man at

"This affordable skincare, grooming, and beauty box offers fun monthly packages."

Best for Men: Bespoke Post at

"They cater to a variety of different hobbies and interests."

Best for Women: FabFitFun at

"You’ll get a box every quarter and they send full-size products."

Best Beauty Box: PLAY! By Sephora at

"A great way to discover new cosmetics and brands."

Best Food Box: Love With Food at

"Helps you discover delicious treats that you can feel good about eating."

Best for Kids: OwlCrate Jr. at

"The boxes are designed to encourage creativity and imagination."

Best for Teens: Loot Crate at

"Boxes are based on popular movies, games, and pop culture."

Best for Couples: Date Night In Box at

"Essentially plans a date night for you and your significant other."

Best for Pets: BarkBox at

"Packed with goodies your pooch will love."

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    Best Monthly: Birchbox/Birchbox Man


    Courtesy of Birchbox

    No matter if you’re a man or woman, one of the best monthly subscription boxes you can buy is Birchbox. This affordable skincare, grooming, and beauty box was a pioneer in the subscription space, and today, they offer fun monthly packages for both men and women.

    Every month, Birchbox will send you five trial-size skincare, makeup, and/or hair products based on your personal preferences. You’ll receive a mixture of prestige and niche brands, allowing you to discover new favorite products, and the best part is Birchbox costs just $10 a month. This company’s long-standing reputation for delivering fun products and its glowing customer reviews make it a must-have subscription box for every household.

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    Best for Men: Bespoke Post

    Bespoke Post

    Courtesy of Bespoke Post

    No matter what you’re into, Bespoke Post has the perfect subscription box for you. This cool company offers a variety of boxes each month that cater to a variety of different hobbies and interests, whether you're passionate about cooking or traveling. Each month you'll have the option to tailor your box to your individual hobbies and interests—making it a more personal experience and less of a generic subscription.

    Each Bespoke Post box costs $45 for members, and they’ll recommend a box to you at the beginning of the month. You have five days to customize the styles/colors in your box or switch to another box that you like better. You can also skip a month. Some of their themed boxes include Brew (all about beer), Jet Set (everything you need for a weekend away), Slow Roast (the tools required to whip up a delicious roast), and Refresh (skincare essentials). Reviewers like the variety and flexibility of the Bespoke Box and say the products are high-quality.

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    Best for Women: FabFitFun


    Courtesy of FabFitFun

    One of the best subscription boxes for women is FabFitFun. This box is unique in a few ways. First, you’ll get a box every quarter (every three months), instead of monthly. Second, they send full-size products, and third, you can actually choose the products you receive in each box!

    FabFitFun costs $50 per box, and each contains eight to 10 full-size products, spanning from beauty and skincare essentials to fitness, wellness, and home products. Each box has a retail value of over $200 and members get access to exclusive sales from the company’s brand partners. Reviewers love that FabFitFun boxes come with a wide range of products, and it’s an added bonus that you can choose what you get in each box to ensure that it’s tailored to your preferences.

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    Best Beauty Box: PLAY! By Sephora

    PLAY! By Sephora

    Courtesy of Sephora

    Sephora is the go-to shopping destination for all things makeup, which is why beauty lovers were so excited when the brand launched its own subscription box: PLAY! By Sephora. This monthly box costs just $10, and it contains samples from some of the industry's most covetable brands—what makeup guru wouldn’t love that?

    Each PLAY! box contains five sample-sized skincare and makeup products, as well as a coupon for 50 additional Beauty Insider Points at Sephora. Your subscription also gets you access to exclusive how-to videos and tutorials that show you how to make the most of each new product. Reviewers love that this subscription box frequently includes products from high-end makeup lines, and it’s a great way to discover new cosmetics and brands without having to purchase full-size products.

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    Best Food Box: Love With Food

    Love With Food

    Courtesy of Love With Food

    Food lovers, this next box is for you! Love With Food is a monthly subscription box that delivers awesome healthy snacks to your doorstep, helping you discover delicious treats that you can feel good about eating.

    There are a few subscription tiers to choose from, and the lowest cost just $8 a month. With the “Tasting Box," you get seven (or more) surprise snacks that are organic or all-natural. Plus, for each box sold, Love With Food donates a meal to a food bank. If you fall in love with any of the snacks, you can order more through the brand’s website. It’s the perfect way to discover new healthy snacks for you and your family.

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    Best for Kids: OwlCrate Jr.

    OwlCrate Jr.

    Courtesy of OwlCrate Jr.

    Subscription boxes aren't just for adults anymore. Kids will love receiving packages in the mail each month, and one of the best subscription boxes for kids is OwlCrate Jr. This subscription is designed for kids ages 8 to 12, and each themed box is designed around that month’s featured book.

    OwlCrate Jr. boxes start at $28 per month, and every delivery contains a middle-grade novel, as well as “exclusive goodies” from the book’s author, and several items that fit in with the book’s theme. The boxes are designed to encourage creativity and imagination, and many parents will likely appreciate that it’s a fun, screen-free activity for kids.

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    Best for Teens: Loot Crate

    Loot Crate

    Courtesy of Loot Crate

    Teens can be pretty particular about their interests, which is what makes Loot Crate the perfect option for them. Loot Crate offers a wide variety of boxes each month, all of which are based on popular movies, games, and other pop culture phenomenon.

    Standard Loot Crate boxes start at $20 a month and contain cool collectible items—T-shirts, figurines, home goods, etc.—based around that month’s theme. However, you can also opt for a special gaming, movie, TV, or fantasy crate, which cost more. Some examples of these specialty crates include Deadpool, Halo, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and more. No matter what your teens are into, there’s sure to be a pop culture box from Loot Crate that will pique their interest!

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    Best for Couples: Date Night In Box

    Date Night In Box

    Courtesy of Date Night In Box

    Looking for a fun way to spice up date night with your partner? The Date Night In Box is a monthly subscription box that essentially plans a date night for you and your significant other, ensuring you have at least one romantic night together every month—perfect for busy couples!

    This box costs $42 and there’s a fun theme each month. Inside each box, there are several activities, music, ambiance, snacks, and a recommended dinner menu—everything you need for a romantic night at home. You can also opt to receive a faith-based discussion guide in your box if that’s something you’re interested in. While reviewers say that this box is a bit pricey, it provides fun activities each month and encourages couples to spend quality time together.

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    Best for Pets: BarkBox


    Courtesy of BarkBox

    Why should humans get all the fun? Treat your fur baby to a subscription box of their own with the ever-popular BarkBox. This doggie-focused delivery has a fun theme each month and is packed with goodies your pooch will love.

    BarkBox costs $25 per delivery, and you’ll receive at least two toys, two bags of treats, and a chew in each box. The boxes also come with a fun theme, such as New York City or Throwback Thursday, making them fun for both you and your dog. BarkBox is a great way to spoil your pet, and before you know it, they’ll be waiting at the door for the mailman, eager to see what’s in their next box!

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