The 9 Best Swing Sets of 2023

Our top pick is the Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Residential Wood Playset

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Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Residential Wood Playset

The Spruce / Jenn Salon

A great swing set brings the playground to your own backyard, but finding one that's equally fun and safe can be a challenge.

To help you find the best pick for your space, we researched and tested the top residential swing sets on the market, evaluating ease of setup and maintenance, features, and quality of materials. 

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Residential Wood Playset

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Residential Wood Playset


What We Like
  • Looks attractive in a backyard

  • Feels very durable and safe

  • Keeps kids entertained for hours

What We Don't Like
  • Setup is difficult

  • Only one color option for the wood

  • Expensive

Your kids will have the time of their lives playing on the elaborate Backyard Discovery Skyfort II, which is so much more than your average swing set. This set features a spacious elevated clubhouse with a ladder, rock climbing wall, and slide, as well as a set of monkey bars, a 3-position swing beam, a built-in picnic table, a crow’s nest, and even a sturdy sandbox. No matter how your children like to play, the Skyfort has it covered. 

This high-end swing set is crafted from durable cedar wood, and it requires a large yard for the installation. It requires quite a bit of assembly, but its many features allow several children of various ages to play at once. We loved that the set felt sturdy and high-quality while having enough elements to keep kids entertained, despite the high price tag.

During testing, we found the set felt safe and sturdy. Nothing sways when the kids are on the swings or climbing into the clubhouse.

Price at time of publish: $2,299

Dimensions: 200 x 149 x 272 inches | Material: Cedar wood | Age Range: 3–10 | Warranty: 1 year, and extended 5 years for the wood

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Wooden Swing Set Review

 The Spruce

Best Budget

Trekassy Swing Set

Trekassy Swing Set


What We Like
  • Sturdy steel frame

  • Includes one belt swing and one saucer

  • Compatible with other standard playground accessories

  • Affordable price

What We Don't Like
  • Warranty not listed

  • Anchors could be more durable

  • Saucer may be located too close to side pole

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better value than the Trekassy Swing Set, which features both a belt swing and saucer swing for your children to play on. This swing set is on the smaller size—measuring 90.5 inches long and 67 inches wide—but it can still support up to 440 pounds thanks to its heavy-duty weather-resistant steel frame. 

The saucer swing on this set is 32 inches in diameter, making it ideal for one or two young children, and you can adjust its height so your little ones can climb on more easily. The belt swing is made from durable plastic and features plastic-coated chains for safety. Either swing can be taken off and replaced with other standard-sized playground accessories, such as a baby carrier swing or hanging chair.

Price at time of publish: $200

Dimensions: 90.5 x 67 x 71 inches | Material: Steel | Age Range: 3 and up | Warranty: Not listed

Best for Toddlers

Swing-N-Slide Ranger Plus Wooden Swing Set

Swing-N-Slide Ranger Plus Wooden Swing Set


What We Like
  • Great for smaller children

  • Sturdy

  • Fun design

  • Easy to assemble

What We Don't Like
  • Not adjustable so kids can outgrow quickly

Toddlers will love this bright and colorful 4-in-1 play set including a smooth slide, a swing that toddlers strap into, and an elephant trunk that doubles as a ring toss. There are no sharp edges for little ones to knock into, and the swing can accommodate up to 66 pounds.

Users noted that the swing set was easy to set up. The lightweight material and relatively small sizes make it easy to enjoy this set outdoors or indoors in a living room or small yard.

Price at time of publish: $597

Dimensions: 66 x 59 x 47 inches | Material: Polyethylene | Age Range: 2-8 years | Warranty: Not Listed

Best Heavy Duty

Lifetime 10-Foot Metal Deluxe Swing Set

Lifetime 10-Foot Metal Deluxe Swing Set


What We Like
  • Heavy-duty, weather-resistant construction

  • Two swings and a trapeze bar

  • Soft rubber grips to protect hands

What We Don't Like
  • Complicated assembly

  • Bolts can be tricky during assembly

The Lifetime Deluxe Swing Set is a classic choice for small families, as it features two swings and a trapeze bar with gym rings. This swing set is made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel and UV-resistant plastic that can stand up to any weather. It can support up to 400 pounds, allowing multiple people to play at the same time. 

The Lifetime Swing Set is best for homes with medium or large yards. The product comes in two boxes and requires two people for assembly, and it has a number of useful safety features, including soft rubber grips on the swing chains to prevent little fingers from getting pinched. Overall, it’s an unbeatable choice if you’re looking for a basic swing set, as it’s sturdy, keeps safety in mind, and will last for years.

Price at time of publish: $899

Dimensions: 162.5 x 125.5 x 112 inches | Material: Steel | Age Range: 3-12 years | Warranty: 5 years

Best for Large Families

Sportspower Super Star Swing Set

Sportspower Super Star Swing Set


What We Like
  • Strong and sturdy frame

  • Accommodates lots of kids

  • Includes slide

What We Don't Like
  • Long assembly time

  • No climbing area

No more fighting over swings with this set from Sportspower. This set lives up to its "Super Star" name with two classic swings, a flying saucer, a Roman glider, and a slide that can accommodate up to seven kids at once. Sportspower uses sturdy metal reinforced with 2-inch steel metal tubes for further durability.

All of the swings' chains are covered in vinyl to protect little hands, and the set can carry up to 700 pounds so kids and parents can play together. This structure spans almost 15 feet, so be sure to set aside enough room in your yard for your kids to enjoy fully. For all of the pieces included, the set comes at a fair price.

Price at time of publish: $531

Dimensions: 177 x 104 x 72 inches | Material: Metal | Age Range: 3-8 years | Warranty: 1 year

Best Metal

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set with 9 Foot Wavy Slide

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set with 9 Foot Wavy Slide


What We Like
  • Several ways to play, including a plastic slide

  • Sturdy steel frame

  • Low-maintenance design

What We Don't Like
  • Metal can get hot in the sun

  • Ladder steps are slippery

Metal swing sets are typically low maintenance and extremely durable, and the Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set offers children several ways to play thanks to its complex design. It is built from powder-coated galvanized steel and weather-resistant polyethylene and includes three belt swings, a trapeze bar with gym rings, a set of monkey bars, a fireman’s pole, and a 9-foot wavy slide. 

As you can probably imagine, this complex swing set takes up quite a bit of room. It can accommodate up to six occupants at a time, supporting 600 pounds, and it has a number of convenient safety features, such as plastic caps on the edges and rubber grips on the swing chains.

Price at time of publish: $1,650

Dimensions: 226 x 168 x 100 inches | Material: Steel | Age Range: 3-12 years | Warranty: 5 years

Best for Small Yards

ALEKO Child/Baby/Toddler Outdoor Swing

ALEKO Child/Baby/Toddler Outdoor Swing


What We Like
  • Compact design

  • Adjustable seat height

  • Budget-friendly

What We Don't Like
  • Low weight limit isn't suitable for adults or older children

  • Swing supported by ropes, not chain

For those with small yards, the ALEKO Child Swing is a simple, compact, and affordable option. The metal frame supports one plastic swing seat held up by ropes, and it’s recommended for kids ages 3 to 8, as it has a 99-pound weight limit. 

The ALEKO Child Swing is made from steel and features a non-slip seat for safety, and you can even adjust the height of the seat to suit your child’s needs. The overall design is quite simple, but it’s also budget-friendly and easy to assemble.

Price at time of publish: $69

Dimensions: 55 x 70 x 55 inches | Material: Steel | Age Range: 3-8 years | Warranty: 1 year

Best for Older Kids

Gorilla Playsets Outing Wood Swing Set

Gorilla Playsets Outing Wood Swing Set


What We Like
  • Numerous features to appeal to kids of all ages

  • Attractive cedar construction

  • 10-year warranty on the frame

What We Don't Like
  • Several tools required for assembly

As you kids get older, they’ll appreciate the versatility of the Gorilla Playsets Outing Wood Swing Set, which includes fun features like a rock-climbing wall, elevated play deck, and sandbox. The wooden set has two swings and a trapeze bar that are connected to the playhouse, and it’s recommended for kids up to age 11. The set can support up to 800 pounds. 

This swing set is made from durable wooden beams that are pre-drilled to make assembly faster. It’s outfitted with a steering wheel and telescope to encourage kids to use their imaginations, and the play deck is covered with a vinyl canopy to protect them from the sun on summer days.

Price at time of publish: $1,382

Dimensions: 156 x 162 x 126 inches | Material: Cedar wood | Age Range: 3-11 years | Warranty: 10 years

Best Wooden

Swing-N-Slide Ranger Plus Wooden Swing Set

Swing-N-Slide Ranger Plus Wooden Swing Set


What We Like
  • Attractive wooden design

  • Build-in slide with canopy

  • Swings can be swapped out for other accessories

What We Don't Like
  • Low weight limit isn't suited for adults

  • Short warranty period

Wooden swing sets like the Swing-N-Slide Ranger Plus Wooden Swing Set offer a classic look and sturdy construction, making them a worthwhile addition to your yard. This swing set includes two belt swings and a trapeze bar, and it has a small playhouse on the side with a ladder and wavy slide. (If you don’t want the play deck, you can also get the Ranger Swing Set on its own.)

This play set's frame is crafted from durable wood with metal and plastic accents. The swings feature coated chains for safety and each seat can support up to 115 pounds—so keep in mind they’re not meant for adults. The playhouse has a canopy roof and protective mesh panels on the side, and the swings can even be swapped out for different accessories if you choose.

Price at time of publish: $597

Dimensions: 144 x 131 x 92 inches | Material: Cedar wood | Age Range: 2-10 years | Warranty: 1 year

Final Verdict

For ultimate fun that'll last for years, the Backyard Discover Swing Set is on the pricier side but is loaded with features, like a ladder, sturdy sandbox, slide, and even a rock climbing wall. For a smaller, less expensive option, consider the Trekassy Swing Set, which includes one swing seat and a saucer swing. 

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Residential Wood Playset

The Spruce / Jenn Salon

What to Look for in a Swing Set


As with all large play structures, swing sets are an investment. However, there are so many options that you are bound to find one in your budget. It is also important to consider that swing sets are meant to be enjoyed year after year, so investing now in a high-quality set will ensure that your play structure stays sturdy and safe. The experts at Cedarworks, a national playground equipment supplier, advise consumers to take an "expense approach" and purchase based on price if they are looking for an item that may have a shorter lifespan, or an "investment approach," which involves investing now on a higher quality set to keep for years to come.


Scout the area you plan to put the swing set. Make sure you have enough space for the structure, plus the necessary clearance for swings and slides. Also, consider where the sun hits your property—it’s better for the lifespan of the swing set if you place it in a shadier spot.

"Consider the accessibility and visibility to and from the home to allow a watchful eye on the children playing," says Heather Napier, marketing director at Backyard Discovery. She also advises homeowners to remove any branches, pinecones, or other objects that can affect construction.


Think about how many children you have now and what ages they are, as well as how many children you may have in the future. Some swing sets can accommodate up to seven children, while others are meant for just one. Ensuring you have a space for all of your children to enjoy will guarantee no unnecessary fights or tantrums occur.


The material of your swing set can determine how much maintenance it will need according to your environment. Those with steel or metal frames will be more weather resistant and long lasting with little upkeep. The same goes with those with plastic elements that are durable and easy to clean.

Wood is sturdy and durable but will need some maintenance yearly. Cedarwood is a great choice since it’s highly resistant to decay and insects. Cedarworks praises this material, saying it's also both naturally splinter-free and naturally long-lasting. They add that it's also the only wood that achieves this without paints, stains or other chemical treatments.

Chinese cedar wood is another popular option, which is made to last outdoors, says Napier. "This wood is naturally fast growing and renewable giving us comfort for years to come," she continues. However, she advises sealing wood products annually to increase longevity and protect against the elements.

Age Recommendations

To ensure that all participants are as safe as possible, pay attention to the age recommendations for swing set before committing. Also keep in mind that growing kids might need more advanced features if you plan to keep it in the long haul, so added spaces likes a rock climbing wall can be a great investment. The experts at Cedarworks follow the mantra, "Your kids are growing everyday, so you want a play set that meets their needs now and in the future."

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Residential Wood Playset

The Spruce / Jenn Salon

  • How do I level the ground for a swing set?

    The area where you install your swing set needs to be fairly level, which might mean you need to level out an uneven lawn. This entails measuring out the space needed for your swing set, removing grass and dirt, and digging down a few inches, using a level to ensure the surface is even. If there’s an area that’s extremely divoted, you may need to use sand to raise it up to the same level as the rest of the ground. Once this is done, you can install your swing set and cover the area with a shock-absorbing material. 

  • How do I anchor a swing set?

    Most swing sets need to be anchored to the ground to prevent them from tipping over, and there are a few ways to do it. Some swing sets come with ground anchors that screw into the soil—similar to the ones you’d use to stake a tent—and these anchors are also available online. 

    However, for larger swing sets, you may want to anchor the unit with concrete. This involves digging a hole for each leg and securing them in place with concrete—be sure to level your swing set carefully if anchoring this way, as you won’t be able to adjust it once the concrete is dry.

  • What do I put under a swing set?

    Children are bound to fall occasionally when playing on a swing set, which is why it’s important to put a shock-absorbing material underneath the play area. Vinyl or rubber mulch is one of the best materials for this purpose, as it absorbs shock extremely well and won’t give your kids splinters. However, other popular choices include sand or wood mulch, both of which will help to cushion falls, and you’ll want to put several inches of material for best results. 

  • How much space do I need around a swing set?

    In addition to making sure your yard can accommodate the dimensions of your swing set, you’ll also want to measure out a “safety zone” or “fall zone” around the set. According to Napier, consumers should allow a 6-feet 'safe play zone around the swing set. This extra room will ensure children don’t hit anything when swinging or playing on the set. 

  • Are metal or wood swing sets better?

    It depends on your personal preferences and needs. Wood swing sets are very durable as long as they're taken care of properly and can withstand the outdoor elements. They also have the advantage of being more customizable and not getting hot to the touch. On the other hand, metal swing sets are more affordable and may require less maintenance. While wood sets will need to be stained every year or so, metal swing sets do not require this kind of upkeep. However, you should make sure to note and fix any chipping as this can lead to rust, which will lead to your metal swing set deteriorating.

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Expert advice was provided by Cedarworks and Heather Napier, marketing director at Backyard Discovery.

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