The 10 Best Tea of the Month Clubs of 2019

Explore your options with a new cup sent right to you

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Do you stand in the tea aisle of the grocery store and wish you could try them all? Do you buy loose tea from the bulk section, then forget exactly what it is or how you’re supposed to brew it by the time you get home? Do you wish someone would curate your tea selections for you? Or do you want to buy tea as a gift, but you’re not sure what is appropriate?

The solution for all of these scenarios is simple—a subscription to a tea of the month club. Unlike fruit of the month, you can savor your teas as soon as you get them, and you also can save them for later, since they’re not as perishable as pears. Then, when you figure out which teas you love the most, you can buy those to keep on hand.

To help you with your tea adventures, explore the best tea of the month clubs that you'll be delighted to join.

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    The Republic of Tea

    Citizens' Favorites Tea of the Month
    Courtesy of Citizens' Favorites Tea of the Month

    Some tea clubs curate teas from a variety of producers. That is not the case with a subscription from The Republic of Tea, which is comprised of favorites from their own line of high-quality teas.

    The first box includes a mug with a lid and infuser, which are both handy and a stylish addition to the kitchen. Subscriptions can be for six or 12 months, and a list of the teas in the subscription are available on the website, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

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    Field to Cup

    Field to Cup
    Courtesy of Field to Cup

    Field to Cup sources teas from small farms all over the world. It sends out small quantities of the teas so consumers can sample them without making a big commitment. The teas are then available for purchase in larger amounts once you find a favorite.

    Since different teas require different steeping temperatures and times for the best flavor, steeping instructions are included with each shipment. If you don’t like a particular tea, it can be replaced in the next month’s box, so you can be sure you’ll always have a tea you like.

    There are a number of different subscription boxes available, and each can be purchased as a three-, six-, or 12-month subscription.

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    The Tea Spot

    The Tea Spot
    Courtesy of The Tea Spot

    With The Tea Spot, you choose from either loose leaf green tea or black tea to get quarterly shipments based on the season. The first shipment includes a steeping mug to help you brew the perfect cup every time.

    The boxes can also be ordered without the subscription, so you can buy extras of your favorites or give them gifts. The company also has a wide variety of oolong and white teas as well as green and black teas that don’t appear in the club selections. That’s not where the variety ends, though. There are also teas in sachets and you can purchase in quantities from small samples to bulk sizes.

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    Sips By

    Sips By
    Courtesy of Sips By

    If you know what you like in a cup of tea but also want to explore your options, this subscription is a great choice. Sips By curates a box of teas for you based on a tea profile that you create for yourself on the site.

    Each box includes four teas from among 100 tea brands and may include either loose or bagged teas. Tea filters are included if your box contains loose teas. Steeping guidelines, tasting notes, and special offers from brands are also in the box. You'll also appreciate the subscription options because you can sign up for three, six, or 12 months.

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    Global Tea Hut

    Global Tea Hut
    Courtesy of Global Tea Hut

    Subscribe to Global Tea Hut and you get an ad-free magazine that's all about tea along with one free-trade tea each month.

    The quantity and variety of tea are likely to be less than you'll find with other subscriptions. However, that’s offset by the magazine, which is perfect for anyone who wants to learn as much as possible about the history of tea, types of tea, tea equipment, and more. A large number of issues are available online at no cost, so you can see if you like it before you subscribe to get the new issues with your tea.

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    Imperial Tea Court

    Imperial Tea Court
    Courtesy of Imperial Tea Court

    With this subscription from Imperial Tea Court, you’ll receive one tea each month. It includes brewing recommendations and information about the tea to help you understand what you're drinking and why it's special.

    You can choose a 12-month subscription, a six-month subscription that ships every other month, or a three-month subscription that ships quarterly. Additionally, the six- and 12-month subscribers get a 10 percent discount on teas purchased on the site. All subscribers get a free gift in their first box.

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    The Art of Tea

    The Art of Tea
    Courtesy of The Art of Tea

    The subscription from The Art of Tea lets customers choose one of six different tea options: caffeine free, classic, single origin, explore, wellness, or pyramid tea bags. While there will be some surprises, all the teas will fit the theme you choose.

    Subscriptions are available for three, six, or 12 months. You can also purchase individual tea blends from sample sizes to larger bulk amounts.

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    Silver Tips

    Silver Tips
    Courtesy of Silver Tips

    There’s plenty of customization available with a subscription from Silver Tips. In total, there are seven different plans available and you can choose a sequential mix of three plans.

    The teas offered include varietal black unflavored tea, green oolong and white teas, and decaf and non-caffeinated teas. You'll also find flavored teas and fruit tisanes, natural organic varietal teas, and high-end teas to choose from.

    Subscriptions are available for three, six, or 12 months. A spreadsheet of teas that are planned to be shipped is available on the website, which can really help you make a decision on which plans to choose. Just keep in mind that some changes could occur, depending on availability.

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    Courtesy of Adagio

    Fresh loose leaf teas from Adagio are available in subscriptions that last six or 12 months. You can choose flavored, herbal, white and oolong, black, decaf, or green teas to be featured in your subscription.

    If that’s not enough, The Better Tea Club offers loose, bagged, or iced tea. These will also be sent on a recurring monthly basis, but you can cancel at any time. This option is nice because it minimizes the upfront costs compared to the majority of tea clubs.

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    The Tea Table

    The Tea Table
    Courtesy of The Tea Table

    Through The Tea Table, you can choose to receive four, six, or 12 shipments of tea per year. They offer several different plans including green and black decaffeinated teas, estate black teas, flavored black teas and blends, green teas, herbal teas, rooibos teas, or a variety plan. There really is something for every tea drinker, no matter your level of interest.

    All of the plans include your choice of a tea tin or a tea timer as a free gift. There is also a more expensive adventure plan that features rare, fine quality teas, a perfect choice for the connoisseur.