Best Teddy Bears to Give as Gifts

Girl hugging teddy bear
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These are the best teddy bears to share as gifts for children and adults. Teddy Bears have been around for generations and are well loved by young and old. Teddy Bears arrive in all shapes, sizes and colors. There are many choices of teddy bears. While teddy bears can always be bought in gift stores and toy stores, there are many special companies who design handmade teddy bears that can only be bought online. 

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    Bears for Humanity Teddy Bear

    Organic Teddy Bear
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    Gifting this Bears from Humanity organic teddy bear, is like buying 2 bears for the price of 1. Another bear will automatically get donated to a child or an organization in need. These beautiful, soft bears are made from organic fibers and great for those with allergies.

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    Vermont Teddy Bear

    Vermont Teddy Bears are a fun gift for adults and children, especially those celebrating a special event like a birthday, anniversary, or holiday. Vermont Teddy bears are made in the United States with love and care, by hand, in a factory in Vermont. Bears can be personalized by size, fur color. Gift givers can choose special clothing and themed bears.

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    Steiff Classic Teddy Bear

    This blond teddy bear of genuine mohair from Steiff is made by hand in Germany. This teddy bear is expensive and is best chosen as a special gift for a serious teddy bear collectors over a small child. 

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    Build-A-Bear Teddy Bears

    Kids love the Build-a-Bear teddy bear experience. Kids choose a special bear, then with the help of a team member, stuff it, name it, dress it and accessorize their new best friend.  Aside from classic teddy bears, Build a Bear also includes other fun teddy bears like Care Bears, the Incredible Hulk, My Little Pony, Star Wars and both Anna and Elsa from Frozen. 

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    6 Foot Giant Teddy Bear

    How cool would it be to receive a 6 foot, life-size teddy bear? Kids and adults will love snuggling up with this special teddy bear while playing games, reading books and watching television. Check local warehouse shopping clubs for these giant bears around the holidays.

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    Gund Teddy Bear

    For under $10, meet the Gund My First Teddy Bear. Given that it is within an affordable price range, this is such a classic teddy bear to buy a baby or a child for their first stuffed animal.

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    Care Bears

    Care Bear teddy bears have been around for generations, and they continue to charm everyone. Each Care Bear has a symbol embroidered on their tummy to show their unique caring mission. 

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    Oliver the Teddy Bear

    Oliver the Teddy Bear arrives with a sweet book, which he and his friends star in, that shares special themes of courage. Purchasing Oliver the teddy bear toys and books help to raise grant money that is gifted to children and families who are struggling to pay their medical bills.