10 Temporary Wallpaper Brands To Know

Perfect for renters... Or anyone who's a little indecisive!

palm front wallpaper
Courtesy of Wallshoppe

Few things have as much power to determine the look and feel of a space as wallpaper does. It allows you to give any room a customized feel, whether you go wall-to-wall with a bold print in your powder room or create a backdrop for your bed with one statement wall in the bedroom.

But what if you want that look without the major commitment, or you live in a rented space? Enter one of the most genius innovations in all of home decor—temporary wallpaper. Easy to install, adjust and then eventually...MORE remove, temporary wallpaper is a creative and personal way to update any room in your home.

Whether you're looking for subtle stripes, a bold tropical print or an eye-catching mural for one amazing accent wall—we've rounded up every major source for temporary wallpaper that you should know about. Your only challenge will be settling on which look is right for your home.


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    floral temporary wallpaper
    Courtesy of Chasing Paper

    We guarantee that once you arrive at Chasing Paper's site, you're going to want to hang out for a while. Easy to navigate and full of inspiring images of their wallpapers at work, you'll be enchanted by the chic, modern temporary wallpaper they offer—from graphic and geometric designs to kid-friendly ideas and colorful florals. As a bonus, they also have a couple of "how-to" videos that show both how to apply and how to remove their peel-and-stick wallpaper!

    'Night...MORE Florals' temporary wallpaper, $40 per panel, Chasing Paper

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    map temporary wallpaper
    Courtesy of Swag Paper

    With offerings that skew both classic and a little bit funky, Swag Paper is another great, affordable resource for temporary wallpaper. Along with traditional repeating pattern wallpaper, they also have a large and inspiring collection of vintage map murals we love. If you're looking to make your kid's room or nursery stand out, their "tots" collection is full of cute and whimsical wallpapers that are stylish and gender neutral.

    'Fiesta' print temporary wallpaper, from $56...MORE per panel, Swag Paper

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    Serena & Lily

    Serena & Lily temporary wallpaper
    \Courtesy of Serena & Lily

    Subtle, pretty and slightly more on the traditional side, Serena & Lily's wallpaper offerings are the perfect way to add some unexpected character to a more preppy or traditional home aesthetic. We especially love this "feather" print for it's geometric symmetry and graphic simplicity. 

    Feather wallpaper, $88 for 60 square feet, Serena & Lily

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    navy stripes temporary wallpaper
    Courtesy of Tempaper Designs

    Whimsical designs for children, bold graphic stripes and designer collections from big names like Cynthia Rowley are the hallmarks of Tempaper Designs amazing temporary wallpaper offerings. The designer collaboration papers will run quite a bit more than their in-house patterns, so be prepared to spend a considerable amount on those. However, their beautiful chinoiserie and striped wallpapers are each only about $12 or $13 per square foot.

    Mini stripes wallpaper, $13 per square foot, Tempaper...MORE Designs

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    bunny wallpaper
    Courtesy of Wallcandy Arts

    Saturated colors and playful prints make Wallcandy Arts selection of removable wallpaper "half kits" a great choice for kids' rooms and playrooms. Polka dots, apples, popsicles and candy-color stripes are just some of the vibrant wallpaper designs that have us gunning considering putting an accent wall in every room!

    Wee Gallery Jungle removable wallpaper, $148 per panel, Wallcandy Arts

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    koi temporary wallpaper caseart
    Courtesy of Caseart Coverings

    We don't want to play favorites because there seriously are so many cool and eye-catching temporary wallpapers available from Casart—but we really, really like this black-and-white koi print. We also love exactly how they styled it in this bathroom—creating a water-centric and interesting look that's not too literal. 

    Koi print temporary wallpaper, $262 for 18 square feet, Casart Coverings

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    constellation temporary wallpaper
    Courtesy of Eazywallz

    Like the other temporary wallpaper brands in our roundup, Eazywallz has an array of repeating pattern panel wallpapers to choose from—but what attracted us most were their unique and interesting murals. One of our favorites is a midnight blue-and-white celestial map of different zodiac signs in the stars. The look is both dramatic and soothing, like having the night sky right in your living room. 

    Scorpio Constellation Map, from $126 per panel, Eazywallz


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    temporary wallpaper artistic
    Courtesy of Blik

    Perhaps the most artistic and interesting out of the bunch, Blik wall tiles are fun, funky and guaranteed to catch the eyes of your guests. Faux bookshelves, psychedelic mirrored patterns and rainbow designs will have you imagining a true "statement wall" in no time. 

    'Jazz Tartan Checkers pattern wall tiles, $25 per panel, Blik

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    palm temporary wallpaper
    Courtesy of Wallshoppe

    If we could sum up Wallshøppe in one word? Addicting. Their huge selection of wallpaper can be searched by pattern or color, and many of their designs come in multiple colors so you can find one perfectly suited to your needs. The whimsical-meets-sophisticated animal prints (think sparsely placed octopus or elephants) are some of our favorites, as are the bold banana leaf panels that come with different background colors like pink, navy, blue and peach.

    Pacifico Palm removable wallpaper, $58 per...MORE panel, Wallshoppe

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    Image Courtesy of Walls Need Love

    Pay special attention to the "animals" collection of removable wallpapers from Walls Need Love. These irreverent and colorful prints are truly unique and each is designed by an artist (every wallpaper they offer is credited to the artist who designed it!). We also have an affinity for the nautical options, replete with whales and anchors, waves and ships at sea. 

    Swimmers removable wallpaper, from $48 per panel, Walls Need Love