The 7 Best Tempur-Pedic Mattresses to Buy in 2018

Get ready for the ultimate sleep experience

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Tempur-Pedic has been the leader of the memory foam movements for decades. They've made themselves a category leader in the world of mattresses, and that can be hard to do. The brand has constantly come out with innovative collections that has let customer shop by feel and needs, leaving a loyal fan base that is dedicated for decades to come. 

One thing Tempur-Pedic promises is the ultimate sleep experience, but, of course, it will cost you. This is due to the TEMPUR material that the brand boasts, they don’t use any ordinary memory foam. Their materials go through heavy testing and research, and are usually trademarked. So, you are getting a top of the line mattress, but at a top of the line price as well. Here, we highlight some of the best Temper-Pedic beds to add your home. 

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    Best Overall: TEMPUR-Flex Hybrid Supreme Medium-Soft Mattress

    The TEMPUR-Flex Hybrid Supreme Medium-Soft Mattress is the highest rated and most popular model from the brand. It has a 11.5" inch thick mattress with a slew of benefits. For one, this model was designed with a dynamic support layer that uses high quality coils to work together with the TEMPUR-Response layer for a reactive, body responding sleep experience.

    The top layer also sports the SmartClimate System, which draws moisture and sweat away from the fabric, keeping you cool and dry. On a lighter note, it’s rumored that tennis legend Serena Williams uses this model. If it’s good enough for a sports star who needs all the support and quality that her body can get, then it should be good enough for you.

    Cleaning is also painless thanks to the EasyRefresh top cover that zips off so you can wash and/or replace it without a hitch. You can purchase this model in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split California king sizes.

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    Best Budget: TEMPUR-Cloud Prima Medium-Soft Mattress

    The TEMPUR-Cloud line is one of the more affordable models by Tempur-Pedic. Just like its name, it gives you a cloud-like restful sleep experience. At almost half of other designs and models, the TEMPUR-Cloud Prima Medium-Soft Mattress is still a revolutionary mattress for your home.

    With the SmartClimate System on your side, hot sleepers can still rejoice at finding a great memory foam option that doesn't overheat them. The top layer is constructed with a moisture wicking fabric that remains cool to the touch. At 10" this mattress doesn’t skimp on a premium formulation.

    This model is on the softer side, but is still pretty firm. There are five layers that make up this mattress: the EasyRefresh top cover, SmartClimate System, comfort layer, support layer and base layer. Like most Tempur-Pedic mattress you can purchase this one in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king and split California king sizes.

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    Best for Back Pain: TEMPUR-Flex Hybrid Prima Medium-Firm Mattress

    The TEMPUR-Flex collection gives you the fastest response to your body from any other Tempur-Pedic mattress. You get the famous adaptiveness promised from TEMPUR material melded with the feel of actual springs for a firm yet cushy feel. This model responds quickly to your weight, size, and body temperature for a personalized sleeping experience.

    This mattress is 10-inches thick and features a dynamic support layer that accompanies the individually wrapped coil system. You get a super-stretch premium fabric cover, SmartClimate System, comfort layer, response layer, dynamic support layer, and base layer. The response layer boasts TEMPUR-Response material that delivers a springy feel to ultimately support your body and distribute your weight throughout the coils evenly.

    The response layer and dynamic support layer work in unison to react to any surface movement. The slim base layer helps disburse any captured heat from your mattrres so you stay cool. You can purchase this model in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split California king sizes.

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    Best Splurge: TEMPUR-Contour Supreme Firm Mattress

    The TEMPUR-Contour collection has the most selection of firmness, of course because this collection focuses on support. This model is the firmest and the most expensive from the brand. You can bet that your needs will be met with this model.

    The Supreme Firm Mattress is perfect for those who suffer from back pain. This selection adapts best to your body, and engulfs you in a superior experience. The 11.5" design boasts five different layers: an EasyRefresh top cover, SmartClimate System, comfort layer, support layer and base layer.

    With a 10-year warranty, your investment will be protected. This model can even be used on an adjustable base. With the use of two different TEMPUR layers, you can customize your comfort and keep your mattress soft where you want it, but firm where you need it.

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    Best Loft: TEMPUR-Cloud Loft Soft Mattress

    If you are looking for an option that is soft yet supportive the TEMPUR-Cloud Loft Soft Mattress makes a great buy. It is gentler than most of the other options in the line, but still conforms to your body with ease. Tossing and turning is promised to be eliminated.

    The TEMPUR comfort layer is thicker, which can relieve more pressure on your body. The feature Premium Fabric Cover is made with antibacterial material and has an antimicrobial treatment through the manufacturing process.

    Unlike its predecessors, the TEMPUR-Cloud Loft Soft Mattress has a limited stock in sizes. You can purchase this mattress in full, queen, king, or California king sizes. So, those looking to invest in a Tempur-Pedic twin size mattress are unfortunately out of luck. If the brand name is important to you, many of the other collections sell similar versions in twin size that are equally as soft and supportive.

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    Best Soft: TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Soft Mattress

    The TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Soft Mattress—despite the name—actually dwells on the firmer side of a soft mattress. You are looking at a design that boasts softness and adaptive firmness in the same breath for your best sleep yet.

    From the comfort layer that promises a highly-conforming experience in bed to the large base layer that lets you customize your support, this is great a choice for those looking to share a bed with their partner, but having trouble deciding. Both of your needs can be met in one mattress.

    The extra-plush layers make a for a cloud-like feel that compares to that of a pillow top mattress. The TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme collection uses more exclusive TEMPUR material in the support layer that easily takes shape and quickly adapts to your body size and weight for a pillowy effect. This model is available in the usual size selection of twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split California king.

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    Best Limited Edition: TEMPUR-Legacy Soft Mattress

    A limited edition design to win them all, the TEMPUR-Legacy Soft Mattress combines the legend of TEMPUR material with the cushiness of plush-softness, and excellent pressure relief. The top comfort layer of this model uses TEMPUR-ES material which makes for a lush, customized feel for your bed.

    The support layers merge a combination of TEMPUR material that focuses on pressure relief and reduces any motion transfer. Your partner can toss and turn, and you won’t even feel it. This model features a premium fabric cover, a comfort layer, a support layer, and a base layer for 10-inches of glorious sleep.

    The support layer is formulated with TEMPUR-HD material which evenly distributes weight while providing support. Despite being a limited edition design, you still get a 10-year warranty which covers any natural defects over time. You can get this mattress in twin XL, queen, king, California king, and split California king sizes. Unfortunately, those looking for a full or twin size mattress in this model will have to find another.