The 8 Best Thanksgiving Dinnerware to Buy in 2018

Deck out your dinner table with these decorative options

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As the start of the holiday season, Thanksgiving is all about coming together. Family and friends gather to eat, drink, and most of all, spend valuable quality time with each other. When others are in your home, you may want to impress them with dinnerware that shows off your personal style and makes the meal really stand out.

You have to think about everything that goes onto your dining room table, from the dishes guests eat off of to the serving platters used to present your delicious food. Whether you prefer a more modern style or gravitate towards more traditional options, the internet abounds with special occasion dinnerware for every kind of taste.

Even if your budget is small, there are plenty of great quality dinnerware options to deck out your holiday table with. You can choose minimalistic-style plates that you can use year-round or even layer patterns and colors using fun charger plates to add a layered look to your Thanksgiving setup. To learn more about the best Thanksgiving dinnerware on the market today, read on.

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    Best Overall: Farmhouse White Dinner Plates

    These farmhouse style plates from Crate & Barrel offer that classic look but with a hand-thrown twist. Plus, with an astounding high rating on Crate & Barrel, buyers you know you're getting durable plates that will last for years to come.

    The bold, sturdy rim is made to hold food (lots of it!), so it’s perfect for a holiday like Thanksgiving where eating is the main event. These plates are somewhat textured, but the white color means they can go with a variety of styles, from minimal to rustic to traditional. Simply pair these versatile plates with cloth napkins, decorative chargers, or other dinnerware options to make the look your own.

    One set includes four plates that have been handmade in Portugal. The plates are also dishwasher and microwave safe so they're great for easy cleanup or heating up leftovers and can also be ordered in a mint green or navy color if your prefer a statement. The thick, sturdy feel of these plates makes them perfect for holidays feasts. 

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    Best Budget: Better Homes and Gardens Burns Dinner Plates

    If you didn't think you could find a great set of plates on a budget, think again. These black dishes take a step outside of the traditional dinnerware but still look classic enough to use during Thanksgiving dinner.

    This durable plate is chip proof and dishwasher and microwave approved, so you can use them for all the leftovers you’ll be heating up later. The black color has a slight sheen to it and is detailed with white speckling for a classy rustic touch. The simple look of these plates means they can be paired or layered with a variety of other dinnerware you may already own. You get four plates with your purchase.

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    Best China: Lenox Federal Gold Collection

    Lenox Federal Gold Collection

     Courtesy of Macy's

    A good quality set of china lasts forever, so why not invest? The Lenox Federal Gold Collection will make you want to do just that. With a 24-karat rim, this set is unique but also traditional and elegant.

    The gold rim helps this set stand out amongst other simple white china. You’ll feel as though you’re paying for something extra and the pretty detailing won’t be lost on your guests either. You can buy just the plates or opt for a matching set with everything from bowls to teacups to accent plates to really pull your dinnerware together.​

    The downside is these plates are a bit pricey, which is something you can expect with Bone China. The plus side is that this china set offers a classic design that won’t go out of style. As one of Macy’s best sellers, you know you will have these plates for a lifetime.

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    Best Chargers: Buxton Glass Charger

    Chargers are the unsung heroes of the dinner table. If you want to elevate any dinner set, you need a charger to complement the plates, flatware, and napkins that you’ve chosen.

    These Buxton Glass Chargers are perfect for first-time charger users, since they’re simple and could be used at any time outside of the Thanksgiving holiday. They’re also aesthetically ambiguous thanks to their translucent quality, so they can match effortlessly with modern or more traditional dinnerware. 

    These glass chargers are delicate and must be hand washed (no dishwashers!), but since they're more for decoration than utility, upkeep shouldn't be an issue.

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    Best for Everyday Use: The Pioneer Woman Farmhouse Lace Dinnerware Set, 12-Piece

    Lifestyle blogger extraordinaire The Pioneer Woman created this great line of dinnerware with Walmart. The lace-style detail adds an elegant, classy element that is perfect for Thanksgiving, but you can most definitely use this dinnerware set on a daily basis thanks to its affordable price point and durability factor.

    While the classic linen shade surely matches a variety of dining rooms, this set comes in a variety of color options, from a deep rusty red shade to a bright light blue. Each set comes with four dinner plates, four salad plates, and four bowls that are safe for the dishwasher and microwave. For an all-encompassing set that will get tons of use, go for this great The Pioneer Woman find.

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    Best Turkey Platter: Spode Woodland Platter

    Even with all the hype around turkey, it’s easy to forget that it needs its own plate. Spode’s bestselling Woodland Platter is exactly what you imagine a turkey platter to look like, plus it's large enough to hold an entire bird for your family.

    Inspired by traditional floral British dinnerware designs that were favored in the 19th century, today the English earthenware remains a classic on dining room tables everywhere. This platter is an investment piece, but it’s microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and safe in your oven if it’s below 225 degrees. You can make this your centerpiece when paired with a more modern tablescape or match it with similar floral English dinnerware for a classic look.

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    Best Traditional: Pfaitzgraff Plymouth Dinner Plate

    If you’re one to the embrace the season, a fun autumn-themed design should be something to consider. The Pfaitzgraff Plymouth Dinner Plate features delicate fall harvest details at the top of each plate, so you get that pop of color at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

    This set of four is a little bit on the higher priced side, but one reviewer mentions how substantial the plates feel so you know the quality is worth the price tag. These plates are made from stoneware, so they're sturdy and perfect for holding lots of turkey and mashed potatoes. 

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    Best Serving Dishes: DOWAN 9.7-inch Porcelain Serving Platters

    It’s easy to get wrapped up in the craziness of Thanksgiving that you forget to think about what you’ll be serving all the food on. The DOWAN 9.7-inch Porcelain Serving Platters will make your life easier.

    Not only are they the perfect size for all of your appetizers and side dishes, but they’re pretty affordable too. This set of four is surely a steal for nice porcelain plates. The upturned edges on each rectangular dish mean juices and other liquids won't spill off the plate when it's being passed around the table.

    Reviewers love how elegant and durable they are and how these plates look beautiful on the table and are just as great for a simple, small family dinner as they are for a big event like Thanksgiving. Overall, they’re unique, affordable, and best of all, not plastic. Who says entertaining can’t be cheap?