TikTok's 10 Best Laundry Hacks You Need to Try—Including Finding Long Lost Socks

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There’s the world of cleaning TikTok, and then within that, there’s a sub-world of laundry TikTok. While cleaning TikTok is mostly full of videos that are simply satisfying to watch, laundry TikTok is basically just a series of facepalms—in a good way. One after another, the videos either invoke a massive, “DUH, why didn’t I think of that?!” or are so ingenious that you almost want to dive into the laundry pile and test them out ASAP.

We scoured laundry TikTok for the best hacks. Here are 10 you need to know and try out ASAP:

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    Get Every Last Drop of Your Detergent

    You know the drill. You stand there, impatiently holding the detergent bottle upside down as you watch the last bit drip slowly out into the cup, all while wondering who designed these things anyway? If this all sounds familiar, then this is the hack for you. User chixy38 shows how a wrench works to detach the pour spout so you can get that last cup out before you die of old age. And if you’re wondering what to do if you buy a brand that doesn’t use a spout: she’s got you covered with a similar hairdryer hack that works a treat, too. 

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    Ditch the Fabric Softener

    “I don’t know who needs to hear this but stop you need to stop using fabric softeners,” starts off this video from user carolina.mccauley. And she’s right! It makes your towels less absorbent, it causes your clothes to become more flammable, and it makes the fibers of your textiles wear more easily. But you don't have to ditch soft, fresh-smelling clothes. Carolina shows that you can just replace it with white vinegar. 

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    Use Dryer Sponges Instead of Dryer Sheets

    Whether you’re phasing out your fabric softener or you just can’t force yourself to part with it entirely, this dryer sponge hack from user homewithesther might be for you. Single-use anything is officially on the “AVOID” list these days, and that includes dryer sheets. But homewithesther suggests replacing them with softener-soaked sponges. This way, you get the scent of fabric softener, the benefits of dryer sheets, but less waste and chemicals all around. 

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    Make Your Whites Whiter

    This tip also involves vinegar, but it adds half a cup of baking soda and a healthy dose of sunshine. User carolina.mccauley says this combo (along with a spotless washing machine) is the ultimate guarantee for whiter whites.  

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    Move Your Dryer Sheets to a Tissue Dispenser

    Remember how some of the laundry TikToks cause an instant facepalm “DUH!”? Yeah, file this dryer sheet hack from user nottheworstmom under that category. If you have a reusable tissue dispenser, consider sticking your dryer sheets inside for maximum ease. (And then when it's empty, switch to dryer sponges or something reusable!)

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    Create a Foolproof Organizational System

    Laundry TikTok is all about making your laundry day more seamless, and we love these tips from sara.naples for a few reasons. First, she says they will turn us into laundry goddesses, which, yes, please. But she also suggests multiple hampers to help guide your family to separate everything out before you wash. After, she's arranged multiple, individual laundry baskets to help you further organize as you pull everyone's clothes from the dryer. Genius and inexpensive!

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    Prevent Detergent Drips

    If you set your detergent on its side and find that the pour spot drips drive you nuts, this hack from user familyhandyman is for you. Bonus: the little cap-turned-basket is somehow oddly adorable?

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    Clean the Detergent Lid With the Laundry

    While we’re on the subject of detergent lids, here’s another hack from user hellokristen. Toss the lid full of detergent into the machine with all your clothes, and you get a 2-for-1 clean-up situation! 

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    Remove Old, Set Stains

    This is one hack that I’m ready to try ASAP, and it’s particularly useful if you have little ones (or messy eaters of any age). Armed with a list of ingredients you definitely have in your house right now, user flourishingmother is able to remove stains that have been set for two years! 

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    Find Those Long Lost Socks!

    Ok, user gilandalv has officially answered the age-old question of where do socks go when they disappear mid-cycle? We don’t want to ruin anything, but… just watch.

It wasn’t supposed to be laundry day today, but after watching all these videos… I’m gonna go get sorting.