The Best Time of Year to Buy a Vacuum

Smart Shoppers Can Save Big Money on Vacuum Cleaners

Shop assistant demonstrating vacuum cleaner in electronics store
Raygun/Cultura / Getty Images

To get a great deal on a vacuum, the best time to buy is... spring. However, that may not be the only time of year to find a bargain vacuum at stores.

Why is Spring Best For Buying Vacuum Cleaners?

Spring cleaning prompts many stores to run sales on cleaning products and appliances. This often begins as early as March and can run through May.

Savvy consumers should keep an eye on weekly ads and look for special promotions on vacuums during the spring. You can often find some of the best vacuums on sale and may even get a great model for the regular price of a mediocre model during this time.

Quite often, new vacuum models are released in June and this is another incentive to shop in spring. Stores want to get rid of last year's vacuums to make room for the latest and greatest models.

While big-box stores may have some deals because of this, don't forget to shop small, locally-owned appliance dealers. Some of the best 'year-end model' sales on any appliance can be found at these stores (and you can feel good about shopping local).

Is There Another Good Time to Buy a Vacuum?

A vacuum that doesn't work right is frustrating and you may find yourself wasting your time while trying to clean the carpets in your home. If this occurs in the fall and you cannot see yourself holding out until spring, there is good news!

November's holiday sales, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and every other 'shopping' day in the month), are a good time to look for deals on appliances. This also applies to vacuum cleaners, which are often seen as a good, practical gift.

Buy a Quality Vacuum for Long-Term Savings

Households with kids, pets and a lot of traffic are likely to benefit from investing in a higher-end vacuum. In the long run, it may save you money. 

Long hair pets and dirty little feet can quickly take a toll on a vacuum. You may find that a cheap vacuum breaks down often or is in need of constant cleaning. It may even need to be replaced after just a year or two and that is like throwing away your money.

On the other hand, if you do your research and wait for a heavy-duty vacuum to go on sale, it may last a very long time. Even the heaviest users can find that a good vacuum works perfectly for a decade or more.

A Word of Caution About Buying Used Vacuums

Buying a used vacuum is a gamble because vacuums are designed to pick up our everyday messes. You don't know what those messes included in the previous owner's life and you may not know until you get the vacuum home.

Pets and cigarette smoke are the worst culprits when it comes to used vacuums. Quite often, the vacuum looks clean and it may not pose any problems if you test it out at a thrift store or private seller's home. However, when you plug it in at home, it could be a different story because it is out of its 'natural' environment and you will notice any nasty odors right away.

If you want to save money and buy a used vacuum, check it out very well. This is a serious case of buyer beware! If you or anyone in your home has allergy sensitivities, a used vacuum may not be a good idea no matter how cheap (or free) it is.