Best Time to Buy a Mattress

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Do you need to replace your mattress and wonder if there is a better time of the year to buy one? It's worth considering since it's rare to have a mattress-breakdown emergency. Instead, you start thinking you might sleep better on a new mattress, especially if yours is years beyond its warranty. Usually, you consider it because you are moving or adding a bed to your household.

If you check the ads, you see that mattresses are constantly on sale, so you don't have to look hard to find what purports to be a deal. Just remember: mattress prices are negotiable. Ask for a better deal, and you're likely to get it. That said, there is a better time to find real deals on mattresses.

Best Month

May is the best month to buy a new mattress at a mattress showroom. The industry rolls out its new models in June through September, so it wants to clear out the older models in May. Memorial Day weekend may be the best time to get a great deal, as it combines the month of May with another peculiar sales time for mattresses—holiday weekends.

Weekends to Buy

Retailers tend to have good mattress deals on the long weekends of national holidays—President's Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day. You might even snag good deals on bedding at the same time in January white sales around Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend.

Online Deals

If you are going to shop online for a mattress, you won't be able to lie down on it and try it out. It pays to use the online sites for comparison shopping on the models you liked best in the showroom. You can use online sites to check the prices you see at retailers and get a good sense of what an actual discount price may be. Also, consider that you won't be able to negotiate a better deal as you can in a showroom since the stated price is the final price. If you find a better deal online, check the delivery details and return policy and conditions to make sure that all of the possible fees add up for real savings.

Used Mattresses

Unlike used appliances, buying a used mattress isn't often the best idea. You'll see mattresses included in many lists of things never to buy used. The big reason is bed bugs, which seem to be more and more common. The second reason is that mattresses don't last forever, and used is not better for this type of purchase. If you need a cheap substitute rather than a brand new mattress, consider a foam pad or air pillow mattress until you can afford a new one.

Do Your Research and Prepare to Haggle

If you don't have an emergency need for a mattress, spend the time to determine what kind of mattress you want and how much you are prepared to spend. If you are buying at a retailer or showroom, negotiating is expected, and you will save by offering less than the sticker price. You won't have this option at a warehouse or membership store or online, so consider that when comparing prices.