The Best Tiny Homes on Instagram

A tiny home bedroom with white wood paneling, aqua palm duvet, and baskets

girlinatinyhouse / Instagram

In a world where everything seems to be getting bigger and more complicated, these top tiny home accounts serve as a reminder that there is always another way to live. Tiny houses are all about the art of living minimally. However, it should be noted that minimalism doesn’t always mean sacrifice. It just means making room for what matters most to you.

While you may not ever find yourself in a tiny house yourself, these Instagram pages definitely will inspire you to live more intentionally or at least a little smaller.

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    A tiny home with a leather couch, wood paneling and deer antlers on the wall

    The Ruthardts / Ruthardt4Adventure

    You can’t help but want to ditch your current digs and invest in a tiny house after looking at this account. They curate the best of the tiny house community and have their own blog of their experience in tiny living as well.

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    A tiny home with a dog sleeping on the floor and cactus wallpaper

    tinyhousebasics / Instagram 

    The art of tiny living is about getting back to the basics and focusing on intention and needs, not always wants. Joshua and Shelley are doing just that out of their tiny home. Plus, you have to love that cactus wallpaper!

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    A white, open tiny house with loft above kitchen

    adventure_abode / Instagram  

    Tiny living gives those who lead this lifestyle more flexibility and opportunity for exploration and living life to the fullest. This account lives by the mantra that home is where the adventure is, and shows that you don’t always have to live extravagantly to live big.

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    A tiny home with white and silver color palette

    moderntinyliving / Instagram

    Living small doesn’t always mean living rustic (unless that’s your thing). This Instagram showcases a stylish and modern tiny home that you might just want to take design inspo from for your own space.

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    A white tiny home bathroom with green plants

    tinymissdollyonwheels / Instagram

    Dolly lives in a beautiful and airy tiny home in Australia. She has made the space all her own with plenty of plants and a clean and minimalist design. Plus, the house is literally on wheels, so travel is always a possibility.

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    A tiny home with a white, natural wood, and teal color palette

    westcoasttinyhome / Instagram

    As their Instagram bio says, Craig and Amy downsized their living space to upsize in experiences. Located on Vancouver Island, their house is beautiful, small, and intentional. It gives them the freedom to live life in a way many people on this planet will never get the chance to.

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    Tiny home with an arched ceiling and wood floors

    midwestwanderers / Instagram

    Luke and Rachel renovated a bus and turned it into their own tiny home in hopes to find “adventure, freedom, and interesting people.” Their wandering lifestyle is one to be envied for sure, and that living space is absolutely gorgeous.

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    A tiny home with white wood wall paneling and a gallery wall

    threetinyhams / Instagram

    We love a good gallery wall, especially in a tiny home! The Cunninghams are a family of three (plus their bull terrier, Bruce). They live small but fully in California. Their account is beautiful and inspiring with tons of pictures of how they live tiny, but not cramped.

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    A tiny home kitchen with a yellow stove

    pocket.manor / Instagram

    This 160-square-foot abode is gorgeous and minimal. Also, how cute is that yellow stove? Annie lives well in her tiny home and admits that a big benefit of tiny living is that cleaning is so much faster!

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    A tiny home with more bohemian style accents and decor

    belafish / Instagram

    In the words of Bela, a house is for your mind not just your stuff! This tiny home in California maximizes the small space they have and created an airy and eclectic ambience that is totally home-y and cozy.

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    A tiny home with dark wood floors and brass, wood, and iron accents.

    thehaventinyhome / Instagram

    The Haven Tiny Home shows how you can still live small no matter your family size. Their tiny vacation home is stylish and functional, and completely embraces tiny living. They have a larger family, but are still able to make trips and adventures run smoothly in the smallest of places!

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    Tiny home bathroom with a mat and shower

    maukatomakaiadventures / Instagram 

    When it comes to tiny living, sometimes the bathroom can be the most difficult space to make work. But Joe and Jen totally understand how to maximize their limited space well. They realized that it’s all about the functionality of all their items, even down to the decor.

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    Tiny home with white wood paneling and blue and natural wood accents

    dreambiglivetiny / Instagram

    This account curates the best of the tiny house movement. You’ll never be bored looking at this page. It’s shows all the different ways you can truly live tiny with very inspiring tiny home photos.

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    A tiny home bedroom with white wood paneling, aqua palm duvet, and baskets

    girlinatinyhouse / Instagram

    Ashlee resides in a tiny house in Western Australia and lives by the mantra that home is where she parks it. Her space is absolutely beautiful, airy, and completely minimalist with a slight tropical twist. Everything serves a purpose in her home, and she has made functionality stylish.

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    A shot from above of a tiny home with aqua and dark brown accents

    tiffany_the_tiny_home / Instagram

    Tiffany lives in a 270-square-foot tiny home and says one big key of making her space feel larger is the home’s 17 windows. Tiffany and her partner decided to go tiny to better themselves and try something different. As well, the mental and financial freedom is a huge bonus.

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    A couple standing outside of their tiny home made from a metal shipping container

    oddlifecrafting / Instagram 

    And finally, this page is perfect to see the process of what it truly means to go tiny. Recently, Duca & Rô decided to downsize and build out their own tiny shipping container home. Being able to see their process from start to eventual finish is definitely worth the follow.