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Tiny houses aren’t just a niche market anymore. It’s now a booming industry of its own, and these unique homes have equally unique insurance needs. Tiny houses are used as primary residences, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, rental properties, secondary homes, and vacation homes. All of these uses represent vastly different insurance needs. For example, if your tiny home is stationary and situated on a piece of land, it won’t require the same type of liability insurance that a tiny house on the move requires.

Typical types of coverage include personal property, liability coverage, medical payments, named peril, full-timer policies, and more. Continue reading to learn more about tiny house insurance and which option is best for you.

Best Tiny House Insurance of 2021

Best Overall: American Modern Insurance

American Modern Insurance

American Modern Insurance

Why We Chose It: The company provides multiple types of specialty insurance, offers online claims services, and is available to high-risk individuals.

What We Like
  • Insurance services available online

  • More than 50 years of insurance experience

  • Specializes in insurance for manufactured homes, including tiny houses

What We Don’t Like
  • Website has a more basic feel compared to some other sites

  • Tiny house has to be considered a manufactured/mobile home to receive insurance

American Modern Insurance was founded as a specialty insurance company in 1965. It started in the mobile home insurance business and has expanded to other specialty areas, including insurance for collector cars, golf carts, boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and more.

The company offers insurance for tiny houses that qualify as mobile homes or manufactured homes. Coverage includes liability, personal property, comprehensive protection, and stated value loss settlement coverage. It offers coverage for those who live in the house full-time, use it seasonally, or rent it out. In addition, there are vacant tiny house policies and renters insurance policies. Coverage can be customized based on your needs. You can make a payment, change your policy, and make a claim online. However, you do need to call an agent to get an initial quote. Prices vary based on the type and amount of coverage, among other factors.

If you didn’t qualify for tiny house insurance at another company, you may be in luck with American Modern Insurance. It considers applicants who have had lapses in coverage, low credit scores, and previous claims.

Best for Additional Resources: Darrell Grenz Insurance Agency

Darrell Grenz Insurance Agency

Darrell Grenz Insurance Agency

Why We Chose It: The company specializes in the tiny home market and offers various options for bundling, as well as helpful industry resources.

What We Like
  • Offers policies during tiny house construction

  • Links to sites that help with finding a place to park your tiny house

  • Simple online application

What We Don’t Like
  • Website could be more descriptive and interactive

  • Insurance not offered in Hawaii or Alaska

Darrell Grenz Insurance Agency is a Portland, Oregon-based insurance agency that offers tiny house coverage in 48 states. It was founded by an insurance agent of the same name in 2004. Because of the growing popularity of tiny homes in Oregon, the company created a specific insurance policy for these dwellings. It is underwritten by Lloyds of London. The company doesn’t underwrite its own policies or pay its own claims, opting to partner with other companies instead.

In addition to tiny house insurance, the company offers auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance, property insurance, and more. Bundling discounts are available. You can fill out a simple online application to get started and an agent will be in touch with more details about coverage and pricing.

Comprehensive coverage is offered in addition to dwelling-only coverage and custom policies. Self-built homes and homes that are off the grid can be covered as well. This agency focuses on providing the best coverage at the most competitive prices for alternative living units. In addition, the website provides links to tiny house news, industry partners, and where to park them.

Best for Specialty Coverage: Foremost Insurance

Foremost Insurance

Foremost Insurance

Why We Chose It: The company offers multiple types of specialty coverage for different types of tiny homes, and claims can be filed 24/7 online.

What We Like
  • Varying types of tiny house coverage make it more likely your tiny house will qualify for coverage

  • Reputable, long standing insurance company

  • Request a quote online or over the phone

What We Don’t Like
  • Not as many coverage details on the site as some other companies

  • Some customers may feel this large company lacks a personal touch

Foremost Insurance was founded in 1952 and has headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Its initial goal was to provide coverage to people who lived in mobile homes, which prompted it to create the first mobile home insurance policy. Today, it’s an industry leader in specialty insurance for mobile homes, tiny houses, boats, RVs, motorcycles, property, and off-road vehicles.

Foremost offers personal property coverage, coverage for full-timers, and additional living expenses. It will insure tiny houses that are valued up to $150,000, are used for personal use, and are either on wheels or a foundation. There is a Foremost dwelling fire program for tiny houses built on foundations and a Foremost travel trailer program for qualifying moveable tiny houses.

Some policies are eligible for a diminishing deductible, which means that your deductible goes down every year you have a Foremost insurance policy without a reported loss. You can request a quote online or over the phone, and you can manage your policy on the website. Prices vary, and it’s best to speak to an agent for coverage details.

Best for Customer Service: Strategic Insurance

Strategic Insurance

Strategic Insurance

Why We Chose It: Strategic Insurance is a boutique insurance agency that specializes in tiny house insurance and offers online quotes.

What We Like
  • Reach customer service via an online form or by calling

  • The company will promote your tiny home on social media

  • Links to tiny home community discounts and resources

What We Don’t Like
  • Does not insure RVs or mobile homes

  • Website looks outdated

Strategic Insurance is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is a division of One80 Intermediaries Inc. and a unit of Martin Burlingame Insurance Agency. In addition to tiny houses, the company insures boats, commercial trucks, and auto dealers. It offers life insurance, health insurance, renters insurance, and more.

Strategic Insurance has coverage in all 50 states and you can fill out a form online or call to get a quote. It also has links to tiny home community news and discounts as well as common industry definitions, which is helpful if you’re new to the tiny house world.

It partners with top-rated insurance carriers to give you the best rates and coverage, a list that includes Allstate, Berkshire Hathaway, and Foremost. The tiny house insurance program does not insure tree houses, mobile homes, or RVs, but some of the company's other programs may be able to provide insurance for those structures. Strategic offers coverage for the theft of your tiny home, the contents of the home, road trips, and other coverage that can cover a deck or a barn on your property.

Final Verdict

Some tiny house insurance is for tiny homes on wheels, while other options cover stationary tiny houses. Overall, we recommend checking out American Modern Insurance. It offers a wide range of insurance options and has policies for individuals who may not qualify for policies with other companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Tiny House Insurance?

Tiny house insurance is a type of insurance used to cover the specific needs of tiny houses. A standard homeowners or rental property insurance policy won’t cover a tiny house, so specialty insurance is necessary. The type of tiny house insurance you will need depends on how you use your tiny home, how it was built, and whether it is stationary or moveable.

RV insurance can be purchased to protect your tiny home if it’s on wheels and if you transport it. Your tiny house will need to meet the standards of the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association to qualify for this type of insurance. The thing that really sets RV insurance apart from other types of tiny house insurance is its collision coverage, which is similar to the liability coverage found in auto policies.

If the tiny house doesn’t qualify as an RV, then it may qualify for mobile home insurance, which covers the tiny house and includes liability and personal property coverage. If it isn’t considered a mobile home, then you need insurance specifically for alternative living structures such as tiny houses.

Is Tiny House Insurance Required?

Tiny house insurance isn’t required if you own the tiny home outright and don’t move it. However, if you finance the tiny house, the mortgage company will require some type of coverage. In addition, if the tiny house is used as an RV and is towed, most states require some type of liability insurance for it.

Who Needs Tiny House Insurance?

You typically need tiny house insurance for the following:

  • A tiny house that you live in year-round (full-timer’s policy)
  • A tiny house that is on wheels and you transport
  • A tiny home that is built to the standards of a mobile or manufactured home
  • A tiny house that you use as a vacation or rental property

Regardless of how you use your tiny house, it’s always a good idea to get some kind of insurance coverage. This will not only save you money in potential liability, medical bills, and damage, but it will also offer you peace of mind.

How We Chose the Best Tiny House Insurance

We reviewed eight insurance companies that offer tiny house insurance before narrowing down our list. These top contenders are all reputable companies that have been in business for a while, know the industry well, and offer various types of coverage for tiny houses. We considered the ease of getting a quote, the claims process, customer service, types of coverage, additional features, and other factors.