The 9 Best Tiny House Kits of 2020

A space-saving and affordable home

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: 84 Lumber The Countryside at 84 Tiny Living

"A tiny house with lots of room and high-quality materials."

Runner-Up, Best Overall: The Writer’s Haven at Jamaica Cottage Shop

"It's a personal sanctuary that downsizes your life."

Best Wooden: Allwood Sunray at Amazon

"Spacious, loads of natural light, easy to assemble."

Best Budget: Allwood Lillevilla Escape Cabin at Amazon

"The price makes it a worthwhile investment, no matter what you’re using it for."

Best Splurge: Allwood Lillevilla Getaway Cabin at Amazon

"It can even work as a summer house or stand-alone retail building."

Best Portable: 84 Lumber The Roving at 84 Tiny Living

"A home on wheels, measuring 154 square feet."

Best Modern: Allwood Halmstad Garden House at Amazon

"Utilizes a minimalist design and lots of large windows."

Best Cottage-Style: The Vermont Cottage at Jamaica Cottage Shop

"Transports you to the lush hills and serene woodlands of New England."

Best Garden House: Allwood Mayflower at Amazon

"After a little DIY, it can become the ultimate garden house."

Best Overall: 84 Lumber The Countryside


Courtesy of 84 Lumber

At 203 square feet, the Countryside is an oxymoron: a tiny house with lots of room. The layout includes a functional kitchen, a lofted bedroom that fits a Queen-sized mattress, and a bathroom with a compost toilet and a full-sized shower.

The outside of the house is clad in rustic wood paneling, and the cathedral ceilings provide a stunning Victorian aesthetic. Plus, the kit comes loaded with amenities that will make you feel right at home: an electric water heater, a ductless cooling and heating system, a raised bar area for you to eat or work at, and more.

The Countryside is even mobile. It’s built on a steel trailer with radial tires, safety brakes, and stabilizing jacks, meaning that you can take your home with you for a weekend getaway or for all of your lifelong travels.

Everything is made with 84 Lumber’s top-quality materials and comes at an affordable price. The figure varies, but the kit typically costs around $7,000—a fraction compared to semi-built or completely built tiny house options. Plus, building your own tiny home with a kit isn't as difficult as you might expect, and it allows you to customize every detail.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Jamaica Cottage Shop Writer’s Haven


Courtesy of Jamaica Cottage Shop 

Jamaica Cottage Shop is a Vermont-based company that produces some of the sturdiest and most picturesque tiny houses on the market. The best among them is their Writer’s Haven. Don’t let the name fool you, though. This house isn’t just an artist’s getaway; it’s a true home.

With its unique, rustic design, the Writer’s Haven embodies all that is so great about tiny houses. It's a personal sanctuary that downsizes your life and brings you closer to what truly matters.

Made of top-grade Vermont lumber, the Writer’s Haven has translucent roofing and numerous windows, letting in a wash of natural light during the day and allowing you to see the stars at night. Inside, you’ll find a daybed, a work area, and plenty of open space to make your own. You can even purchase the kit in multiple sizes: 12 x 14, 12 x 18, and a whopping 24 x 36.

The price certainly varies, starting around $5,000 for the smallest size and working over $30,000 for the largest. But all the kits are pre-cut, numbered, color-coded, and stacked in order for quick and easy assembly.

Best Wooden: Allwood Sunray

The Allwood Sunray checks many boxes: spacious, loads of natural light, easy to assemble, and it’s all crafted from rich and durable Nordic lumber.

With two large front windows, a side window, and a dual-paned front door, it’s the perfect lake house or beach house. Or, if you’re looking for a more permanent tiny home, you can add in utilities to make it livable all year-round.

The Sunray has an open, single-room design that clocks in at 162 square feet—large enough to fit everything from patio furniture to a bed. The overhanging roof allows you to sit outside while staying protected from the elements.

With two people, assembly takes about one day.

Best Budget: Allwood Lillevilla Escape Cabin

Exposed wood. Peaked roof. Cozy living space. Allwood makes our list once again, this time with their Lillevilla Escape Cabin—the mental image of what a tiny home looks like. However, this model has a much more affordable price point.

The kit comes fully stocked with wooden parts, hardware, doors, and windows. And it’s extremely easy to set up, taking most customers only a few hours. The walls are made of Allwood’s signature Nordic spruce and measure in at 1.75 inches thick, which is an upgrade over many of their other kits.

At 113 square feet, the Lillevilla Escape is the perfect home office, guest cottage, retail kiosk, or backyard sanctuary. And the budget price makes it a worthwhile investment, no matter what you’re using it for. The price varies, but most kits range between $4,000 to $6,000.

Best Splurge: Allwood Lillevilla Getaway Cabin

Tiny houses can be luxurious too. Allwood’s Lillevilla Getaway Cabin is a bite-sized dream home, measuring 292 square feet and constructed from rich Nordic spruce. The ground floor is divided into three different rooms, and there’s even a cozy lofted bedroom up top.

Luxury has its price, of course, as the Lillevilla Getaway is one of the most expensive tiny house kits on the market, but it is still a drastically cheaper alternative to a real house. The space can also work as a summer house, home office, or stand-alone retail building.

Keep in mind that this kit does not include utilities and, if you are to use it as a living space, the manufacturer recommends adding insulation for those in colder climates.

Best Portable: 84 Lumber The Roving


Courtesy of 84 Lumber

This mobile beauty can accompany you on a weekend camping trip or become the pillar of your nomadic lifestyle. The Roving is a home on wheels, measuring 154 square feet and equipped with niceties like LED lighting, a compost toilet, a small fridge, and a working sink.

It will look cute on the go, too, as the outside is adorned with reclaimed wood, a peaked roof, and green shingling.

The layout is pretty straightforward: the downstairs is a single room that functions as both a kitchen and den, while “upstairs” is a lofted bedroom that fits a full-sized mattress.

The kit is smack-dab in the middle as far as price goes, but it’s a great value purchase if you factor in the steel trailer and radial tires that make it portable.

And if you’re worried about fitting all your things inside a tiny house, these storage baskets and plastic storage bins can help keep you organized.

Best Modern: Allwood Halmstad Garden House

Allwood’s Halmstad Garden House utilizes a minimalist design and lots of large windows to provide the true essence of the tiny house lifestyle: beauty and simplicity.

Considering that the house measures only 116 square feet and comes with few amenities, the roughly $6,000 price might sound a little steep, but Allwood is one of the most trusted names in the business. Their tiny house kits are highly reviewed and available at major retailers.

This house is made from sturdy Nordic spruce, measuring .75 inches thick, and it’s extremely easy to assemble. And all the natural light creates a modern aesthetic both inside and out. The Halmstad can work as a home office, guest house, pool house, beach cottage, or, of course, your own personal tiny abode.

Best Cottage-Style: Jamaica Cottage Shop Vermont Cottage


Courtesy of Jamaica Cottage Shop

No matter where you live, this line of tiny houses from Jamaica Cottage Shop will transport you to the lush hills and serene woodlands of New England. The company is based in Jamaica, Vermont, so you can trust that they have perfected the Vermont Cottage design.

You’re guaranteed to find the perfect setup, as the kits are available in three different layouts and each one can be ordered in three different sizes—16 x 20, 16 x 24, and 16 x 30.

All three cottages feature a charming one-room design with an open floor plan and a loft. Cottages A and C offer a front porch, ideal for peaceful reading or gathering with friends; Cottage B does away with the porch to provide extra space inside.

The pre-cut kits vary widely in price depending on the size and cottage design.

Best Garden House: Allwood Mayflower

With its rustic design and signature wagon shape, the Allwood Mayflower embodies the spirit of the American frontier. After a little DIY, it can become your new home office, yoga studio, guest house, or, best of all, the ultimate garden house.

The Mayflower is made from Nordic spruce and set atop wrought-iron wheels, further evoking a bucolic, bygone era. At 116 square feet, it’s cozy inside but not big enough to dwarf your garden or yard.

It can even work as a sunroom, perfect for reading or summer-time hanging, as the front side of the house has two large windows and a dual-pane glass door.

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